How to Use Sales Explainer Videos as Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Sales video explanation is a new trend in the business world. It provides companies with an opportunity to demonstrate their products to clients, without the client having to physically try out or experience it firsthand. This way they can make sure that all questions are answered and there are no surprises before purchase. In this article, we are going to talk about how a sales explainer video can help boost sales. Also, we will talk about five case studies.

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Part 1 The Evolution of Animated Sales Video Marketing

1. What is Sale Animation?

It's a short, fun, and easy-to-understand animated video that explains how your product solves the problem. Sometimes called an Explainer Video or Animated Explainer Video, it can boost conversions!

2. Do Explainer Videos Convert?

Yes! It does! Research shows that sales presentations delivered through sales animations are perceived as being much more interesting by potential customers than those delivered only through text documents or static images. People love watching videos nowadays for entertainment purposes as well as to learn new things and educate themselves. The same is true when it comes to buying a product or service. Even here, people prefer watching videos that show all the features and benefits of what a company offers.

Here are 3 reasons why Sales Explainer videos convert:

- The best way to understand your product is by seeing it in action instead of just reading about its features. This is especially important for complex products or services. Seeing how the product works will help the customer visualize how they can better solve their problem.

- Your customer gets a clear picture of the value that your product offers-In today's world, people want to know what value they will get from a product or service before they buy it. A video has a higher impact on a customer because it shows them what they will get rather than just telling them.

- A quality sales explainer video can improve conversion. An explainer video is a great way to market your product or service to any country where English is not the primary language. Thus, you are expanding your reach with one video rather than having separate marketing campaigns for each target country

3. How Do You Gain Customers and Sales with Explainer Videos?

Sales animation video works as an excellent medium to inform customers about your products and services.

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It's not just about videos but it's about bringing the live movement of the product with motion graphics, voice-over, animation & other creative elements. This brings authenticity to videos which create interest among viewers to know more about the company/product/service.

The following are few areas where Sales explainer videos can be used effectively:

● To Elevate Your Brand Image - Animated Videos gets shared on social media like Facebook, Twitter where all your fan followers get to see. Depending on the content of your video, it is possible to achieve top trending status with your brand name coming up at number 1 in very little time.

● Attract & Retain Customers - Show them how they can use you instead of telling them why they should buy from you. This will make your products/services look more attractive and lucrative for their needs since they are using your solution already in their mind.

● A Well Designed Animated Video Creates Stronger Customer Engagement - It speaks with customers directly about how you can best serve their needs while giving clear reasons why they must choose you over others.

Part 2 5 Explainer Videos That Caused A Big Bang Of Sales

1. Crazy egg

In 2009, Crazy Egg co-founder Neil Patel had a problem: his company was having trouble converting users to paid customers. A little over 10,000 people were signing up for the tool each month but only around 1% of those (100) would go on to pay and use it. To increase their conversion rates and get more users to sign up and become paying customers, Patel decided on creating an explainer video for Crazy Egg.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox has been the go-to storage solution for over 100 million users, but they were struggling to gain new customers. However, Dropbox introduced a new technique to boost sales. By using one simple video that was quick, easy to understand and gave great visual effects that explained how Dropbox works, Dropbox gained 10 million additional paying customers.

3. Rypple

Rypple Increased 20% sales with its sales explainer video. Rypple, a social performance management company, wanted to use its video explainer strategy to accomplish this goal. We can see that it has increased awareness, and thus the growth of conversions!

The campaign had good results across all measures. The firm said that they saw an overall 20% lift in conversions on their website after running the video ads for one month.

4. Dollar Shave explainer video

Dollar Shave Club is a subscription-based service that delivers razors and other personal care products to your home, so you can avoid those long lines at the store. In 2012, the company was struggling to increase sales as they were spending way too much money on marketing materials. To cut costs, they decided to create an explainer video for their website. The video increased the conversion rate by 35% and reduced marketing expenses at the same time.

5. Rank Watch

Rank watch boosted sales to 27% with an animated sales explainer video. Tank watch Is an excellent platform to learn about SEO. However, they were struggling to convert free trials to a paid customer. Therefore, they created a sales explained video that talked everything about their services. As a result, they boosted sales to 27%

Part 3 3 Powerful Ways to Use Explainer Videos to Boost Sales

Video content is extremely powerful these days. It's so good that even Google has announced the addition of video snippets in search results! The more relevant and engaging your videos are, the better they'll be for your business.

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Here are 3 different types of explained videos you can use to improve your sales numbers:


#1 Product demonstrations and how-to guides

These kinds of videos may seem simple and even boring to some. But they're one of the most effective ways to guide potential customers through each step of the buying process. Explain why you're using certain processes or materials as you demonstrate them, give information about the steps involved as well as any rules or restrictions on usage as you go along.

These demos and guides can belong – even 20 minutes – because they're useful for people who just want to know everything about a product before buying it.

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#2 Tutorials for tools and software

The internet is full of tutorials on using different technologies or tools, so you might as well leverage these opportunities by creating videos showing how to use your product in the best way possible. You could start with a short ad explaining what your service can offer before introducing the tutorial (for those users that aren't interested in learning about what you do).

A digital marketing agency specializing in SEO and social media should create such videos to showcase its expertise. You'll have to include all the technical terms and processes involved so that even beginners can understand them.

#3 Customer testimonials

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Customer testimonials are one of the top leads for organic traffic on client sites. If you want to increase your business, start collecting positive reviews from satisfied customers who've used your service or bought your products. These people could be influencers in their own right if they're well-known within their communities, so make sure to highlight this fact as much as possible.

Don't limit yourself to text alone – put these reviews into video format by getting the authors talking about what made them come back again and again until they became full-time users!

Creating videos is quite easy nowadays with all the digital tools at our disposal. You don't have to have a degree in filmmaking or any kind of professional experience to put together useful video content that'll help you boost sales and conversions. So why not get started right away?

Some Final Thoughts:

The explainer video can be a very powerful tool for your business.

An explainer is an animation that shows the value of the product or service that you offer, and it delivers it in a way everyone can understand.

It's fast, fun, and informational.



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