Free Explainer Video Script Template Download

Making a vivified explainer video has never been this simple. Explainer video script template offers you an extraordinary chance to fabricate the most vivid, great, and invigorating explainer ever! An explainer video is the best option for explaining your business to the people because it has an entire universe of symbols, characters, and foundation movements with distinct styles and unique changes consolidated in one layout to make your video creation charming and compelling. These templates allow making an interesting and attractive explainer video immediately for free.

Part 1 Key Points – How to Write an Explainer Video Script

If the script of your explainer video is not up to the mark then there is no benefit of using world-class visuals. Your explainer video is best, boring or confusing is all dependent on the script of your video. Always remember that your explainer video script should be written in a way that tells an engaging story, show off your brand personality, and deliver a strong takeaway.

1. Recognize your story

In most of the explainer videos, it has been seen that the story is rotating around something till the last second and after that immediately it comes to the main point which sometimes looks very distracting. It’s very important for you to indentify your story first and then tell that specific story in a very clear and concise way. While writing the story, you have to keep in your mind that it should look straightforward and confident, it anticipates the viewer’s questions and it should have a particular angle and something that should hit the viewer’s mind instantly.

2. Check the Length of your script

You should know that mostly the explainer videos are of either 30 seconds or 3 minutes, not more than that because the longer will be your explainer video, the less impact it will have. So, whenever you are writing the script of your explainer video always decide the time duration before and keep it in mind while writing. You can balance this by keeping the word count in mind as for one minute of video your word count should be 130 t0 150 words. For time management, you also have to check the reading time of your script by reading it on your own in a properly paced voice.

3. Distill Your Story

Keep the concept and language of your story simple in a way that both a 5-year-old child and an 18-year-old adult can understand very well. Even if your target audience is highly educated your goal should be to deliver the information succinctly. But also keep in mind that your story should be simple, not condescending. Always make your script interesting, engaging, and easy to digest for everyone. For making the script like this you have to write the outline of your story in not more than five sentences in simple words.

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4. Add Emotion to your story

If you give an emotional touch to your story then it will make your viewers more engaged and hook them from the starting only. Giving an emotional touch does not mean to make the story very seriously. It is telling a good story that has a conversational tone, simple language, and any emotional communication tool. If you show that your story has a helping nature then also it will form an emotional bond with the viewers.

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5. Bring Viewers Into the story

Always try to bring the viewers into the story in one or another way so that it will be easier to capture their attention and they will also be influenced fast as they relate themselves more with the story. You can do this by speaking directly to them means writing the script in second-person voice and trying to use the language which they understand the most.

Part 2 The Ultimate Cheatsheet to Free Download Explainer Video Scripts

1. CrowdSec

The explainer videos of CrowdSec are made basically for cyber security startups. The script of these videos simply comprises a story that tells about the cyber dangers and the solutions to cope up with them. The story is depicted in such a way that the factors which steal the users’ data are said to be robot-demons. The whole story is depicted in a violet palette that is further complemented with various colors that suit the concept of users' data.

2. PrescribeWellness

An explainer video for the healthcare sector, well-suited in conveying their message. This is because of the well-written script only that in a video of just 30 seconds, it is easily understandable what service they provide. Starting from a medical sign, the video further shows the importance of medications. Also, it is shown that they provide you with safe and prescribed delivery of medications. Being an animated video yet it is successful in catching the viewers' attention.

3. Mint. Com

This is a personal-financing company. Its explainer videos are of one and a half minutes and are very much successful in conveying the message. The script of video starts with telling you the importance of managing your money. Then it also tells different ways to manage it including signing into Then it describes the whole procedure in the video of a minute and thirty seconds. You can manage your investments, savings, etc. by using the application. Showing the journey of features and benefits the video ends with contacting information.

4. Hubspot

This is a software company that is meant to sell software that could be used for inbound marketing. The objective of its explainer videos is to make viewers understand the personalization of marketing for business. This can attract more customers. In a video of approx 2 minutes, they show the complexity of digital platforms and marketing. Also, they provide a proper solution through their software.

5. Project permit:

The explainer videos of the project permits are not only successful in conveying their company’s message but also convey an inspiring message of installing solar panels. In the video of one and a half minutes, you can get all the essential information related to the service. The video starts by telling the importance of solar energy and how it can save your bills also. All you have to do is avail permits to install solar panels.

6. Anireel

You can also create these types of explainer videos with the help of Anireel explainer video. It is effortless video editing software as it will simply turn your script into videos in one click. Explainer video made with Anireel will never bore your audience just you have to make your script with full information about the product, brand, and their services in an interesting and meaningful way. For making explainer videos with Anireel you just have to first choose your script type then add your original content and Anireel will instantly match your script to rich animation, convert the text into voice over and your attractive explainer video is ready.

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Some Final Thoughts:

You can promote your products, brands, and services very easily with the help of the Free Explainer Video Script Template. It will save your time and also not let your audience engaged towards your content from starting only.

The features and tools of Anireel ensure that you can very easily convert your script into Explainer Video in just a few clicks.

The script of your explainer video should include simple language so that everyone can understand from child to adult and it should have to the point message within the limited time period.