What Are the Role of Explainer Video Characters?

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Today let us look at one such tactic, explainer video characters, and understand how they can be made more impactful and why should you use them in your marketing campaign!

Part 1 What is the Role of Animated Characters in an Explainer Video?

Role of Animated Characters

An explainer video is a rather creative means of marketing and reaching out to the masses. Let us take a look at how and why explainer videos leave an impact on the minds of the viewers.

1. Benefits of Animated Characters

Benefits of Animated Characters

● Looks catchy

It is believed that when an attractive character feeds in information to the human mind, the human mind is more likely to infer it and remember it. Hence, using animated characters for explainer videos is highly recommended.

● Customizable

If you have an explainer video explaining the usage of an electronic device, you can have an animated character that is in some way related to electronic devices. It would look highly relevant and at the same time, it'll look catchy as well.

● No need to hire actors and actresses

Having animated characters specially designed to play a role in your animated explainer video is a budget-friendly solution

● Cuts down on expenditures

To travel to the sets of the shoot, you'd need to arrange logistics. All this is not cost-friendly. Animating a video is much more affordable as all it'd need is a graphics designer.

2. Role of Animated Characters in an Explainer Video

Role of Animated Characters

Animated characters are the protagonists of an animated explainer video. The animated character's voice also must be chosen after careful examination of the situation and it must suit the Kind of explainer video that you're making.

Part 2 5 Awesome Explainer Video Examples You Need to See

1. Intercom

Intercom is a popular American customer messaging platform. It makes managing business conversations much simpler. They have an explainer video to explain the method of using the platform and how it can help.

2. PayPal

PayPal is one of the most prominent methods of making international payments. It's one of the most recognized methods and used by several people across the globe since it makes international payments so much simpler. Here's an explainer video explaining the usage of PayPal. It clearly explains how PayPal works and reassures its users that the method of payment is seamless and safe

3. Upwork

Upwork is a global platform meant for freelancers. It also has an integrated payment gateway for freelancers to receive payment from their employers. The app can be difficult to understand.

4. Oracle

Oracle is one of the most popular software companies that deal in various domains. One of the technologies they deal in is cloud technology. Cloud technology is often misinterpreted since it is pretty difficult to infer.

5. Dropbox

Dropbox is a popular online cloud service to save data. In recent times, they remodeled their website and incorporated an explainer video into the website. The explainer video was a grand success, it helped acquire millions of customers from around the world.


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Part 3 Tips for Character Designing for Explainer Videos

Animated characters in explainer videos have a huge role in determining the success of the video. Even a neophyte can make an animated video, but only an expert can make an impactful animated explainer video.

1. What Can Influence the Choice of a Character?

What influences the human mind also depends on the age of the person. A child is more likely to get affected by watching an animated hero whereas an adult might find the same kiddish.

Kind of product The kind of product being marketed or explained also plays a deterministic role in choosing an animated character.

It is designed to cater to a specific problem. Showing that the character in the explainer video also suffers from the same problem helps establish a connection between the viewers and the character.

2. How Character Image is Chosen?

Humans are always infatuated with what's pleasing to the eyes. Hence, you must tweak with shapes and colors to select an attractive enough animated character to choose from.

The viewers must be able to empathize with the character when they learn about the character's story.

Using trendy-looking animated characters is always recommended since it sticks to the minds of the viewers and leaves an impact.

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Part 4 Explainer Video Character Design Process Step by Step

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Key Takeaways from This Episode

Explainer videos are the key to getting into the minds of the users and leaving an impact on them.

Using an explainer video helps bridge a connection between the users and the character and makes them feel that the product that's being explained is not just a want but is a necessity.

Explainer video characters are highly impactful and when the viewers feel the need to buy your product, the sales are bound to go up.

If you're looking to make an explainer video for your brand, well then there's never a tomorrow! Get to Anireel and start off with your first explainer video immediately!