Business Explainer Video: Get a Custom Corporate Animation Now

Digital media has brought the world closer together but has also significantly shortened the number of times people spent connecting. Conveying corporate information like new startup concepts, brand introductions or even trainee videos requires a fresh new approach that saves time while delivering efficiency. Explainer videos are the perfect tool in this accord that complements the goals that businesses are trying to achieve. It is also the most cost-effective means for creating content or explaining complex business topics.

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Part 1 What is Explainer Video and Why Your Business Needs It?

1. What is Explainer Video?

Video marketing is quintessentially a diverse method of advertising, where numerous different strategies of promotions are being implemented each day. Explainer videos have a run time of a minute or more, but within that short period, you can easily visualize any aspect of your business through a small and interesting story.

You can explain how you’re services or products work in a simple yet engaging manner that interests your audience. The internet is virtually littered with uncountable explainer video styles and formats. Each style has its unique appeal, for example, the trend of using animated human figures to tell a story has caught on with thousands of brands.

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You can easily differentiate a good explainer video by observing its style of storytelling, a combination of colors and graphics, or its clear and understandable audio narration and background music. Read on to know how your business can improve if use explainer videos.

2. Why Your Business Needs An Explainer Video?

The use of Explainer Videos in businesses has been predicted to increase by 80% in 2021 alone. Here are some reasons why explainer videos can help increase your businesses growth rate;

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● Attention-Grabbing Attention is the greatest asset that anyone is after on the internet by its scarcity. The latest reports say that the attention span of your average individual is comparable to that of a goldfish. Explainer videos help redeem that attention by appealing to your target audience within that short window of time.

● Easy to Understand Explainer Videos help bridge the gap between complex topics and individuals. If your audience takes an interest in your video and can understand the service or product you are providing, it inevitably increases the chances of them making a purchase.

● Increased Traffic The more traffic your website or website receives the more limits your business can exceed. Augmenting explainer videos to your SEO strategy can significantly increase your website's traffic-driving potential.

● Mobile User Engagement Explainer videos have a stronger appeal to mobile phone users as it is the perfect type of content that people would prefer watching on a small screen.

● Boost your Conversion Rate Integrating an explainer video to your landing page can immensely increase the amount of traffic you receive. High-quality videos can help double your conversion rate.

Part 2 What is the Best Explainer Video Style for Your Business?

As you already know that there are abundant products and services available on the internet, but many of them require a certain degree of understanding from their buyers. It is unlikely that every single one of your potential customers would know everything there is to know about a product or how it would serve their needs.

Screencast video is exactly the style you need to explain every facet of your product or service as comprehensively as possible. They are more preferable for introducing or explaining software as they are always virtual. These videos use a sequence of screenshots as slides that take you through each step of using the software. They are extremely budget-friendly and can be used in both internal and external campaigns.

• 2D Animated Characters

Animated videos are always interesting to watch as this style of visual story-telling employs plenty of positive colors and humor to keep your audience engaged. Viewers can easily understand the concept of the video when it is portrayed through a story that they can connect to. The flimsy 2D animated characters that show funny but relatable emotions in a humorous context are quite exciting for children to watch as well. In this next example of a custom 2D animated explainer video, we see a brand called Nemacolin which seeks to develop the security of individuals in third world nations by inspiring their citizens to buy their Nemastree Device.

2D Animated Motion Graphics

You may not always need to say a story. Some explainer’s videos are more centered on explaining all aspects of a specific product or service. These types of videos usually jump straight to the point. Clients and potential customers all require some clarity with regards to why they need what you’re selling. 2D animated motion graphic videos are perfect for taking audiences through the process or advantages of using your product or services without wasting much of their time. The slides smoothly transition describing each feature in a manner that appeals to your target demographic while remaining consistent with the theme. This video promotes a rental property investment simulator based in Australia and it takes you through every step in a palatable manner.

4. Whiteboard Animation Video

This clever and simplistic style of an explainer video is becoming quite popular as a means of education and internal communication. The theme is straightforward. It involves using drawing gestures on a whiteboard which is similar to how anyone teaches or explains a topic in a classroom full of students. You can create virtually any type of presentation with White Board Explainer Videos. They are superbly affordable to create and are an excellent choice for explaining tedious topics in virtual seminars, website landing pages, or on YouTube.

5. 3D Animated Video

When you add more creativity and ingenuity into the mix you get 3D animated explainer videos. These can instantly grab your viewer’s attention and has a greater chance of retaining it till the end of the video. 3D animated videos offer plenty of wiggle room for creativity and help your audience visualize on the same wavelength as you. Though the cost margin is higher in affording 3D animation the ROI assurance also increases. If you intend on reaching out to a larger audience on a global scale or are pretty much trying to revamp your brand image then you can surely rely on a 3D animated Explainer Video.


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Part 3 Must-read Tips for You to Get a Custom Corporate Animation Quickly

1. Make it yourself

They say if you want something done, you have to do it yourself. Fortunately, explainer videos aren’t that hard to make anymore. The internet is equipped with all the info you require to make a standard explainer video on your own. If you wish to upgrade your skills, you can do that too! Continue practicing your skills under the guidance of mentors or your peers from creative communities.

The process is pretty straightforward;

Set clear goals for what you want in the video.

Write a script of what would be in the video.

Set a budget.

Choose a style.

Choose a software (Free or Paid).

Walkthrough the steps of your training.

2. Outsource it to the Pros

Today there are limitless professionals online who can do all the hard work for you, all you need to do is plan a budget and script. You have two choices; to hire a studio or a freelancer. There are dozens of platforms where you can hire top-rated freelancers or you could even find one through friendly recommendations. On the other hand, you have digital firms and animation studios that offer to do everything, from scripting to the complete video. These come in affordably priced packages which you can consider.

3. Use Templates

Once you get the hang of creating your corporate animated video, you no longer need to create one from scratch. There are multiple templates and resources available online which you can use in your animated explainer video. You can quite conveniently modify these videos to your liking.

4. Use Anireel Wondershare

Anireel Wondershare is your all-in virtual software studio that has the services, tools, and resources you need to make an exceptional explainer video. It has a simple drag and drop interface that makes up for any lack of technical skills while saving you a lot of time. Customize assets, use custom templates, adjust colors, convert text to voice-overs and animate your images to perfection.

Wondershare Anireel

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Some Final Thoughts:

Explainer videos are an excellent video marketing tool that helps businesses reach out to a diverse audience. It bridges the communication gap between different groups of people by explaining topics that are otherwise complicated to grasp.

You can use explainer videos to bits of help garner more interest in your brand product or services. There are different styles you can integrate with your video, and modify them to make it your own.

Try out Anireel from Wondershare to customize and create stellar animated videos in half your average time.