Amazing Explainer Video Reviews You Need to Bookmark in 2021

Video explainers reviews are playing a vital role in the marketing of products and services. These are said to increase conversion rates and boost engagement in a particular product.

You will see a high demand for these videos in the market as most people believe that these videos have become a necessity these days.

 Part 1  What Makes Good Explainer Videos?

When it comes to good explainer videos, certain factors are kept in mind before creating such videos. An explainer video is loved by people or audiences when the content is unique.

Good Explainer Videos

1. Customer-centric

Any business owner will know that the customer is the king of the market. The success and failure depend upon the customers' review and whether you have met their demands or not. Same in the case of explainer video, your videos must be customer-centric.

2. Simplicity

As these videos are short, so you should keep them as simple as possible. A good explainer video does not stuff things. You must not add complicated points that cannot be understood easily.

3. Originality and humor

To compete, do not try to copy the content from somewhere. It would help if you focused on keeping it original. This will increase the reach as well as interest in your audience. Also, add some humor to your videos.

 Part 2  Who Makes Good Explainer Videos?

A common question that every business owner has is how the explainer videos can be made different from the others. Mentioned below are the top 8 Best Explainer Video Companies that you can consider before going to make explainers:

1. Yans media


Rated as one of the best video maker companies, Yan's media provides you with the best and affordable pricing.

They also provide a portfolio for global customers as they work at a worldwide level.

Yes, media provides several custom designs and completely original and unique artwork at an affordable rate.


You may have to face issues in the pricing. It is also possible that they do not provide expected results in comparison to their prices. Also, you have no access to them if you are working online.

"According to the reviews, Yan's media is an open as well as a transparent service provider. The team of Yan's media gives quality results that meet the need of clients. The videos created by them make a great impact on social media platforms. "

2. Explainify


The biggest pro that you get in Explainify is that they simplify even the most complex ideas.

Offering original content, they work even with startup companies as well as with big corporations.

They also use highly researched strategies and marketing techniques to meet up the demands of your video expectations.


As they work using highly advanced and researched techniques and strategies, it might be possible they are not suitable for your budget. Also, you may not get free trials.

"As per the reviews, Explainify quickly understands the idea and need of the client. Also, it maintains good communication throughout the whole process. This helps the client to have confidence in their service. Also, they have been successful in driving conversion rates to the business owners. "

3. Demo duck


As the name shows, they are in the market since explainer videos were called demo videos, so they better know the scope and need of such videos.

They have been a small team, but this benefits as they deliver the best possible results to the client.

They are curious about their work and provide you with transparency that may help you get good results.


You might have to face issues in the free trial version as there are limited features available. For getting more features, you will need to pay for them.

"The creative and animated storytelling feature of demo duck makes it different from other service providers. Reviews say that they deliver highly advanced and good quality videos that greatly impact the audience. Also, they have good communication with their client to maintain the transparency of their service."

4. Explained


They are especially known for perfection in their 2D and 3D videos.

To get a solid pattern, you might consider contacting Explainly as they provide services at the global level.

They offer custom animation that you can get at very simple and affordable pricing.


Providing good animated videos, the videos created using Explainly can lack the feature to express serious ideas. You can face issues in creating videos that describe serious messages.

"Reviews say if you are looking for high-end animated videos, then you must consider contacting Explained. They can surpass your most challenging ideas into simple yet attractive explainer videos. They remain communicative throughout the whole process and show a familiar gesture with their clients."

5. Renderforest


If you have a low budget, then you might consider working with Renderforest.

By using this, you can create your videos on your own as you get so many templates which you can

In this, you can get several templates and footage in the package that they provide.


A major disadvantage in using Renderforest is that they have a watermark that could only be removed when you avail of the paid services.

This might be a little expensive as compared to the features offered.

"According to the reviews, this is quite impressive and innovative to opt for. If you ignore some limitations in its features, you can enjoy attractive templates that enhance your explainer videos' quality. You can even explain the concept of video conferencing with the help of these explainer videos."

6. Idearocket


If you have a complex idea, then this one could be a solid option to simplify them.

They specialize in simplifying your most complex ideas, whether it is of tech or if you have to explain video conferencing.

They also use metaphors to explain big and technical concepts, which make your video worth understanding.


As they are best suitable for expressing complex and technical ideas, they might lack animated criteria, which can affect the reach of the audience. X

"Reviewers say that Idearocket is quite professional in their work. You can get collaborative and creative experience working with Idearocket. They offer well-organized and highly professional working skills that help to get amazing results. "

7. Wyzowl


As they work with every type of business, they have a good experience of what will best suit your business needs.

You also get revision packages that might help you revise and refine your ideas, making them more innovative and better.

They can help you get the most suitable explainer videos at an affordable rate that any business type can collaborate with them.


Users have not witnessed any such that can lead over its pros, yet it is better to check all the available offers before opting for any service.

"Having a rating of 4.9 stars by the netizens, this has been a good and supportive service provider. You can get good communicative service, and also your expected results are delivered. Making it immensely better than others, its experience in the field of creating explainers proves to be one of the best video makers."

8. Wondershare Anireel


You can get highly advanced features that can help you create amazing explainers at an affordable and attractive price.

You get the features like text to speech, converting the script into video, and auto lip-sync.

Also, the customization of characters and backgrounds can make this your first choice. You also get some templates, footage, characters, scenes that you can customize in the way you wish to.


It is a new website and product.

"As a user, you can use this software on your own too. Customizable assets that are provided are very much helpful in creating effective animated explainer videos. You can animate all the things that you want. It means creating videos using Anireel, and the limit is only your imagination. The very advanced features make it the first choice of business owners nowadays."

Wondershare Anireel

We make video animation better for everyone. Electrifying features that satisfy your imagination.


 Part 3   Find More New and Interesting Explainer Video Reviews

People often consider reviews to get an idea of the quality and features of any particular service or product. Here are reviews of 90 and 30-second explainer videos that can help you get an idea of their demand in the market.

90 Second Explainer Videos Reviews

Thirty-second explainer videos are great, whereas 60-second videos also go best, but if you want to illustrate your idea well, the explainer video of 90 seconds goes best. According to reviews from customers, the strength of a 90-sec video is its depth.

30 Second Explainer Video Reviews

These videos have a rating of 4.33 stars. This is so because these are short yet effective. The most commonly used explainer videos are for 30 seconds only.

Some Final Thoughts

Do not forget that your videos must be customer-focused as only they will decide the success or failure of your product.

Several service providers and software are available at the global level, including the latest Anireel that you can use to make awesome explainer videos.

Reviews and references play a very crucial role in deciding which one is most suitable for you.