A Guide to Picking the Best Music for Explainer Videos

The obvious question here would be, what should you do if you don't have the bandwidth to produce explainer video audio?


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In this article, I am going to talk everything about how to choose the right explainer video audio and where to get royalty-free background music for your videos.

Part 1 How Important Are Sound Effects?

Sound Effects

I want you to go to YouTube or a product that you like. Find an explainer video and watch it after muting it. See how boring or even pointless it looks! That’s exactly why you need explainer video audio in your service/product videos.

1. Audio makes your videos more real.

Every little movement has relevant audio and that's what makes it more real. From vehicles honking, birds chirping to the sound of people walking, explainer video audio makes your videos more real.

2. Videos with relevant background music are more engaging.

Explainer videos without background music feel robotic and boring. At the same time, videos with relevant audio and sound effects added are more engaging.

3. Audio helps you trigger emotional responses from your viewers.

Without proper explainer video audio, you are missing out on the most important reason behind explainer videos - triggering emotions to ensure that your audience retains your marketing message for longer than a copy/text.

● Lofi Electronica

If you want to look at an example of how Lofi Electronica is used by SaaS companies, here’s an example of this music being used by Hubspot.

● Inspiring

Here’s how an email-cleaning tooluses inspiring music in its product introduction videos.

● Jazz

Jazz can work both for slow-paced videos as well as high-energy videos. Here’s an example of how Spotify uses jazz in its videos.

Part 2 What is the Right Background Music for an Explainer Video?

Even though I’ve mentioned a couple of typical explainer video audio that companies typically use, how to know if the music you’ve chosen is the right one for you?

1. How to Select Music for an Explainer Video

Always be mindful of the volume of the explainer video audio that you use. Find a sweet spot between “too low” and “too high” to perfectly sync with your video.

2. 5 Awesome Websites to Find Royalty Free Background Music for Video Content

In this section, I am going to list the top 5 resources where you can get royalty-free explainer video audios with your website.

❶ Wondershare Anireel

wondershare anireel

Wondershare Anireel is your one-stop-shop for creating riveting animated explainer videos. This tool gives you everything you need from animated characters, props, audio, easily customizable templates, and more!

Wondershare Anireel gives you a huge library of royalty-free explainer video audio that you can use for your videos for free.


You can try this tool at zero cost. This means that you’ll actually get to hear and see how your video is for free.

Everything you need in one place to create an amazing animated explainer video.

The tool has a huge library of templates that you can use to create explainer videos in seconds.


This tool, as of now, is only available for Windows users.

You have to pay for this tool after your trial ends.

Anireel is not an online tool. So, you’ll have to download it on your system to use it.

❷ Incompetech


Incompetech is another amazing resource where you can find royalty-free audio for your videos. It has a diverse collection of explainer video audio that can be used for all sorts of videos.


Completely free of cost.

It allows you to hear the audio before downloading it.

Has a huge library of diverse background music that fits all sorts of videos.


Contains too many ads.

The website’s user interface is not as friendly as you want.

You can’t use royalty-free background music without attribution.

❸ Free Music Archive

free music archive

Free Music Archive is commonplace for artists to share their music in the public domain. So, video creators like you can use the music on this platform free of cost as your explainer video audio or for any other digital content.


No ads.

User-friendly interface.

Has a huge library of royalty-free music from all genres.


The free-of-cost platform has limited options.

To get completely free of royalty audio, you’ll have to pay which is used to support creators of the music as well as the platform itself.

At times, the platform isn’t completely transparent about what's free, and what isn’t, which can be confusing for new users.

❹ xFreeplay Music


Netlabels is another place where you can find royalty-free explainer video audio for your videos. It contains music that’s downloadable as well as streamable.

Wondershare Anireel gives you a huge library of royalty-free explainer video audio that you can use for your videos for free.


Free of cost and doesn’t contain any ads.

Has a huge library of music from a diverse collection of genres.

You can stream before downloading any music.


Can be used only for non-commercial purposes.

If you want to use it, you’ll have to credit the creators of that music.

The platform doesn’t have a user-friendly UI.

❺ Freeplay Music

free play music

Freeplay Music is another place you can go to find explainer video audio. It has a sorted music library that helps you to find relevant background music for your video seamlessly.


Has a huge library with 50,000+ songs.

Free of cost.

Doesn’t contain ads.


You will have to attribute the creators when you use the music for business purposes.

You’ll have to pay for music if you wish to use an explainer video audio without attribution for your business.

The music player is not as great and hangs quite often.


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Key Takeaways from This Episode

I hope this guide helped you in finding the perfect explainer video audio. And the best part is, you can create amazing explainer videos for free.

As I mentioned earlier, adding audio becomes crucial to your explainer videos because it significantly improves the message retention of your videos and makes them more engaging.

You now have an idea about the kind of music you should include with your videos and where to find royalty-free music. So, what are you waiting for? Use this resource to create perfect explainer videos for your company, product, service, or process. Good luck!