The Secret Sauce for Making an Effective Small Business Explainer Video

Small business owners must definitely know the struggle behind marketing and reaching out to people. Small businesses start with almost 0 capital since they mostly sell handmade goods. Marketing is essential for small businesses since they don't have a famous brand image. Starting off in an industry full of competency is difficult. This is because most of the time the bigger brands having a well-known brand image steal away the limelight.

Most businesses close down due to marketing challenges and lack of reach. Although the market is competitive, the scope of growth is not negligible. Through intelligent marketing, a small business could make it big too. Small business explainer videos are one such marketing strategies to publicize goods and their benefits. Today let us learn more about small business explainer videos and how they can benefit you as a small business owner.

Part 1 Why Your Small Business Needs an Explainer Video

Marketing is mainly difficult for small businesses due to a lack of capital. Small businesses do not have a huge sum of money to invest in advertising. Hence, it becomes all the more important to run no capital advertising campaigns. Well, the best way of doing it is by making a small business explainer video. Here's why you should be making a small business explainer video.

1. Higher appeal

Visuals are known to attract the human mind much more than tiny textual descriptions. Even though the written text might be interesting, it fails to create as much impact as explainer videos can. A video Is a continuous frame of images backed by audio. A 90 seconds video has equal appeal as to that of a page-long read. Videos have a much larger impact, imagine being narrated the story of a movie instead of watching it. You'd rather choose the latter, wouldn't you? Hence, explainer videos have a much higher impact when compared to any other form of marketing.

higher appeal

2. Explainer videos break down complex information into smaller bits

There is a huge variety of marketing videos that you could choose from. It could be a client testimonial video, A product demo, a Logo animation video, and so on. However, why should you opt for explainer videos? This is because explainer videos break down even the most complex information into easier terminology so even a layman can easily understand. Explainer videos tell consumers why exactly they need your product or service. Therefore explainer videos are necessary for clearly explaining your Products utility. If the consumers believe that they need a product, the sales will definitely increase.

break down

3. Enhances social engagement

A Video does not only attract the audience’s attention faster than any other type of content, but it also keeps the audience in suspense for a longer period of time. Due to the high competency level, it is indeed difficult to attract an audience. However, an explainer video is very effective, it manages to grab the attention of viewers and keep them on their toes until the end of the video. Explainer videos are also simple to share on social media platforms and the reach of social media is undeniably tremendous.


Part 2 The First 3 Videos Your Small Business Should Make

1. Product explainer video

If you're just starting off with your small business, a product explainer video is almost necessary. Not just small businesses, in fact even large companies such as Apple have explainer videos for their products. An ideal explainer video must be good enough to intrigue the viewers and inculcate an urge to buy the product. When a new business is established, customers have several questions in their minds. Questions such as "are this business legit? "Are the products even of good quality?", "Is there any warranty on the products?", Well the list is endless. To answer all such questions, an explainer video is a must. It provides the much-required reassurance to the audience and established trust among the viewers.

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Here's a business explainer video from basecamp a team communication and project management software. The video isn't the shiniest looking video out there, however it does explain the utility of the software and how it'd benefit the user. It's not even colorful, however, the content of the video is descriptive and intriguing. Let's check the video out.

The video focuses on consumer sentiments and hits the emotional part of people. This way, thoughts are provoked into the minds of the viewers and they ultimately buy the product.

2. Customer testimonial video

Businesses tend to shy away from making testimonial videos. This is because they fear the risk of backfire. They are afraid whether the customer being interviewed would give positive feedback or not. Testimonials are always a risk, they can either boost the confidence of your business or break it. However, making testimonial videos can be of great help. This is because testimonial videos help establish trust in the minds of your audience.

If the audience sees a customer speaking positively about he/she is likely to have a positive opinion about your product. Trust is the most important factor in small businesses, testimonials help in exactly that. If you're looking forward to making a testimonial video, start by interviewing a few old customers who have been purchasing goods from you for a long time. While choosing a customer for making a testimonial video, think about whether the customer is aligned to the target audience. In the video, feature questions about the quality of the product, delivery time, and such key queries that might concern the buyer community.

3. Company story video

Another key factor in establishing trust among the buyers is telling them who you are. The buyers need to know who they're trusting for their commodities. Your company story should talk about you, what gave you the idea to start this business? what problem do you view in the society that your product solves? where did you get the inspiration from? It must connect with the viewers on a sentimental level. It must make the potential buyers believe that your product is trustworthy and you're the right person to buy it from. A company's story video must highlight what makes your company stand out. The viewers must connect with your company on an emotional level and wish well for your business upon watching your video. Here's an example of a great story video from red barn pet products, a company that deals in food for dog.

Part 3 What is the best explainer video style for your business?

Well, now that we've seen the various kinds of videos that you might require while marketing your small business. You must have understood that videos Play a crucial role in marketing your business and converting potential customers to regular customers. Starting off a new small business? After that descriptive blog explaining the importance of videos, you must be yearning to make your own business video. Confused about how to make a video? Well, we've got you covered! Introducing Anireel, a Wondershare product to make enthralling explainer videos! Using this software, you can make attractive videos of all kinds. The software has exquisite video editing and animation tools. Don't worry if you have no previous experience with video making and editing, anireel's seamless user interface will aid you in making the perfect small business explainer video!

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Some Final Thoughts

Today we've taken a look at a few of the most crucial aspects of marketing for small businesses. Videos are an integral part of marketing campaigns.

They help provoke thoughts in the mind of the user and help establish a sense of trust among the minds of the customer base.

We've also seen the key video types that you need to make in order to impact the minds of the customers.

Looking forward to making a small business explainer video? Well, this is the right time! Head to anireel and get started with your first small business explainer video today!