Looking for Funny Leadership Videos? Find 8 Best Clips Here!

These days, working at corporates has become more and more stressful. Amidst all the stress that your workforce is facing, you can come up with some smart ways to make them happy and valued. One of the best ways to do that is by sharing funny leadership videos with your colleagues that can give them a good laugh. Here, I’m going to share some of the best leadership videos that will inspire your workforce and would keep them entertained at the same time.


Part 1: What’s the Need for Sharing Funny Leadership Videos?

It doesn’t matter if you are a project manager or an HR professional; you can consider sharing some animated leadership videos to get the following benefits:

Healthy environment: Needless to say, by sharing funny videos on leadership styles, you can attain a healthier workplace environment and encourage your employees to be more open to each other.

Better performance: You might not know this, but laughter can boost the overall performance of your employees. It would take away their stress and help them focus on work faster.

Finding Solutions: Even when your colleagues are stuck in a difficult situation, you can share leadership videos to encourage them and let them know that you have got their back.

Part 2: 8 Best Funny Leadership Videos You Can Share with your Employees

Now when you know the importance of leadership cartoon clips, let’s have a look at some of these funny videos that can instantly spread laughter and joy in your workplace.

1. Animated Leadership Videos Compilation

This has to be one of the best compilations of funny animation leadership videos out there. From animated ants that are working together to achieve a common goal to some clumsy minions that can’t seem to get things done – the compilation has got it all. All these leadership cartoon clips are extremely funny and are sure to make your employees laugh out loud.

2. Good Teamwork vs. Bad Teamwork

If you want to share some productive lessons with your team without being too professional, then there would be some of the best leadership videos on YouTube. The compilation includes dedicated examples of how bad teamwork can ruin a project and the immediate benefits of good teamwork. After watching these funny leadership videos on YouTube, your teammates can certainly take home some valuable lessons.

3. Leadership: A Butterfly Story

This is one of the most thoughtful leadershipvideos that you can consider sharing with your employees. For instance, if you are an HR professional, then the video would help project managers, leaders, and other related employees in your organization. It narrates a beautiful story on leadership and how we can alter the productivity of our employees with the process of metamorphosis (turning their cocoons into butterflies).

4. Positive Attitude Commercial Video

Do you think your employees are going through a bad day and need a push from you? Then why not consider sharing this funny video from Huggies about having a bad day and the importance of maintaining a positive attitude. The video features a toddler who undergoes several negative things in his day but still manages to smile and relax throughout, improving his productivity.

5. Importance of Teamwork Funny Video

Teamwork is undoubtedly the most important aspect of a workforce. Now, you can throw some light on the same using these animated leadership videos. It is a funny and beautifully narrated animated short film that emphasizes the importance of teamwork. By watching this funny video, your team would be entertained, and it will leave with a thoughtful message at the same time.

6. Minions Motivational Video

Are you a fan of minions, too (just like all of us)? In this case, this would be one of the best leadership cartoon clips that you can find on YouTube. The clip is a part of the Minions movie that is focused on how well all minions can work together to solve even the most tiresome of problems. Your employees would have a great laugh watching these funny leadership videos on minions, for sure.

7. Motivational Quotes from Cartoon Movies

Cartoon movies are known to come up with some of the most inspirational quotes of all time. Therefore, if your team is feeling a bit low or demotivated, then this would be one of the best leadership videos to share with them. From Kung Fu Panda to The Lion King, it has compilated several inspirational moments from legendary cartoon movies that are sure to inspire your employees too.

8. Funny Management Meeting

Let’s face it – we all have management meetings, and sometimes they can be a bit funny. This is exact what this commercial has captured, making it quite hilarious. It includes different scenarios in a management meeting and how they can be miscommunicated. Your employees could certainly relate to these leadership videos and will laugh out loud at some instances too.

Part 3: Create Informative and Funny Leadership Videos with Anireel

After watching these funny leadership animations, you must be willing to give them a try as well. What if I tell you that you can also come up with these animated leadership videos and that too without any technical hassle. To do this, you can simply take the assistance of Wondershare Anireel, which is a user-friendly solution to create all kinds of animated videos from scratch without any unwanted effort.

  • On Anireel, you can find a wide range of assets like characters, scenes, props, sounds, and other entities that you can readily use.
  • You can simply drag and drop an asset to the timeline and customize it as per your requirements.
  • Anireel also offers an inbuilt “Script to Animate” feature that can automatically convert your script into an animated video.
  • You can also access tons of options to get personalized voiceovers in any language, gender, and tone of your choice.
  • Besides that, Anireel offers tons of other advanced features like automatic lip-syncing, motion path tracking, and more.

You can also work on all kinds of leadership videos with the help of Wondershare Anireel by following these tips:

Step 1: Launch Anireel and Select a Project Type

If you don’t have Wondershare Anireel already installed, then you can do it by visiting its website and launching it whenever you want to work on animated leadership videos. Now, from its welcome screen, you can choose to work on a new project or can simply load an existing project. If you want, you can also select its “Scrip to Animate” feature from the side to save time.

user guide

Step 2: Create an Interesting Animated Leadership Video using Anireel

As you would start working on a new project, you can explore a timeline-based interface of Anireel. Please note that the “Tools” section is the main source of all the available assets in the application. From here, you can explore a wide range of scenes, characters, texts, props, sounds, and so on that are suitable for your video.

user guide

You can simply get a preview of any asset from here and choose to work on it by just dragging it to the timeline at the bottom. Here, you can also explore the overall storyboard for the video so that you can easily switch between different scenes.

user guide

As I have listed above, you can also go to the “Script to Animate” feature from the sidebar of Anireel. Here, you just have to load your script, and it would automatically be converted to an animated video by the application that you can later customize.

user guide

Besides that, if you want to add all kinds of voiceovers to your videos, then you can browse to its Toolbar > Text to Speech feature. Here, you can enter any text and select your preferences for its voiceover like tone, language, gender, and so on.

user guide

Step 3: Preview your Animated Video and Export it

You can just go to the preview window and hit the play button to watch your animatedleadership video on the native interface of Anireel.


Once you are satisfied with the results, you can simply click on the “Export” button from the top and save your funnyleadership video in a compatible MP4 format at any location on your system.

user guide

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That’s a wrap! After watching all these funnyleadership videos, you must have had a blast too. While there are plenty of leadership videos on YouTube, I have shortlisted some of the most thoughtful and hilarious videos in this post. Though, if you also want to come up with some animated leadership videos of your own, then you can simply take the assistance of Wondershare Anireel. It features a user-friendly interface, letting you create all sorts of educational and funny animated videos without any unwanted hassle.



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