Top 8 Live Action Explainer Videos to Get Inspired

While working on the marketing strategy, it is necessary to keep in mind that explainer videos play an important role in the marketing of your product or service. You can use the best live action explainer videos or animated explainer videos to get your job done.

explainer video live action

Now the question is which one is actually best. First of all, get a brief description of explainer video live action.

Part 1 What is a Live-action Explainer Video?

These videos are live shot videos. It is a kind of promotional videos that are best suited for the services like restaurants, consulting groups, etc. Having such videos create an emotional connection amongst the viewers.

Part 2 8 Clever Live Action Videos to Inspire You

Live explainer videos if planned well can leave an amazing impact on the audience. Mentioned below are some live explainer videos that can inspire you and show how they are the best:

1. Dollar shave club

It is said to be the most successful live action explainers across the world. This is so because it not only brings a good business but also produces a large number of audiences.

2. Slack

These videos that are created by slack are the best to relate with. Being a common person, you can easily relate with these videos as they show busy work schedule is a common problem for every average person.


These are an online service provider. They provide an assistant to you who can help to plan your move without any trouble. Generally, their explainer videos are of less than a minute yet they are successful in briefing about their service.

4. is a personal finance service provider company. The video made by them is of approx 1 minute and 30 seconds. They cover a lot of info about their service in this short span of time.

5. Express VPN

This app is meant to protect the privacy of the users’ online. It provides a good server around 160 countries all over the world.

6. Spotify

This highly in demand music app effectively shows what is provides. The expaliner videos of Spotify do not showcase the traditional way. Instead they use high tech software that convert real life people into animations that makes it more interesting.

7. Stitch-fix

This is an online styling service provider. Here the service provider send personalized clothing boxes to their customers.

8. Med mart

Their explainer video could be said a little lengthy but they are very much effective in telling the process of plastic surgery.

Part 3 Live-Action vs. Animation: Which One Is the Best for My Explainer Video?

1. Live-Action Explainer Videos

Here are some pros and cons of these videos:


Gets improved easily

Highlighting product





Updating is harder

When Do You Need It?

It could be a good option if you want the marketing of your product to be done with a human touch. These videos can be easier for the viewer to relate with.

Application Scenarios

Expert advice

Your scripts

Voice talent

Be realistic

2. Animated Explainer Videos

Here are some pros and cons of these videos:


Quick and easy

No limits

More interesting


Missing human-touch

Time and patience

Lack of seriousness

When Do You Need It?

Use of animated explainer videos does not make the audience feel bored. These videos can be used to catch the attention of viewers faster.

Application Scenarios

Conversion of script into video

Animating options

Lip sync option

Customizable resources

3. The Verdict: Which One Is It?

As per the pros and cons discussed of both explainer videos, it is hard to decide which one is best. You can use both explainer videos for different scenarios.

Wondershare Anireel

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Key Takeaways from This Episode

You can create good marketing and brand value using the explainer videos.

There are several softwares available like anireel to make your video a stunning one.

You can access a larger audience by animated videos but it is not possible to give the verdict which one is it.



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