Brilliant Educational Explainer Video Examples

Educators, teachers and trainers, are all faced with certain challenges in bridging the gap between learning and individuals who typically lose interest in 8 seconds. We are in the era of consuming information where training campaigns are almost always on a tight budget.

This is why today we are going to enlighten ourselves on how Educational Explainer Videos help put this task on auto pilot, where the average learner can learn at their own pace.

Part 1 What is an Explainer Video for Education?

What separates Educational Explainer Videos from your regular explainer videos is their approach towards simplifying and teaching complex topics to beginners.

1. What Are Educational Explainer Videos Good For?

Most people these days lack the patience to sit through a class lecture, let alone paying attention and actually learning something in the process. Live learning has proven to be more effective as outlets for sharing feedback or clarifying doubts but the actual learning is something else entirely.

It has become necessity for educational institutions and training programs to devise a system of learning that breaks down complex information and delivers them in short digestible chunks. It is also important to ensure that the information is presented in an interesting way so as to maximize engagement and interest of the audience. If the student is unable to find interest then there can be no learning.

This is exactly how Educational Explainer Videos are playing a pivotal role in the current digital scenario. All types of skills, concepts and disciplines can now be mastered simply by watching videos which makes the process of learning even less complicated. These educational explainer videos appeals to the cognitive functioning of our brain with help from eye-catching graphics, compelling voiceovers and intuitive audio visuals. They convey your message through an interesting story plot that evokes a positive emotional response while allowing the individual to learn at a gradual pace.

2. How Explainer Videos Can Help Educational Institutes

Educational hubs and modern training institutions are in need of imparting knowledge and skill to hundreds of students under the pressure of a restrictive schedule and curriculum. They are also required to establish a fun learning environment that invokes their prospects to take an interest in learning. Explainer Videos are the perfect tool for helping students understands difficult topics better while enabling them to enjoy the flexibility of time. These video can also fulfill the purpose of orienting new trainees and introduce them to company procedure and policies.

There are all sorts of explainer videos being used for educating the masses over the internet. Most often they are packed with information surrounding a specific topic along with facts, graphs and figures presented in a catchy relatable manner in order to prevent the learning process from becoming monotonous. Younger minds are more responsive to animated videos or 2D motion graphics, especially when covering topics related to science and technology. This bodes well for gaining a visual understanding of the topic.

In a nutshell, the following points prove why explainer videos should be facilitated at Educational Institutions;

Attention Grabbing.

Greater Information Retention.

Increased Proficiency in any Task.

Simplification of Complex Data.

Ideal for Orientating New Concepts.

Employ Creative Story Telling.


Open to Change.

3. How Much Does an Animated Educational Explainer Video Cost?

Animated Explainer Videos have become a global tool for easily engaging audiences and creating a substantial amount of brand awareness. The animated domain opens up plenty of possibilities for you to explore budget friendly presentations that introduce products and concepts in a way that yields lucrative ROI. Even so there are certain expenditures that you may need to bear depending on your approach to creating a professionally animated explainer video.

You would either opt for hiring an independent freelancer or a 2D animation studio. The quotations may vary depending on duration of clips delivered, individual price models and the expected quality of the video. Keep in mind that the figures mentioned in the following are simply a rough estimate and are only intended to establish a basic understanding;

Standard Explainer Video of 90 Sec – Average $11,000, Max Est. $25,000.

