Why Animated Explainer Videos

There's something for everyone, create your own animation in a super-easy way.

anireel animated effects
anireel animated effects

Knowledge Sharing

Whether it's about physics, finance, psychology, or healthcare, lively and interesting animation videos can always win more viewing and interaction!

anireel animated effects
anireel animated effects

Education and Training

No more traditional PowerPoint. Anireel is suitable for K12, higher education, or e-learning. The lifelike animation makes it easy to attract the audience or learners.

anireel animated effects
anireel animated effects

Marketing & Sales

An effective way to boost sales and conversion rates like never before. Whether product promo, company introduction, or promotion ads video, all can craft with simple clicks!

anireel animated effects
anireel animated effects

Corporate Communications

Internal comms, company announcements, events, recruitment, IT... Create more engaging animation videos in any corporate situation and convey your idea clearly.

3 Simple Steps to Crafting Engaging Animations

Learn how you can easily create effective and engaging animated videos – even if you've never made a video before.

choose templates

01 Choose Templates

Choose one of our pre-made video templates or create a new video from scratch.

edit video

02 Edit Videos

Edit your template! Customize with animation, footage, soundtracks, and more.


03 Export Video

Export and share your video on your website, social media to get more views and likes.

Get Fast and High-Quality Animated Explainer Videos

We make video animation better for everyone. Electrifying features that satisfy your imagination.

animated resources

Rich Customizable Assets

Tons of drag and drop characters, actions, props, text, and audio assets.

 Built-in rich animation templates, including characters, actions, props, text, and audio. Drag and drop to use for ease;

 Modifies the size and color of the assets;

Supports imported pictures, videos, and audio assets, covering almost all formats.

Customizable Branded Anime Character

Anireel supports customizing the character style, facial features, clothing, and accessories at will, adding your logo image, creating your unique IP character, and making your animation video more attractive.

animated speech


Easy Text-to-Speech conversion through deep learning technology.

You can choose a wide variety of voices, and no need to find expensive voice actors or studio recording services.

We make dubbing simple!

Animate Everything

Anireel can animate built-in and imported assets.

It also includes functions below for more versatility:

 Camera Movements

 Enter & Exit Effects

 Motion Path


Turn Scripts into Video with One Click

Offered with tons of script templates, Anireel helps you generate animated videos with vivid dubbing with zero skill!

 Choose your script type

 Add the content

Anireel will instantly match your script to rich animations, convert the text into voice over, and generate complete and vivid animated explainer videos.

animated script

Character Lip-Sync

You can synchronize the lips movement of the character with the voice-over to make your animated video more vivid with Anireel animation video maker!


Anireel Offered 40+ Ready-Made Templates

Pick from 40s of templates! No matter what occasion, you can create your videos in just 5 mins!

Simple, But Full of Features

caption icon

Customizable Caption

Customizable Caption

Create subtitles for your videos to engage and inform your audience in minutes.


Growth Music Stock

Growth Music Stock

Built-in rich background music stock help you to make your videos more appealing.


Varied Sound Effects

Varied Sound Effects

Varied sound effects available from Anireel make your 2D animations vivid and engaging.


Drag and Drop Editng

Drag and Drop Editng

You can complete anime scene building without professional skill requirements professional skill requirements by simple drag and drop in Anireel.


Ready-Made Templates

Ready-Made Templates

We are a dedicated global team of coders, artists, designers, offer editable templates to get your work done faster & smarter.

motion path

Multiple Motion Paths

Multiple Motion Paths

To make your animations more true-to-life and fluid, you can assign multiple motion paths to a single object in Anireel.


Camera Movements

Camera Movements

"Camera movements” in videos can enable you to drive your audience's attention give them a detailed view to help you convey your content more effectively.

We Are Your Trusted Solution Partner

Ease your 2D animation creation

Wondershare Anireel-a brand new software to ease your 2D animation creation.
Its easy to use interface, Inbuilt templates and loads of necessary features,
makes it one stop solution for creating 2D animation explainer videos. Really impressive.

Powerup with Powerpoint
Anireel User
Great software that allows me to easily professional-level animations

We actually like them so much❤
Anireel is a great software that allows me to easily make professional level animations
for both my professional work and my youtube videos.

Ozan Sihay
Anireel User
I speak from experience ;-)

I believe Anireel works really well when you have any type of animated project that you perhaps need to showcase both in a meeting or class.
Anireel allows you to use existing character models and assets which is pretty great as you don't need to create anything from scratch!

Anireel User

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The Easy Way to Create Animated Explainer Videos

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