Little Known Differences Between Anime Vs Cartoon

Think anime and cartoons are the same? You've got it wrong! Check out a detailed discussion about anime vs cartoon to know more.

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Anything that is animated has to be a cartoon; that is a perception that many have.

anime vs cartoon

Despite the striking resemblance with cartoons, ancient anime has a heart of its own. The roots of anime vs. cartoons are different, the concepts that they symbolize are different, the method of depiction is different, and most importantly, they are made from a different group of audience.

Part 1 What is the Difference Between Cartoons and Anime?

At first glance, cartoons and anime might appear to be just the same. But, as you dive deeper, you'll realize several characteristics that make them different from one another.

1. What is an Animation?

What is an Animation

Classic animations, which have become synonymous with Japanese animated productions, originated in the late 20th century. Popularly abbreviated as anime, it was introduced in multiple formats, including animated short films, full-length feature films, and television series. So, is anime a cartoon? Not really. One can easily distinguish an anime by observing the characters with long hair, elongated limbs, and big eyes.

2. What is a Cartoon?

What is a Cartoon

The cartoon refers to 2D (two-dimensional) visual art whose origin dates back to 1499. Back then, cartoons were used as a medium of study for a model or painting. The word cartoon is derived from "Karton," which translates to heavy or strong paper. Unlike anime, cartoons are mostly formed by imaginary characters that are far from reality.

3. What is the Difference Between Animation and Cartoon?

DEFINITION A Japanese style of motion picture can be defined as anime. An illustrated visual two-dimensional art is defined as cartoons.
ORIGIN The origin of anime is associated with Japan. The first-ever cartoon came into existence in the US.
TOPICS Animations often cover important topics and come in a variety of genres, including a slice of life, horror, mecha, adventure, romance, and more. Cartoons are more inclined towards comedy and are committed to ensuring people have a hearty laugh.
TECHNIQUES The practices used for creating animation are similar to the techniques designed for making movies. Cartoons are created using simple techniques.
FORMATION The formation visuals of an anime are created even before the voice-over is included. In cartoons, the voice acting is done before creating formation visuals.
FACIAL EXPRESSION The facial expressions and physical features of anime are often exaggerated. The facial expressions and physical features of cartoons are normal and share their resemblance with real life.
MADE FOR Anime shows are entertaining for both adults and young kids alike. Cartoons are primarily made for children and young audiences.

Part 2 Which Is More Popular Anime or Cartoon?

Popular Anime or Cartoon

When it comes to popularity, both anime and cartoons give tough competition to one another. However, expanded licensing to various OTT platforms has bought anime to different parts of the world, making anime bigger than ever before.

Though they can think of as animated cartoons, yet all of this came with the mind-boggling storyline, surreal music, and expressions that even movies would fail to offer.

1. Storyline


The one thing that connects with every anime lover is the storyline- it's simply magical. It makes you laugh, cry, might frustrate your senses, and still be a soothing memory that you want to cherish.

2. Forms of Expression

Forms of Expression

Facial expressions are the key to a good anime; that burst of anger or a frown of embarrassment, every form of expression might be exaggerated, but still, it managed to grab the attention of the audience in no time.

3. Evolution


Animations and cartoons have evolved beautifully. From paper cutouts to computer-aided imagery, both have come a long way. Today, illustrators make use of modern techniques for creating enchanting animations that would linger in the mind of the viewers for years to come.

Part 3 Tips That Show Anybody How to Make Custom Anime – Guaranteed

What might come as a surprise for many is that you can create your custom anime right now! Well, keen on knowing how? Here are all the tips that you need to succeed:

1. Theme of Anime

Theme of Anime

Consider the theme of the anime. You can try any genre of your choice or something related to a story you are planning to depict. For example, if you have a humorous anime script, then comedy would be an appropriate theme to choose. Later on, you can experiment with sub-genres as well.

2. Characters of Anime

Characters of Anime

After the theme, focus on the characters of the anime. While creating custom anime, it's important to be aware of the number of characters that you are planning to use and how you want the protagonist to be.

3. Create Custom Anime Using Specialized App

Create Custom Anime Using Specialized App

You need a smart tool to breathe life into your anime script and characters. But, making an anime using traditional methods can be a complex process. This is where the lifesaving tools of Wondershare Anireel make their way. Known for simplifying the animation process, Anireel is a dedicated platform that provides a wide range of custom anime creation tools, pre-designed storyboard templates, a large stock of illustrations, audio tracks, and more under one roof.

Key Takeaways from This Episode

Animations are a type of visual art that is different from cartoons

Most of the anime is geared up for a mature audience.

You can create your custom anime, too, using the best features of Anireel.



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