7 Best SaaS Explainer Videos Examples

Creativity is an essential aspect of marketing, and selling a SaaS product is no exception. Therefore, if you have one, it is high time you looked for a perfect way to advertise it. One of the best ways to do so is by creating SaaS explainer videos. However, you have to make a fantastic video for the job. That's why we will be discussing some of the best SaaS explainer video examples to learn from and become a professional. Check them out!

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Best saas explainer videos examples

1. Dropbox

This example is one of the best Saas explainer videos that take advantage of emotions. This particular video focuses on the product designed for businesses. One notable feature about the SaaS product is the benefits it offers businesses. One of them is the fact that it marks an end to data loss. Since that's a pain that most companies have gone through at one point in life, the Saas explainer video ensures that it highlights it perfectly. It is convincing enough to make the business people and managers invest in this particular Dropbox product.

Throughout the video, every problem is highlighted so that most people in the business world will resonate with it. It focuses on various nightmares revolving around that sector. Besides data loss, it also talks about requiring an old version of a specific document. It is no secret that undoing changes done on an object can be impossible. Fortunately, Dropbox will ensure that you have the old version, too, whenever a need arises.

Upon listening to the video, you will conquer with me that various parts of it touch you powerfully. It shows the importance of speaking directly to the pain of the audience that you target.

2. Dollar Shave Club

It is essential to note that the company has gone for a risky approach. For instance, it has used swearing words as it explains more about the shaver. The edginess and the humor come out ideally. It would help if you were warned not to go for it unless you are sure that you will do it perfectly. That's because the two, humor and swearing words, often go wrong easily and when you least expect it.

One of the primary reasons it turned out to be one of the best SaaS Explainer Videos regardless is the product's target. They are men in their 20s and 30s who are primarily open-minded. Everything matches this audience perfectly,including the humor and the language. Given the lifestyle of most people in this category, the home delivery aspect makes it an even better price. The men are energetic hence are in a position to grab the razors in a store. However, they will feel that it isn't worth the trouble since home delivery is as cheap as $1.

In addition to addressing the service, the video also discusses these men's problems during their everyday lives. One of them is the forgetful nature of human beings that often see them forget things, including buying a new razor. Then there is the fact that some razors can be pretty expensive. As much as they have features that make the price justifiable, they are often unnecessary, which means the price is unreasonable to most buyers. Upon explaining the problems, the explainer wraps it up by offering the buyers a solution.

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3. Mint

Mint doesn't go for the live-action. On the contrary, it chooses animation and yet comes up with a great SaaS Explainer video. By the end of the video, the viewer is usually convinced to invest in the tool to take their financial management to a whole new level. Organizing and planning one's finances is difficult yet crucial. So, what would you do if you were to find a tool to help you do so with ease? Mint understands that and also utilizes it in its explainer.

The attention-grabbing question at the beginning of the video is also a vital element of the explainer. It makes you want to listen until the end to get a solution to such a huge problem.

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4. Slack

The approach of Slack when it comes to creating its Saas explainer videos is always impressive. This particular video explains the details of the product by comparing and contrasting a typical scenario with what it would be like using the platform. It revolves around the various uses of Slack and how easy it makes life. In addition to covering this app's benefits, the company has also ensured that the quality is excellent so that viewers don't miss any detail. Additionally, they can relate to the tool's issues, and such a relevant solution can be compelling.

The use of animation eliminates the monotony that comes with watching a video. Therefore, it becomes interesting enough to watch the explainer up to the last second. It shows the viewers the importance of knowing where to get what. It makes access easy while saving you a lot of time and effort. Isn't that what everyone seeks in life? What will stop someone from investing in a tool that has convinced them that it will dowhat they want?

5. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg has shown business owners the importance of giving their customersa first-hand experience using your SaaS product. After all, that's what it has done.  And the response from customers shows the importance of such an approach when marketing. Some of the features showcased on the explainer are the heat and scroll maps. Consequently, the viewer gets to have an idea of what to expect upon purchasing the service.

Did you know that most customers must first be convinced about the importance of a SaaS product before investing in it? One genuinely understands where they are coming from since not all products offer what they promise. Fortunately, a video Explainer of this nature eliminates any doubt that a potential owner may have regarding your product. The users won't have to mind any technical term you may use to explain the SaaS product and its features. On the contrary, they can see it with their own eyes, thus needing little or no explanation of the operation.

Once they are convinced that the product solves the problem, it is usually a closed deal in most cases. After all, there are no doubts regarding how genuine the product is. Since that's the most challenging part of sales, there are high chances of making a sale in the end.

6. Paypal

This online banking firm also has one of the best SaaS Explainer Videos. For those aware of how popular the company is, the content of the video indeed comes as a surprise. That's because they don't see it as a waste of time to explain what Paypal is all about. Besides the detailed introduction to the platform, the SaaS Explainer Video also discusses how it works. It does it all too well to the extent that anyone who watches it grasps the process entirely.

Paypal has also chosen to settle for animation as well. Explanations can be tedious, but that approach changes the narrative. It is also important to mention the length of the video. Since its length is about 1 minute and 13 seconds, it is reasonable for someone to set aside some time and watch it. The fact that one understands it regardless shows that your video explainer doesn't have to be too long to convey the intended message.

In addition to explaining how it works, the video also answers some of the most common answers related to PayPal. Various procedures, including shopping using the service, adding personal information, and sign up, are also well explained. Equally important, there is the assurance of security whenever one chooses to use its services.

7. Asana

Asana also has one of the best SaaS Explainer Videos that wins the hearts of many people by explaining how the tool works perfectly. As a matter of fact, instead of explaining using words, it shows the viewer the user interface of the management tool. The explanation will leave you thinking about giving the tool a shot.

It combines two powerful tools as it tries to explain, screen recording and animation. They play a huge role in promoting clarity and minimizing the boredom of watching product guides. One must admit that Asana has combined the two perfectly. The etiquette of first welcoming the visitors before diving into the service is also commendable.


Some Final Thoughts

  • SaaS Explainer Videos are quite a powerful marketing tool.
  • There are various types of such videos, including animation and live-action.
  • The one you go for, including the wording, should be determined by your target audience, as shown in the examples.