Everything Seller Need to Know Amazon Explainer Video: Everything Sellers Need to Know

Are Amazon Explainer videos really of any good at all? Will creating Amazon Explainer video will really be worth be that effort? Let’s try to understand the nitty-gritty of Amazon Explainer videos so that it is easy to take a decision on it the next time you introduce a new product over Amazon.

Part 1 Why Should I Use Explainer Video in My Amazon Listings?

E-Commerce is convenient, but technology has yet to reach that level where you can hold the product and feel it, sense it, and maybe even smell it all through online e-Commerce. For a shopper, the ability to hold the product and feel it, sense it, and maybe even smell it is very important.

 the reasons for using explainer videos

This is an experience the e-Commerce cannot provide. However, there is an alternative. They are the Amazon Explainer videos. Videos give this opportunity to create a kind of in-person experience of the product. It creates an opportunity where the seller can build a kind of relationship with a potential customer.

Good Amazon Explainer videos generally highlight the product feature and the benefits if you use it. It explains what the product can do. It also elaborates on how it works. It shows how to use the product. Also, sometimes it provides some very insightful information regarding the class of the product in general.

There are four types of Amazon Explainer Videos that help in understanding

1. Customer experience video

This kind of Amazon Explainer Videos is specifically designed to display the product being used by the customers. This helps numerous potential buyers to have a better and clear view of the product. It also helps the customer in understanding the product better. This type of Amazon Explainer Videos also helps the customers to find out what can these products to do actually. And, also the potential buyers can understand what they will achieve from buying it.

2. Product highlights video

This type of Amazon Explainer Videos has simple and clean content. It has its complete focus on the product. This gives a clear outlook of a product as a 360° view. These videos are made on a white background. Products like footwear or clothing when shown from different angles, give a clear picture, and the buyers are benefited more. But other products with the view also require features in detail as well. Thus this type of videos is benefitted buyers buying footwear or clothing more compared to other products.

3. Explainer videos

Explainer videos focus exclusively on the benefits of the product. This type of Amazon Explainer Videos elaborates the inner workings of the product and how it can benefit you. It may also contain information pertaining to the product specification and configuration. Evidently, such videos require a great script with a persuasive copy. The presentation is also very important here. These kinds of Amazon Explainer Videos that cover the details of the product are a great asset to the customers.

4. Comparison video

To find the best in a product, the most convenient way is to compare it with other products. The Comparison video does the same. In a Comparison video, the product is compared with the competing products. Here in the Amazon Explainer Videos the features and specialties of the product are showcased keeping in comparison with the other product.

If there are several similar products in the market, an Amazon Explainer Videos is the best thing to create. You can showcase the key problems that your product resolves in comparison to the other products. If your product has some special features, you may also showcase it in the comparison video.

While creating a Comparison video, there is no need to mention the names of your competitions. You may just mention the competing features and showcase the goodness in your product.

Part 2 Who Can Use Explainer Video in Their Amazon Listings?

Just being an Amazon Seller does not mean that you can create and publish an Amazon Product Explainer Video. There are certain criteria that need to be met first.

Presently only two groups of sellers can publish Amazon Product Explainer Video.

Marketplace Sellers: If you own a Brand and have it registered in Amazon’s Brand Registry. In this case, the videos are available through A+ Content (earlier known as EBC) within the Seller Central.

Vendors: If you are a brand-owning manufacturer and sell wholesale to Amazon. In this case, the videos are available through A+ Content (earlier known as EBC) within the Vendor Central.

Amazon vendor and Amazon seller

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Part 3 What Does It Cost to Add an Explainer Video to a Product on Amazon?

Now that we have understood what Amazon Explainer Videos are all about let us concentrate on the prices of the various competitors. The below-given table will give you an idea about the cost incurred in making Amazon Explainer Video with some popular tools. This table will also help you to plan your budget accordingly and move with the best one.

video production cost
Anireel Script-to-Animation in One Click Export as MP4 Import Audio, Video, and Pictures Lip Sync (Coming Soon) Custom Assets 720p – Export MP4 Videos in 720P Resolution 1080p – Export MP4 Videos in 1080P Resolution Text-to-Speech Export without Watermark Assets (Characters, Props, Backgrounds, Scenes, Music) Starting from USD 19.99 Starting from USD 19.99
Explaindio Multiple animations at the same time Full multi-timeline editing Full 3D animations Import of external 3D elements 3D models and animation customization 180+ pre-made text animation 140+ pre-made video, image, doodle objects animations Easy video creation wizard Keyframe animation Built-in transitions Import videos in most popular format like AVI, WMV, FLV, MOV, and MP4 Pixabay Integration Starting from USD 37.00
Ideze No Experience Necessary Easy Customization Watermark Premium Template Library Photo Library Commercial License Fast Customer Service Variety of tracks and sound effects to accompany every template Full support and Updates 100% Cloud Based Membership Training Videos Mass Rendering Starting at USD 67.00
Animaker Video Editor Watermark free videos Auto Video Resize Custom Fonts Multiple Format Downloads Custom character Music tracks Smart Animations Text Animations Team Collaboration File Manager Real time collaboration Brand management tool Starting from USD 10.00

Wondershare Anireel

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Part 4 How Do I Add a Product Explainer Video to My Amazon Listing?

In this segment, we will be focusing on how the leading brands make their approach at the Amazon marketplace by posting Amazon Explainer Videos of their products. The process of adding Amazon Explainer videos of any product is as follows:

add product explainer video

Step1 At the very first, go to your "Seller Central account".

Step2 The next thing you will follow is "Click on the Inventory".

Step3 Next, you will get a dropdown; there select "Upload & Manage Videos".

Step4 After this, click on the "Upload Video" option and select the required video file.

Step5 Now, enter the ASIN, and a title is relevant to the Amazon Explainer Videos.

Step6 Next, select a "thumbnail-preview image" for the Amazon Explainer Videos.

Step7 Now you have to click the "submit button". The video will be sent to Amazon to get it approved.

The review process for approval of Amazon Explainer Videos at times takes a longer time. It can vary from two days to a week. After the Amazon Explainer Videos gets approved, the status of your Amazon Explainer Videos. will change to "Live". The product will now be on the product details page.

Within two days, the Amazon Explainer Videosshould come on your products details page. Please note you should always keep less than 6 Amazon Explainer Videos on your product details page.

This adding of Amazon Explainer Videos video is simple, but when the Amazon Explainer Videos is uploaded through Anireel it becomes much easier and straightforward. Anireel is one of the best tool providers in the market with some best and unique features. Anireel is user-friendly and suits your budget as well.

With Anireel, you will be able to build complete Amazon Explainer Videos with various resources available in the Anireel library. The best part is you can create animated videos which can be exported to MP4 formats with various resolutions and qualities.

Anireel is used all over the globe and is a very popular one. When you are building Amazon Explainer Videos on Anireel, you have the option to add and edit scenes, props, characters, text, and audio and, other mediums available in the resource library

Wondershare Anireel

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Some Final Thoughts

By now, you must have got an idea what is the importance of Amazon Explainer Videos.

Also, the details process, how you can upload the Amazon Explainer Videos on the Amazon marketplace.

The article also briefs about the price of the best tools available for building a video. Last but not least, a brief introduction about Anireel.