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Every member of the modern marketing landscape would agree that videos are the most efficient premium tool used to garner engagement. Explainer videos on the other hand are an exclusive means to simply complex information into more digestible bites.


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Let's check out what it takes to make a good explainer video and where you can source the best explainer video assets for your next project.

Part 1 What Makes a Good Video Explainer?

An Explainer video is crafted to breakdown complex process or demonstrations by tackling a problem with a solution and then explaining it to the audience in an engaging, thought provoking manner.

 1  What Are the Different Types of Explainer Videos?

Usually, the simplest explainer video types can do the best job possible. Yet you can try out dozens of templates and add multiple elements to make it uniquely your own.

❶ Animated

Brightly colored animations are already quite alluring to the human eye. They usually serve as visuals to a compelling voice over narration. The animation graphic used in the video can be of varying degrees or could follow a common theme. Animated styles could involve 2D or 3D animations. 2 dimensional animations can be hand-drawn on a computer and should include elements so that viewer can relate to the video. 3 dimensional animations are used to improve on the effect delivered by 2D animations by adding height, weight and depth to bring out a more professional effect.

❷ Motion Graphics

There is a fine line of difference between motion graphics and 2D animations, though the confusion can be excused. In motion graphic videos, the accent of the video artwork is prioritized over the design. The voice over of the video still plays the primary role in the video and motion graphic effect is used to demonstrate the concept of the video.

❸ Whiteboard

As suggested by the name itself, whiteboard explainer videos involves drawing static images over a whiteboard to explain the matter of the video. The animated hand gestures of drawing over a whiteboard is soothing to watch while the narrative unfolds quite quickly to the audience.

❹ Live-Action

Actual live-shot footage is used in live-action explainer videos where an actor narrates and/or demonstrates the concept over the screen. There is little to no animations used in this type of videos. The footage needs to be shot and edited professionally for the video to stand out.

❺ Screencast

Screencast presentations are the easiest to make and is used by many budding online businesses. A screen casted video may or may not include a narration but is sure to use background music. Here, the working of a website or app is shown on the screen along with sliding texts after intervals.

❻ Kinetic Typography

Currently at the height amongst explainer video trends, kinetic typography is completely dependent on animated fonts and a voice narration. The voice over explains the story while the words shown on the screen highlights the important points.

 2  What Are the Benefits of Explainer Videos?

Usually, the simplest explainer video types can do the best job possible. Yet you can try out dozens of templates and add multiple elements to make it uniquely your own.

❶ Videos grab Attention

People tent to learn faster and easier with the help of explainer videos instead of any other means. They help communicate the matter to the audience more effectively. Video marketing has no doubt become a superbly influential marketing tool.

❷ Time Saving and Cost Effective

Explainer videos are short and crisp, and help elucidate complex information within a nutshell. You can convey information through a highly creative medium which would help the audience grasp the matter more spontaneously. Since all explainer videos are optimized and budget-saving, they don’t burn too much of a hole in your wallet either.


Since most people nowadays actually prefer learning via videos, search engines like Google, YouTube or Bing understands that completely. Hence, using explainer videos as a promotional tool is a great way to get noticed faster.

❹ Higher Conversion

8 out of 10 people would prefer to watch a video before finalizing on their purchasing decisions. Given the high degree of trust invested in these videos they possess a greater chance of converting leads.

❺ Branding

Creating a brand personality takes time. This is where video marketing plays a lasting role to set the tone of your brand image. They help increase engagement in a fun interesting way so that your target audience can familiarize themselves to your brand faster.

Part 2 8 Free Explainer Video Templates Perfect for Beginners

1. Free Explainer Video

The most standard field-tested idea for an explainer video which pretty much everyone’s seen before but does a great job anyway. It lays down the premise of a problem and then introduces a solution. This template is equipped with pre-built characters with a limited set of emotions. You can interchange colors and treatment to realign it with the subject of your video.

2. App Demo Template

If you’re getting ready to introduce a brand new app then this 35 seconds video template has you covered. You can easily export personalized versions of this template to promote your app on platforms like YouTube. It works fine as an initial intro to the app but not ideal for professional promos.

3. Internet services

Ecom and software as a service businesses are on the rise and explainer videos are the perfect tool to make an intro. This simplistic video template employing motion graphics does a great job in introducing your internet service in a way that is super easy to grasp.

4. Service Explainer

Services are an important aspect of most businesses but unlike a product, the language of services can become a tad jarring for beginners to understand. Simple animated videos with kinetic typographic animations can explain the functioning of your service at a step-by-step so that nothing is left out of the video.

5. Video Marketing Template

Video Marketing is a great way to ride the digital wave for promoting products and service goods. Your audience is prepared to understand the product but still requires some convincing in order to make a purchase. Blackboard formats like this template can get your brand message across with an engaging yet educational approach.

6. Hand Explainer Videos

People feel more comfortable in watching videos when there is slight bit of human touch involved. One might agree that there’s no better way to imbibe that human touch than by using a hand explainer. This template uses hand gestures to point the viewer’s attention to the essential information.

7. Outline Explainer Video

This outliner promo template is the perfect blend of joyful and bright animated motion graphics that helps the audience to engage and enjoy watching the content. It outlines all the important parts of your story and requires no extra plug in’s to be modified in Premier Pro. You can easily brainstorm creative ideas to make this snippet more interesting to watch.

8. Business Whiteboard

Most business promos envision a paper-white background where facts and figures are drawn to highlight any matter of business functioning. A minute long whiteboard explainer is the perfect medium to introduce products and service related to any type business. You can use this template example without any premium elements on YouTube.


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Part 3 5 Websites to Find Explainer Video Assets That Suit You

1. Envato Elements

Envato Elements

Envato Elements has become quite a popular resource depot for graphic and digital assets. All types of designers, marketers and creators can use something from what Envato has to offer in their vast range of logos, fonts, tutorials, 3D graphics, infographics and video templates.

2. Adobe Stock

adobe stock

The name is a guarantee itself that there’s no room for compromise. Adobe Stock offers you the best on-web assets you can hope for from audio, footage, 3D elements, video templates which are incomparable in quality.

3. Wondershare Anireel


Anireel offers to be your one-stop-solution for all types of graphic assets and video editing. You can scour through its film stock library for impressive video effects, background music and plenty of other digital assets.

4. Motion Elements

motion elements

More popular in Asia, Motion Elements offers the same quality and reliability in terms of the assets it offers. You can access a wide range of animations, audio tracks, GIF’s, after effects, 3D graphics and motion templates.

5. Template Monster

template monster

Operated on a one-time membership basis, Template Monster is a regular go-to site for professional bloggers and web developers. It has an impressive library of images, templates, 3D graphics and audio tracks.

Wondershare Anireel

We make video animation better for everyone. Electrifying features that satisfy your imagination.


Key Takeaways from This Episode

Explainer Videos can take your brand’s marketing strategy to the next level. It is easy for beginners to catch on quickly and you have the liberty to experiment with a vast range of templates.X

Explainer Video templates can range from live-action, to animated, to motion graphics and cast screen. There is no ceiling to its possibilities.

Explore through a vast range of assets available in multiple digital libraries like Envato, Adobe Stock and Anireel.