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All Anireel Basic Features
Script-to-Animation in One Click
Personal Folders Import
Video Export in 1080P
Video Export without Watermark
Continuous Updating in Senior Assets
200,000 Text-to-Speech Characters Available Per Month
Continuous Updating of 53 Voices

Explore Features for Different Plans

Script-to-Animation in One Click
Export as MP4
Import Audio, Video and Pictures
Lip Sync (Coming Soon)
Custom Assets
720p – Export MP4 Videos in 720P Resolution
1080p – Export MP4 Videos in 1080P Resolution
Export without Watermark
Free Assets (Characters, Props, Backgrounds, Scenes, Music)
Pro Assets (Characters, Props, Backgrounds, Scenes, Music)

See What Our Users Ask Frequently

  • Yes. You can log in with your authenticated Wondershare ID, but can not have the same account on more than one device.

  • Sign in with your Wondershare ID. For an trial account that is already logged in, please update the account status directly.

  • No. The watermark can be removed from the standard plan. Text to Speech is a feature that requires an extra payment.

  • No. The current version of Anireel only supports subscription and separate purchase to Text to Speech.

  • Anireel's effects including scenes, characters, and props can be used for commercial use as they are designed in-house by the Wondershare team. Music, however, is licensed from a third-party vendor for non-commercial use ONLY.

  • Yes. You can get the latest version for free by clicking either the TRY IT FREE button on website or Check for Updates in software. Please click the link below to access: https://anireel.wondershare.com

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