Wikipedia Can't Tell You about Simple Explainer Video Script Examples

In the marketing strategy of any business, explainer videos are playing a crucial role. For creating an excellent explainer you will need to have an outstanding script. There are several explainer video script examples that you might have a look at to know about their importance. Let’s have a look at the brief description of these:

Part 1 Why Explainer Scripts Could Be Boosting Your SEO and Bringing You Traffic?

1. What Should an Explainer Video Include?

Several factors affect the quality of an explainer video. A good explainer video is made up of a good script and that script must contain factors that make the videos more engaging. Here are some points that an explainer must include:

● Branding: Often it is seen that business owners forget to make branding in their explainers. If you want that the audience keeps your explainer video remembered, then you must add a branding logo in your explainers. By doing so, you can make the audience aware of your name. Also, this will help them to remember and contact you easily whenever they need that particular service.

● Interesting summary: The explainers that you are creating must be an interesting summary of the service that you offer and how you are going to help the audience. People will watch your video just to know that what benefit they are going to get by availing themselves of your service. In this case, if your explainer videos have the summary of your service then it can help to change into a conversion.

● Information for further contact: Indeed, an explainer of 30 to 90 seconds cannot cover all the information about the service or the service provider. If there will be no contact information put in the explainers then it might be difficult for the viewer to contact you. So do add a little contacting information like your website, contact numbers, mail ids, etc.

● Storytelling: You must try to say about your service or product as if you are telling a story. This can boost the engagement of the viewers who do not love them. In this way, you can enhance the quality of your video also. Storytelling is the best way to express your idea and this makes an explainer more interesting too.

● Empathy with the audience: People love the things that make connectivity with them. This is the reason you must add an emotional touch. This can be done by storytelling or adding humor to the explainer videos. The more audience will get connected emotionally the more your videos will get successful.

2. Why your Explainer Video Script Matters

Explainers are made to boost the market value of a particular brand or service. A good explainer is only possible when it has a good script. It is important to know why explainer video scripts matter a lot for any business. Here are two of the main reasons:

● Giving a shape to your idea: It is obvious that you have good ideas in your mind to enhance the value of your product and company but it cannot be implemented properly until it is not scripted. When you write your idea then you increase the chances of improvement in it. You can also get feedback from other members of your team. In this way, you can see that your idea has become much better than what was in your mind.

● Organizing process of production: The script of your explainer work as a roadmap to your idea and the production process. Your script will not only reflect your idea but also give a structure to the production process. When you have a well-written and detailed script then this might help you to save time, energy, and cost. Also, a well-described script prepares a model of how things are going to happen.

3. How Explainer Video Script Boosts Your SEO?

As explainer videos are meant for online platforms, thus they play an important role in boosting your SEO performance. You can have a look at the mentioned below reasons how these can help to boost your SEO:

● Search engines tend to feature videos: Search engines like Google feature videos on their search results when a user goes for searching related keywords. This is called video marketing. When you optimize videos for any video platform like YouTube, etc. your video automatically gets optimized on the search engines. Thus, it will help in increasing the SEO performance of your company and site.

● Improving blog value: The days are gone when blogs used to be filled with text content. Nowadays the user, as well as the social media platforms, very well know the importance of video. So if you add short explainer videos on blogs then it can help to improve the value of your blog. If the script of the explainer is good it might generate interest of the user in reading the complete blog too. Increased blog value will increase the SEO ranking automatically.

● Content sharing: To make a reach of your video it needs to be shared. If the content will be worth demanding then the users are likely to share it more. The more your video will be shared, the more it will get a good ranking in SEO. You can add quality backlinks that make a reach to your site also. But do not try to add pushy messages as it can be proven as stuff.

● Increased retention rate: As the videos are loved by the audience more, it might increase the retention rate of users on your site. Short explainer videos are worth-engaging and when the content is interesting and impressive then it gets more engagement. If the script of the videos is full of humor and there are comic scenes, it will be a great success.

● Voice search results: When you are having a clear voiceover and good sound effect then it would help you to boost the SEO performance of your explainer. If the voice quality of videos will be good then it will keep the viewers engaged and it will also make a reach amongst the audience. Also, you should go for optimizing your page so that it can also boost voice search.

Part 2 How to Write a Great Explainer Video Script in 3 Simple Steps

To get an amazing explainer video you will need to focus on writing its script. A good script needs to be engaging and interesting only then viewers may love them. Several factors determine whether it is a good script or not. To write a great explainer script, you must also consider some explainer video script samples that can help you to get an idea of writing a good one. You can also opt for the following simple steps to writing your script:

Step1 Outlining your story

The initial step to work on is outlining your idea and story. As there is so much traffic online and also it is limited, every business has to struggle to gain attention. In this case, if you are not having an engaging storyline then it might be possible that the viewers to jump onto other sites and explainers. To avoid this, you will need to give a clear as well as a story-type description of the service that you are offering. Try to be as straightforward as you can be. Do not add stuff and try to answer the basic questions through your story that are related to the service.

wikipedia cant tell about explainer video script 1
Step2 Add some emotion

If the viewers will connect them with your videos, then it can bring you huge success. You must try to maintain connectivity with them from the very beginning. Also, try to keep their attention till the end. This is only possible when they have got a sort of relatability in the explainers. Express the brand voice with effective communication. Your viewers must feel that they are getting you as an approachable and trustable friend. If you are successful in building their trust then likely they will take interest in availing of your service.

wikipedia cant tell about explainer video script 2
Step3 Set the problem and solve it too

When you are writing an explainer video script then you must know that you have to set and solve the problem in a limited period. This means that explainer videos are short so try to write the script in such a way that it conveys your message effectively in a limited time. Know the needs of the audience and then accordingly try to set the problems. Also, provide the solution to your problem at the last of your video. Do not forget to add contact information so that the customer can contact you if he feels interested in your service.


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Part 3 Final Tips for Writing Your Explainer Video Script

1. Edit your script

No one can indeed be perfect enough in the very first attempt. So, do not hesitate to edit your script. Also, you can take suggestions and feedbacks from different people. Try to keep the tone perfect and appropriate. Another point is to keep the sentences short. Shorter sentences will help the audience to understand things easily.

2. Give an expertise touch

When a user will open your video to watch it, he will aim to gain knowledge about the particular topic or service. So, to provide them with the correct knowledge, you will need to showcase expertise in your video. For this purpose, try to add some value and knowledge to your videos so that audience can get what they want.

3. Narration

Narration is an important factor to focus on when you are writing the script. You can opt for animated explainers to narrate things humorously and interestingly. Also, you can rely on human characters to do so. But do not go for adding just a single character as this can lessen the interest of the audience.

4. Final touch by the latest software

A well-written script is incomplete to make a good explainer unless you don’t add effects to it. This could only be possible through using the latest applications and software. Wondershare Anireel is one of the latest software that can enhance the quality of your script. Some of its features are mentioned below:

You can get highly customizable assets with several drags and drop actions, characters, props, and text, etc. You can also modify the size and color of these assets.

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Some Final Thoughts

A good explainer video completely depends upon the quality of your written script. A well-written script will result in you creating a great explainer and ultimately enhancing your SEO performance.

Several factors decide how you can write a good script. This includes empathy with the audience, branding but not being too promotional, etc.

To write an impressive explainer script you can consider some samples also. Further, you can enhance its quality by using the latest features of software like Anireel, etc.