Want to Figure out Why Explainer Videos Are Effective?

Do you know why Explainer videos are effective? Find out how these explainer videos can increase the revenue of your business by 84%. We have given you all the information you need about explainer videos.

If we talk about business, it has been found that explainer videos are effective than any of the static information.


Get Fast and High-Quality Animated Explainer Videos

We make video animation better for everyone. Electrifying features that satisfy your imagination. Tons of drag and drop characters, actions, props, text, and audio assets. Easy Text-to-Speech conversion through deep learning technology. Anireel can animate built-in and imported assets.

But most of us hesitate if we hear about video making as it is a tough job! But not anymore. Let's find out what makes these videos stand you out of the crowd. Also, the tool to makes your videos so quickly that you have never imagined.

Part 1 How Effective Are Explainer Videos?

How Effective Are Explainer Videos

1. What Do Explainer Videos Look Like?

Explainer videos are short animated videos that can be used to describe or teach any concept. Concept or information is delivered directly to the point within a short period. These animated videos can last for 90 seconds.

2. Why Do Explainer Videos Work?

Explainer videos are compelling and work like a charm because of several reasons. Unlike long videos, these videos are short, and the audience does not hesitate to see a small video. Moreover, the videos are interactive, attractive, and explain the main concepts easily.

3. What Are the Benefits of Explainer Videos?

benefits of explainer videos
Enormous benefits of using the Explainer videos:

Videos are better than text.

Easy to share with anyone.

Can explain anything to the point.

Increase the conversion rate.

These videos are cost-effective and make you stand out in the crowd.

While doing mobile marketing, these explainer videos work like a miracle.

Videos are a vital part of the customer journey.

Part 2 Why Are Explainer Video Incredibly Effective?

1. Texts are boring, videos are interesting!

It's a fact that people click on videos more than any static banner or text. Ask yourself while scrolling Instagram or Facebook which type of ads do you click more? It's evident that people click or watch videos 27.4 times than any static information as it is human nature to interact and process much faster with videos. That is why explainer videos are effective.

videos over text

2. Videos connect more than anything

While watching videos, we feel connected with whatever is going in the video as it evokes our emotions. Not all videos do so. But videos containing a face or someone talking in the same way as you do will connect more.

videos connect more

3. It takes less time to consume videos than any textual source

Well, visual memory is stronger because while watching anything, we relate more. However, the text not only takes more time to consume but also retains less than any visuals. It has been seen that videos that are 1 to 2 minutes long are compelling while performing.

4. Explainer videos are going to cost you fewer resources

Companies have seen lesser queries from customers after using the explainer videos. When there are fewer queries, you will need to hire fewer customer support executives. 43% of the marketers have seen growth after using explainer videos.

less customer query

5. Less cost per click with high conversions

Marketers, after using explainer videos for ads, noticed less CPC and high conversions. That means more revenue when your audience will understand your service or business more. They will buy from your more. Experts at Wyzowl found 84% growth as people buy their service and product more after video marketing.


Part 3 The Secret Sauce for Making an Effective Explainer Video

You know marketers find it hard to do video marketing even when they believe that videos perform better than any contextual source. Where is the problem then? The problem lies in making videos, as we have seen people doing editing all day long.

1. Wondershare Anireel

Here we are introducing you to a tool called Anireel that will change the course of the game. Other tools in the market claim to be the fastest. But trust me, you have never seen anything thing faster than this video making tool. Let us find out what is it…

Find out the features of the Anireel application down below:

● Built-in assets

Anireel contains built-in templates, characters, props, texts, and audio. That means you need to find the best suitable asset from the collection, drag and drop it to make your explainer videos effective.

● Text to speech

One of the most impressive things you will see in this tool is the text to speech feature that will make your explainer videos effective. All you need to type your script and assign it to your character.

● You can animate the whole world!

Using this tool, you can animate everything. Yes, you read it right. You can animate anything you wish to. Give the motion, lip-sync, effects and much more, just in a couple of seconds in a few clicks.


Wondershare Anireel - Easy Tool for Creating Animated Explainer Videos

1,435 people have downloaded it.

Built-in rich animation templates, including characters, actions, props, text, audio. Drag and drop to use for ease

Easy Text-to-Speech conversion through deep learning technology.

Anireel can animate built-in and imported material. It includes intro & outro animations and keyframing function for more versatility.

Anireel will instantly match your script to rich animations, convert the text into voice over, and generate complete and vivid Animated Explainer Videos.

Each animated character speaks in sync with accurate mouth movements according to the audio.

Some Final Thoughts

We find out why explainer videos are compelling and what are the explainer videos?

Video convert more than any textual or static form of data. As seen above that many companies have found an extraordinary result after using explainer videos.

In the end, we have shared with you the fantastic tool that helps you to create amazing and compelling explainer videos in just no time.