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 Part 1  How to Create a Super Eye-catching Animated Blackboard Video?

1. How to Create a Super Eye-catching Animated Blackboard Video?

Blackboard animated videos are honestly nothing but whiteboard explainer videos with the exception of a black board background. It follows the same idea of having hand drawn animations (similar to that of a school classroom) to introduce topics in an elementary manner.

blackboard animation video

2. How Much Do You Charge to Make Custom Black Board Animations?

Before you go ahead with pouring your creativity into your work let's talk cost! But, before we talk cost let's talk about what determines the cost of creating a custom Animated Explainer Blackboard.

When you have been asked to create an animated explainer video from scratch, there are a certain factors you should keep in mind.

Time Duration:

The length of your video has a huge role to play in the amount of elements that would go into the video. Videos under one minute which are popularly known as micro-videos are highly in demand.

time duration

Whether we like it or not, there is a certain amount of time we invest in researching animated videos which needs to be considered. Your time is valuable hence you deserve to be paid for it.

Script and Storyboard:

Often during projects your client may have already presented their ideas to you in the form of a script or story board saving you a lot of effort. Otherwise, you would need to take into consideration.

scripts and storyboard

Most often animated explainer videos require a voice-over artist (Otherwise who would do the explaining). You may need to hire someone which entails extra cost.

Sound Design:

Sound is crucial to building the experience. You may add stock sound or compose it from scratch.

Typically, you can charge between 15$ to 5000$ for creating professional Animated Explainer Blackboard videos.

sound design

3. What's the Difference in Whiteboard, Blackboard, Glass-board Video?

In the real world, whiteboards and Animated Explainer Blackboards may have different components but when animated they become your choice of themes for your video.

Here's the difference:

Whiteboard These include drawing over a whiteboard with a marker pen style fonts.

Blackboard Your most common school drawing board which could use pens or chalks to create figures over the board.

Glass board A transparent board where the hand drawing gestures are shown behind the board instead of over it.

 Part 2  Whiteboard Explainer Animation Video Examples That You Need to Learn

1. Importance of Whiteboard Animation Explainer Videos for Your Business

There are several reasons why an animated whiteboard explainer video is becoming such a high valued marketing tool, but let's summarize some of them.

They help breakdown and explain complex topics in an engaging manner.

They serve as fun to watch marketing content that can be used to promote products and services.

Creating a whiteboard animated explainer is a more cost effective way of creating promotions.

They are effective in grasping the viewer's attention for a longer period of time.

They can be used to tell a story in a compelling way.

You can use elements like humor in your unique storytelling style.

whiteboard animation video

2. 6 Amazing Whiteboard Explainer Animation Video Examples You Need To Bookmark in 2021

In 2021, around 80% of business have adapted animated white board explainer videos in their marketing strategy. Let's evaluate 6 of the most innovative whiteboard explainer videos on the internet.

Charles Duhigg Asks: What makes a great team?
The author of the "Smarter Faster Better" novel, Charles Duhigg creates a fun to watch whiteboard video where he explains how we can create business teams that make a difference while referring to examples like SNL and Google.
The History of Marriage
Complex information can easily be presented with an interesting narration and simple character images. One of the best aspects of this video is that it has both. The entire history of marriage and the fundamental changes that made it the institution that it is today, is squeezed in graciously in 3 min watch.
Gymnastics Course
As mentioned before, explainer videos are quite well known for introducing virtual products to potential customers. This particular explainer video is promoting an online gymnastic course where its message is perfectly clear.
Unilever Series NCAA Dove and Axe Bodywash
This is here is an example of how animated whiteboard explainer videos can be used to create brand awareness, brand loyalty and also increase engagement in the process. This video promotes the combination of NCAA Dove and Axe bodywash through a short humorous, emotional and funny presentation.
TruScribe Whiteboard Video Animations
Whiteboard animations are also super effective in explaining exactly how something works. Even abstract concepts such as mastering the ability to convey a message to your audience can be easily deconstructed, where the viewer is taken step by step through the information you wish to deliver.
Content 2020 by Coca Cola
It probably would have been more appropriate to place this video at the top of the list but we decided to save the best for last. It was one of the most viewed whiteboard explainer videos to be posted online during 2020 and not just because of the brand Coca Cola.

 Part 3  How to Create a Super Eye-catching Animated Blackboard Video?

1. Top 6 Blackboard Animation Software to Look out for

No. 1 Mango Animate

Mango Animate

First up on our list of explainer video software is Mango Animate. It offers hassle-free features and pro level features for just a onetime payment of $39. With it you get a fully equipped free media library stacked with customizable templates which are updated regularly, along with a wide variety of animation effects and hand types to choose from.

No. 2 VideoScribe


Beginners who are procrastinating and second guessing their skills before producing their first explainer video can rest at ease by using VideoScribe. You need not trouble yourself with creating videos from scratch as you have a plethora of templates to choose from.

No. 3 Explaindio


Now that you have gained some experience with creating awesome blackboard/whiteboard explainer videos, let's equip you with some more awesome tools to play with. Explaindio is here to do just that. You can create spectacular animated videos using 2D and 3D functions which can be utilized at any skill level.

No. 4 Camtasia


As we level up, we arrive at Camtasia – a premium whiteboard animator capable of producing high end explainers from a wide range of customizable video options which includes outros, intros and much more. The software purchase also provides you a TechSmith subscription which gives you access to at least 500k stock images and videos. For corporate and business styles presentations you can create personalized themes using Camtasia tools.

No. 5 RenderForest


A free to use whiteboard animation software that helps you construct engaging stories that appeals to businesses of all sizes. You can choose from dozens of unique templates which are updated regularly while having several impressive tools that help bring your ideas to life. You can create remarkable educational presentations in the form of short scribbled movies that are fun to watch.

No. 6 Easy Sketch Pro

Easy Sketch Pro

Easy Sketch is, as the name suggests, superbly easy to use. Its drag and drop user friendly interface can boost your content upload speed by 90%. The software has an intuitive programming that anticipates your needs.

2. Trending Animated Blackboard Video Maker for Your 2022

Wondershare anireel

A bonus software that is sure to make you excited given the possibilities it presents is Wondershare Anireel. Your one stop explainer video software for creating awe inspiring whiteboard and blackboard animations for all sorts of promotional and educational content. Enjoy a robust library of customizable assets, convert text to speech in your videos and literally animate anything you want.


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Anireel will instantly match your script to rich animations, convert the text into voice over, and generate complete and vivid Animated Explainer Videos.

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Key Takeaways from This Episode

Blackboard explainer videos are exceptionally effective marketing tools for all conveying all sorts of messages and promotions.

Create powerful and engaging explainer videos with the help of some of the whiteboard explainer video animation software.

Some of the best whiteboard/blackboard explainer video are one's that simple and fun to watch.