BBC Brexit Explained Video

BBC Brexit Explained Video represents the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union dated 31st January 2020 at 11:00 pm. UK is the only nation all across the globe that leaves the EU. The country from 47 years has been the member state of the European Union and its predecessor named EC since 1973.

The explainer video of the incident helps the viewer understand the change that might occur and the rules to be changed for the UK as they have decided to withdraw themselves from the EU. According to Brexit Withdrawal Agreement, Ireland is a nation that continues to take active participation in the European Single Market, which deals with good production and distribution and acts as a de facto member of the EU Customs Union.

EU and its institution have grown gradually from their establishment and accompanied 47 years of British members and considered a significant benefit to the UK. From the period of establishment, Eurosceptic groups were opposing the aspect of the Union and its predecessors.

In 1975, Prime Minister Harold Wilson's pro-EC government decided to hold a referendum following the continued membership of EC where voters need to accommodate within the bloc. However, no further referenda were held when the project grew and seems closer in the Lisbon Treaties and Maastricht.

Since the campaign pledges to win votes from Eurosceptic, David Cameron decides to hold the referendum at the instance government gets re-elected by the voters. The pro-EU government holds another referendum that entails that voter chooses to leave the EU by withdrawing 51.9% of the vote share. However, the referendum gets resigned and replaced by Theresa May along with 4-year negotiations with the EU on future relations and withdrawal.

Part 1 What is BBC Brexit Explained Video?

1. What is No-deal Brexit?

No-deal Brexit is defined as the potential withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union devoid of the withdrawal agreement. Concerning Article 50 of the Maastricht Treaty, the European Union Treaties would cease to apply when the withdrawal agreement is ratified or 2 years have passed since the nation indicates that they will withdraw from the EU.

no-deal brexit

The 2 year periods can be increased by unanimous consent from all states that are members of the EU and the state that wishes to leave the EU. Without having an agreement placed at the end of the period defined by the EU mentioned in Article 5o, law and Agreement would cease to apply to the interaction existing between the EU and its member states. In addition to such, BBC Brexit Explained Video demonstrates that British interaction with nations not been a member state of the EU and governed by the EU agrees with nations willing to be renegotiated.

UK parliament finally decided to ratify the renegotiated withdrawal agreement in January 2000, and Brexit proceeded on 31January 2020. During such a period, Brexit transition initiates to facilitate the sides to negotiate a trade agreement and provide a team to prepare the agreement consequences.

On 24th December 2020, the UK's Prime Minister of the UK and the European Commission agreed in the principle to draft the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement. The BBC Brexit Explained Video represents that the UK Parliament ratified the Agreement on 30th December; however, it remains considered by the European Parliament until early 2021.

2. What is BBC Brexit Explained Video?

bbc brexit explained videos

The UK residential needs to have a VISA approved if they are willing to stay longer in the EU for more than 90 days in 180-day tenure. It also explains that Ireland will continue to follow some EU rules to avoid hardening its border with the Republic of Ireland.

There may not be new taxes to be paid at the border; however, some new paperwork is required and can delay any complex issue. The UK proclaims it will delay most checks for 6 months to facilitate the individual to get acquainted with the new system; however, the EU will still check some paperwork to carry out the good from the first day. It is difficult to understand the scale of any disruption. However, the government minister proclaims that UK businesses need to prepare regarding bumpy moments.

Part 2 Secrets Nobody Will Tell You About How to Make a Brexit Explained Video

1. Why People Thought Explained Video is Effective?

The video explainer videos are of great significance as it delivers the clear message to the audience. It can be used to explain the process and events in a clear message so that viewers can understand them easily. It can be used for marketing purposes as videos are the most effective tool that helps to converts viewers to customers or readers.

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Some Final Thoughts:

The BBC Brexit explained video clearly explains the withdrawal of the UK from the EU. The explained video also includes the consequence of such on UK people considering several factors.

The use of explainer videos helps attract and engage customers with the content in an interactive manner. There is also a need to understand that making explainer videos needs consideration and time to deliver a clear message to the audience.

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