6 Awesome Medical Explainer Video Examples

Healthcare is one of the most critical sectors of the nation as it is related to life and death. The advancement in medical science has been remarkable and outstanding. Creating an effective and intelligent decision depends on the proper use of data, and its explanation refers to the secret to success in the medical field. In this article, we will discuss the significance of explainer videos in the field of marketing and tool to create and edit such videos.

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The medical explainer videos are the kind of animated videos used to explain the medical and healthcare sector. The medical explainer video's actual purpose is to simplify complex things by a proper and detailed explanation. The healthcare topics seem to be too complicated and even frightening sometimes, making it too difficult to understand the medical operations and theories effectively.

The medical explainer video assists with healthcare because they are compelling and explaining. These sorts of explainer videos help healthcare professionals such as nurses or practitioners get updated with the medical advances made in the healthcare sector.

Part 1 6 Medical Explainer Video Examples

It is seen that both the medical and healthcare sector of the nation make use of the explainer video for educating and training. Healthcare professionals use them because of their style of explaining the methodology, introduction of new devices, and patient care ideas. However, while creating the explainer video, it is necessary to take additional care to represent the feeling of empathy and compassion to the viewers.

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Let's get started by reviewing 6 Awesome Medical Explainer Video Examples along with their characteristic

1. Carakit

Healthcare explainer video for creating the level of awareness for individuals running the healthcare business. Carakit is an example of a medical explainer video that helps health professionals learn new concepts introduced in the medical industry. Carakit explainer video can be an effective solution for creating awareness specifically for those who are running a healthcare or medical assistance business.

The warm and appealing design of the explainer video helps the producer create a compelling and assisting surround that encourages the video viewer. Therefore, if you are looking for a great visual concept to create an impressive and informative explainer video, the Carakit explainer video is a strong example of inspiration.

2. Lifekey: Bright; and Smooth visual Explainer Video to attract customers toward healthcare services

A poorly created medical explainer video can hinder the opportunity of success at the instance when the product is complex, and explainer videos don't explain it clearly. The success is highly depending on how the potential clients understand the strategy for your healthcare business.

Lifekey is one of the most effective medical explainer videos that create bright and smooth visuals. This will make the video clearer and more digestible, which enhances the viewers' chance of being accepted.

From this video, it becomes easy to understand how representing different life cases help to get connected with potential customers. The Lifekey wearable are created to make life more safe and secure, and the technology defined in the video is quite convincing.

Wondershare Anireel

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3. Denovo Dental Space Maintainer

The space maintainer video refers to the best medical explainer video explaining how a message can be crafted into an effective and pleasant introduction. This facilitates the viewer to be more cautious regarding the methodologies they will undergo.

3-D explainer videos are just fantastic due to their graphics and interactive design. They are shorter in length; however, been smarter to explain medical terms efficiently and effectively. Health insurance is identified as the competitive industry and being empathetic to individual concern work out effectively

4. Intelycare - The best example of healthcare marketing video

The style of animation used in the Intelycare video seems to be quite effective for healthcare marketing purposes. This example of explainer videos helps to promote the products to customers in an effective manner. Under normal conditions, the working staff must clearly define the products or services and possibly commit a mistake.

However, at the current time, patients possibly memorize details related to the prescribed medicine after viewing the pharmaceutical explainer videos. The simple, however vibrant animation used in the video helps the healthcare customer understand how service will be provided or delivered to them. With such, the working process among healthcare professionals and patients would be faster and less stressful.

5. Simple Nursing & iHEED - Medical Explainer Video to enhance the Brand image and customer loyalty

Considering the simple case of iHEED and Simple Nursing, patients effortlessly attain more information regarding the medical and pharmaceutical fields hassle-free. 

The animated explainer videos help an individual memorize information and assist in promoting the business image effortlessly. If you are working in the healthcare business, visualizing medical and pharmaceutical concepts allows businesses to expand and compete with other rivals to stand ahead.

6. iCareBetter – An interactive explainer video for attracting new customers toward healthcare treatment

iCareBetter selects the whiteboard animation to present the detailed healthcare information and explanation to the patient. The explainer video is recognized as the best way to attract patients toward the private clinics. The style of animation helps to make the video interactive and viewer would understand the significance of the personal care in an effective manner.

The individual needs to be aware of the symptoms before choosing the treatment option that meets their requirements. The process of simplifying the complex concepts helps the health professional to create an impression on the patient that they care about the patient. The patient who doesn’t have medical background can still learn and memorize simplified information related to the medical field without horrible images.

Benefits of Explainer Videos

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As, we have discussed about the importance of medical explainer videos, it can be said that these types of videos are used for promotion and marketing by individual involved in the healthcare services business .Some of the major benefits of creating explainer videos are listed below:

Enhances Search Engine Optimization (SEO) The use of explainer videos by health care professionals helps drive more traffic toward the website. It helps to attract customers toward their service when they are searching for healthcare services.

Improves conversion rates: It helps enhance conversion rates which mean that there is a high priority that customers will purchase after viewing the explainer video.

The medical field often needs explanation: It is seen that almost all medical topics and procedures are too complex to understand. Therefore, an explainer video is something that overcomes this limitation and provides clear information to the audience.

After understanding the various benefits of explainer video, it is needed to get aware of the tool that helps to create the explainer video online and is discussed in next section.

Part 2 Best Tool to create and Edit your Explainer Videos

As we have discussed that Explainer videos are used to convey thoughts and deliver information to the audience, its significance is already discussed. In simple words, it can also be said that it plays a major role in enhancing the user experience on landing pages and websites. However, you also need to understand which software will help you create and edit the animated explainer videos.

Several tools or software are available to make and edit animated videos and post them on the website to deliver a clear message to the audience. The suggested tool is Wondershare Anireel, popular and effective 2D Animation software that users can use to create and edit their explainer video.

Wondershare Anireel

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The user can effortlessly make use of the tool and creates animated videos which can be used for E-leaning, marketing, brand promotion, and much more. This tool includes the rich customizable asset and the enabled text to speech learning technology which makes it quite propitious for the users.

Therefore, it is recommended to download the application by visiting its official website and discover the easy method of creating and editing the animated explainer videos.

Some Final Thoughts:

  • The above 6 medical explainer video examples will explain how explainer videos can assist both health professionals and patients.
  • It can be said as a learning tool for the health practitioner and health care business can attract customers toward the healthcare service by using the explainer video.
  • It is suggested to use Wondershare Anireel as a tool to create and edit your animated explainer video online and delivers information to the audience in an effective manner. Due to innovation and technological advancement in the existing era, it is suggested to include an explainer video if you are working in a healthcare service or business.
  • Please look at the best example to understand your requirement and make an effective and impressive explainer video for the targeted audience.
  • If you have any inquiries or suggestions, do let us know by commenting on the box given below.



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