The Essential Elements In Every Great Explainer Video

The essential explainer video elements that you need to know about. The current state of video marketing will surely be benefitted when you know the key elements.

A demonstration is always a great way to promote your product. But if your potential customers are all located remotely over an e-Commerce platform then what to do?

explainer video elements

The Explainer Videos comes to the rescue. Let us discuss the different explainer video elements that will help you to make a great pitch.

Part 1 Important Components of an Explainer Video

Components of an Explainer Video

The basic and important explainer video elements are as follows:

1. Script

The script of an explainer video is considered to be one of the important explainer video elements.

Outline of the script:

Give a quick sketch of your product or service details.

Introducing the problem in the product or services.

Doesn't matter if answers to the problem is a product or a service.

The next point that should be covered in the script is calling to action, i.e. giving a free signing trial.

Show your most trusted indicators, i.e. your loyal customers and clients.

Best practices must be followed for the best output:

Keep your video short and crisp. It shouldn't exceed 90 seconds.

Don't let your potential buyers waiting for it long.

Keep the dialogue in the Second person, i.e. use words like "You" or "Your".

There are numerous potential buyers who are not aware of technical terms.

You should keep your video tone more conversational and casual.

Try using a subtle touch of humor in the videos.

2. Storyboard

The next essential explainer video elements are the Storyboard. It is said that the script delivers a message. And the Storyboard gives life to the message.

On the basis of the Storyboard entire production and post-production depends.

It gives an idea that how the animation will be like.

The proper illustrations and character designs required.

The voiceovers to match with the characters.

The sound effects and the final editing intended.

So a perfect Storyboard is required to give your script a life.

3. Voice over

The next important one among other explainer video elements, which requires a great deal of attention is the Voiceover part. This is so important because the voice of the artist that will be used in your explainer videos ends to be the voice of your product.


A good voice with proper tonal qualities will make your product livelier. It will also help in delivering the exact message to your potential buyers.

4. Sound effects & background music

Another important explainer video elements is Sound effects & background music. It is that important because it has the capability to change the outlook of your explainer video.

sound effect bgm

5. Animation

The next important explainer video elements are the Animation part. In this part, there will be individual elements that you will need to put in motion.

This is regarded to be the most demanding task in the entire explainer video. This part requires the maximum time of the entire time spent on making the explainer video.


Part 2 How to calculate the cost?

The explainer video creation may cost anything between USD2000 - USD3000. There are various factors that impact the costing. The most prominent among them is

The style of the video

The Time frame of the video.

Additionally, there is an impact of the Hardware and Software being used for the creation on the cost.


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Part 3 The State of Video Marketing

The current trend in marketing tells people that explanatory videos are one of the most viable marketing tools. It is also believed that this will be in use for the next few years in the future.

The various trends are as follows:

User-Generated Video Content

Online Training and Educational Videos

The Livestream Boom on Mobiles

Video Advertising Growth

Interactive AR Content in 2021

The Rise of Shoppable Videos

Short-Form Videos

In this perspective, Wondershare Anireel provides to be the best viable marketing tools. Anireel is considered to be one of the most popular and in-demand tools. So while making your next explanatory video, the best choice is Anireel.

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Some Final Thoughts

So you have understood the need for explanatory videos for marketing your product or services. Also, you have got an idea what are the essential explainer video elements. Along with the cost incurred in the making of the explanatory videos lets, you understand the budget of the entire video.



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