Best Examples of Science Explainer Video in eLearning

Do you know why videos are amazing for your business? Well, because a good video can turn the table for your business.

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Likewise, science animation videos are too much effective when we are talking about any institute. Be it an educational institute using it or any doctors training their employees. Science explainer videos work like a charm. But the question arises what is science explainer videos? To talk about these types of videos we are here with a mind-blowing article for you. We are going to cover everything about science explainer videos.

Also, stick till the last because we have given you the hack to make awesome animated videos. So, let us dive deep into the article and find out what is it all about…

Part 1 What is Science Animation?

Science is all about visualizing concepts. The more you can visualize the concepts the clearer it becomes. Many people find science to be a tough subject as they cannot understand and visualize the concepts easily.

Well, now we have science explainer videos that make the concepts easy-peasy for you to consume. Yes, you read it right. Now you can learn science more interestingly. These science explainer videos contain animations that help you to visualize the terms, concepts, and processes easily conceivable. The video contains presentation slideshows, pictures, etc. in a video to explain science concepts are called Science Animation.

science animation

Part 2 Which Types of Animation Work Best for Scientific Subjects?

1. 3D Animation

3D animation is a concept of animation that can be used to make science explainer videos interesting. 3D means 3 dimensional, when we are talking about 3D that means we can see the length, breadth, and height altogether.

When 3D concepts are used to make science, explainer videos it becomes very realistic and interesting to watch. However, the cost of making 3D science explainer videos is a little expensive.

3d animation

2. 2D Motion Graphics

2D Motion Graphics is again an interesting concept that can be used to make science explainer videos. 2D Motion Graphics videos are 2 dimensional and moving graphics. Using 2D Motion Graphics can also be an interesting way to not only make science explainer videos but other videos of another domain as well. The mixture of voice and video makes a superb combination for any kind of video.

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2d graphic

3. Whiteboard Animation

Do you understand more when someone explains sitting beside you explaining on the paper? Well, Whiteboard Animation is just like that. In this animation you will feel like someone is explaining the concepts by drawing real-life pictures, writing words in front of you on the way. It is more interesting than it sounds… can you imagine your thoughts on the notebook? It is not less than that.

Whiteboard Animation

Part 3 4 Examples of Science Explainer Video in eLearning

1. Animation for Physics and Chemistry: The University of New South Wales

Many universities are opting for online lectures so that students can refer to these lectures as well. The University of New South Wales has its Physics and chemistry lectures based on 2D animation. The concepts of science that were imaginary now can be seen in real life. They opted for an awesome method to showcase every phenomenon of science using 2D animation videos. This is one of the best examples of science explainer videos. F.learning Studio is a company that made a video of a process happening at a molecular level. Now you can say bye to the boring textbook images and go for these awesome videos.


1. 2D animation video is the best way of having science explainer videos to explain science concepts.

2. Animation videos explaining science makes science more fun.

3. Now you can see the phenomenon happing at a molecular level.


It might be a little costly

2. Animation for Geological Training: Sedimentary Design Training

Who does not like the story? I know everybody likes it, right? Imagine if concepts of science are getting explained like you are watching a movie. How cool does that sound? Well, The University of New South Wales is using a concept of 2D motion graphics videos to teach civil engineering. Here is the example video explaining the formation of metamorphic rocks.

One of the primary focuses of creating such videos is to make the knowledge more interesting. Delivering the knowledge in the form of storytelling could probably be the best way of teaching.


1. It helps students to understand the topic easily.

2. Science explainer video having the concept of 2d motion graphics and storytelling makes the study more engaging.

3. 3D animation videos

3D makes everything look so real. Videos that are based on 3D animation are close to real-life videos. As not only the objects/characters are designed very well but also the whole video plotting is commendable. So, using it for science explainer videos can be interesting to see.


1. The 3D animation videos are like a movie.

2. These videos look like things are happening in real.


Making 3D videos is costly.

4. Animation for Mathematics Training: Bar Model Company

We all know children are too much attracted to animation videos. But when it comes to studying, it is definitely boring in front of animated videos. Hence, this company came up with an idea to teach mathematics with the help of animation. It can be confusing for kids to understand various symbols in math. So, these videos make it simple and entertaining for kids to understand.


1. Videos make mathematics more interesting.

2. Cost-effective.

Part 4 The Secret Sauce for Making an Effective Explainer Video

Now that we know how crucial videos can be for various sectors. The biggest challenge is to make it. Many companies offer you to make these videos, but to be honest they charge you a lot. What is the solution then? Don’t worry we got your back. Making videos on your own is now like eating a piece of cake.

Introducing Anireel tool for you. This application is going to be absolutely a powerpack application for you. Making videos is nothing but a cakewalk from now. It contains tons of assets that are just drag and drop-able. All you need to choose the templates, characters and boom! You are ready with your videos. How cool does that feel?

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There are tons of features, let’s find out what they are:

1. You get tons of templates, characters, props to use in your videos

2. You can just type your script, and your script will turn into a voice.

3. You can animate anything you want using this application.

Some Final Thoughts

We got to know about a lot of stuff in this article. Well, as it is the end of this article let’s recap everything that we have learnt so far in this article.

Do we learn about what are the science explainer videos? What is the importance of such videos in our lives?

Secondly, we got to know about the different types of science explainer videos that organizations and universities are using.

Lastly, we learnt the awesome hack to make a professional video. There is an application called anireel that is going to make your life sorted if you want to use videos for your organization.

We hope you find this article interesting. If so let us know what do you think about having a science explainer video for an institution in the comment section.



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