The Best 15 Sites to Watch Anime Online for Free - Ranked 2021

Find out the world's best websites to watch anime over here. Download and stream on these anime websites online for free.

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I know you're so eager to jump on the main listings for the best anime websites. But wait! A bit of you might want to read the intro as well because the list of content described below is mentioned over here.

anime websites

So, here we are going to be talking about, what is anime? Why is it so popular? What makes it unique? And of course the list of the best anime website!

Part 1 What Is Anime And Why Is It So Popular?

Anime(s) are mostly based on the manga that are comic books made in Japan. Anime can be described as a work based on animation and thus shortly called Anime. This form of entertainment is well grown and it's not just for kids.

The character is highly developed emotionally and thus the audience is more capable to connect with it and hence the huge number of fan following.

Part 2 Most Popular Sites To Watch Anime

1. Crunchyroll


If you are searching for a free website for the top anime collection Crunchyroll is the top priority you should visit. This website has some of the top anime that you might have not seen up till now, some of them are Naruto, Attack on Titan, Yuri on Ice, etc.

Ad annoyance: 1

Total Visits: 67.32M


User Review:

User Review of Crunchyroll

2. KissAnime


Kissanime is for the real fans of anime because when we are talking about anime websites this is one of the legendary websites that comes into the mind of anime lovers. On this website, you can find any category of anime, all you have to do and visit this anime website, and the best part of this website is you do not even need to create an account on it.

Total Visits: 217.05K

Ad annoyance: 1


User Review:

User Review of KissAnime

3. Funimation


Third, in our list comes to this soothing website called Funimation. This website is owned by sony, over here you will find anime with particularly in the English language. Well, if you do not like to watch anime with different audio and English subtitle, then you should go for this one. Might be there some ad interruptions in between but I know you can bear it. Can't you?

Ad annoyance: 1

Total Visits: 16.77M


User Review:

User Review of Funimation

4. 9anime


So far… so good!! And we landed upon our next website that is 9anime, well what to say about this one, huh? Find the best quality anime and the movies to stream online and not only that, you can find any subbed and dubbed version of anime or movie over here without spending a dime on anything!

Ad annoyance: 1

Total Visits: 92.07M


User Review:

User review of 9anime

5. AnimeDao


This website is famous across the world. As AnimeDao provides you with the best anime content on the internet not only in terms of anime present on this website but because of the ease of access you get when you arrive over here. You will find pro video quality, the pro design that makes it easy to access the content, pro content and most importantly this website is reliable.

Ad annoyance: 1

Total Visits: 277.92K


User Review:

User Review of AnimeDao

6. Chia-Anime


Sixth on our list comes the ‘Chia-Anime'. Find all the latest anime over here with an update of new anime arriving. This website makes your experience wonderful as the browsing experience is just amazing. Find all the popular and the best anime like Hero Academia, One-piece, Dragon ball, Kokora, etc.

Ad annoyance: 1

Total Visits: 693.70K


User Review:

User Review of Chia-Anime

7. AnimeLab


The best part of this website is you will find the latest episodes in just one hour after it is aired in Japan. The website is super clean everything is just in place and it seems it cannot be more soothing than this.

Ad annoyance: 1

Total Visits: 3.40M


User Review:

User Review of AnimeLab

8. Anime-planet


Next on our list comes Anime-planet, this giant consists of 45000 episodes. You can watch all of them for free with lots of genres like comedy, horror, adventure, etc. Not only the video content this website has a superb collection of reviews, recommendations and enough mangas to make you go crazy.

Ad annoyance: 1

Total Visits: 14.43M


User Review:

User Review of Anime-planet

9. VIZ


VIZ is in the anime market for the last 30 years, bringing the finest anime and manga to generally American people. VIZ is an American publisher that also has its free application on the play store. You can access its application and run it on your phone that makes watching anime super handy.

Ad annoyance: 1

Total Visits: 9.51M


User Review:

User Review of VIZ

10. AnimeHeaven


AnimeHeaven is one of the most reputed platforms when it comes to anime websites. On this online application, you can find a lot of categories of anime and stream it online in amazing quality that is 720p or 1080p.

Ad annoyance: 1

Total Visits: 11.91M


User Review:

User Review of AnimeHeaven

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11. AnimeFreak


As the name suggests anime has over million freaking users. This website has a huge database of manga and anime. The website is totally free so you can go and play around moreover you will find the subbed and the dubbed contents as well.

Ad annoyance: 1

Total Visits: 2.21M


User Review:

User Review of AnimeFreak



Well, MyAnimeList is, a.k.a MAL another great website for Manga and anime lovers. The content is enormous over here and thus the website claims that it has the largest database for their manga and anime lovers.

Ad annoyance: 1

Total Visits: 69.16M


User Review:

User Review of MyAnimeList

13. CONtv


Contv is a collection of multiple movies, tv-series, anime, and even comics. You can find all the content and the video content with a super attractive interface with an intense number of genres and categories. Also, live tv makes it super special.

Ad annoyance: 1

Total Visits: 230.73K


User Review:

User Review of CONtv

14. Asian Crush

Asian Crush

Asian Crush is the platform where you can find the collection of movies and dramas that are of the Asian category. This website also provides you with the latest updates about the Asian genre.

Ad annoyance: 1

Total Visits:343.35K


User Review:

User Review of Asian Crush

15. NicoNico


NicoNico is a sort of connecting platform where you can comment on the videos you are watching in real-time. This makes the user experience really cool.

Ad annoyance: 1

Total Visits: 548.86K


User Review:

User Review of NicoNico

Part 3 What Makes The Best Sites To Watch Anime Free Online?

The website given above is the best because you can enjoy anime and manga for absolutely free.

The user experience of all the websites and the application shared are just awesome, and simple as well.

All the websites contain a superb database of anime, Manga and movies. So go visit any of them and enjoy.

Key Takeaways from This Episode

What is anime and why are they so popular?

List of 15 awesome websites that provide you free anime, and manga, and, movies, and what not?

And last and final we have reviewed each website in detail so that you can get a better idea of what suits you the best. Happy watching!

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