Production Stage
2D Animation Studio
Animation Freelancer
Script & Concept $300 to $3000 $100 to $300
Storyboard $900 to $ 12000 $300 to $900
Animations $1300 to $20250 $550 to $1500
VO & Sound Effects $150 to $1500 $75 to $400
Consultation 0$ to $7500 $0 to $700

Part 2 7 Explainer Video Examples in Education Industry

By now, I think we can all agree that consumers of information prefer more to watch things rather than read things. This is because audio visual stimuli has a greater a chance of having an impact on one’s brain. Explainer videos have brought a phenomenal change to the way we learn new things and reshaping the present day educational industry. Here we have a few innovative explainer videos from some of this industry’s giants that have done a phenomenal job in getting through to their audience;

1. Google Classroom

It should come as no surprise that this information giant is also the world’s largest classroom. In this fun and upbeat explainer video they introduce Google Classroom which is categorized under G-suite and is primarily education oriented. It offers its students a variety of collaborative tools like chromebook to help organize their learning effort. Their presentation uses smooth sliding animations displayed with Google trademark colour combination to show how they have recreated a classroom learning experience digitally. It goes on to explain all its helpful features like scheduling, classes, sharing study material, communicate with teachers and so much more.

2. Adobe Education Exchange

This one minute tutorial simplifies the digital learning model of the Adobe Education Exchange. The exchange is an online free learning platform designed to promote an online community of creative students and teachers where you learn new skills, practice it to near perfection and then teach it someone else. This video uses simple graphic motion showing you the motif behind the academy while highlighting the benefits of being part of the community. This slideshow presentation outlines courses and resources that would help every student ignite their creativity.

3. Codio

Codio is not just any teaching platform, but is a digital learning platform for computer programing which is now spread across multiple schools, colleges and institutes located worldwide. The platform also offers useful that facilitates auto-grading, learning management system as well as curriculum authoring. This colourful explainer video uses 2D animated graphics to engage the audience and lay down the features of this platform. We are immediately introduced to its multiple benefits especially how they save time and cost when it comes to teaching programing.

4. Wand Education

This infographic style of narrating stories isn’t something we are not familiar with but can surely agree on how pleasing and interesting to watch these videos truly are. The explainer for Wand Education does not waste any time in getting the audience hooked on how it is beneficial to teachers. It introduces the problem of how demand for ready to consume education is on the rise and how Wand Education helps cater to the needs of teachers in automating lectures and ultimately saving on time.

5. Active ED

A collaboration between the Broad Centre, the Strategic Data Project and Education Pioneers, few of the foremost educational organizations in the world. Active ED is yet another educational exchange program that seeks to provide future talents like managers, leaders and analysts with a single-support platform equipped with all the necessary tools. This explainer keeps the core message of the video pretty straightforward. You can connect to new prospects and old connections. It promotes the platform of Active ED as a resource centre that has everything you need to master what the internet has to offer.

Now that we are familiar with explainer videos that introduces new digital learning platforms lets now look into certain explainers that deconstructs and simplifies complex topics to its viewers.

6. The Theory of Evolution Explainer

Pretty much anyone is familiar with basics of Evolution Theory but this explainer video has fresh new take on the same. It uses funny cartoonistic drawings combined with whiteboard motion graphics and basic narration. The imagery is quite distinct and the story of Charles Darwin is explained in a straightforward manner. This style of explainer videos are a great way to introduce new chapters from any curriculum.

7. The Art of Improvement

If you feel that videos crowded with dozens of texts may pull back its potential then this video created by Adam Holownia should give you a different perspective. The primary matter of discussion is how to increase productivity and development. It follows a whiteboard style of editing where simple figures are scribbled alongside the written point they are trying to convey. The video contains plenty of references of academic importance explained in a simple to understand lecture format.

Animated Explainer Videos is now the rage of the educational industry. They are engaging, stimulating and interesting to watch. If you are thinking of making explainer videos for introducing your product, business or online course, try out Anireel from Wondershare. It is truly a one stop solution for creating alluring fully animated videos by using the best online editing tools, customizable templates and creative assets, text to speech voice overs and so much more.

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Some Final Thoughts

Anywhere you click, if you are in doubt – watch an explainer video! They have truly changed the way we think and learn. They are short, crisp and precise in their ability to deliver information.

Teachers, trainer and professional institutes are all adapting more and more explainers in their courses to help automate the whole process and save time and money.

Try out Wondershare Anireel to create stunning short animated videos and jump start your journey as an online educator.