Anireel User Guide for Windows

Find an easy way to create riveting animated explainer videos.

Character Builder

The Create Character function supports all users to custom their own characters. You can easily create characters to star in your next video.

You can make your character stand out with Anireel by:

  • Selecting character style and gender.
  • Changing the facial features, skin tones, clothing combinations, and various accessories such as hats, scarves, watches, earrings, glasses, etc.
  • Adding your company logo to your character’s outfit, to better match your brand animation videos.

Now, let’s create your first character!

1. Enter the Character Builder

There are 2 ways to enter the Character Builder:

  • Enter your project and click the Characters Tab in the main interface, choose a Preset Character or create your character by clicking on My Character button as below.
character build
  • On the Home page, click the Create Brand Characters as below.
build character

2. Basic Tab - Choose the Character Style and Gender

(1) To start creating a character, choose your desired style - Realistic or Cartoon.


(2) Then choose a male, female, boy or girl character.

character gender

(3) We have also provided some Preset Suits with you to change the character look in real-time.


3. Face Tab - Build Facial Features

Click the Head Tab in the character builder interface. Customize the character's face by choosing the face shape, hairstyle, eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth and ears.


You can also easily change the color of skin tone, hair, eyebrows, pupils, nose and lips.  Create an exclusive face for your character!


Note: The hair, eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, and ears under the corresponding Tab can be removed entirely by selecting head.

4. Pick Clothing

The Clothing Tab in the Character Builder is divided into four sections according to the type of apparel: base layers, outfits, bottoms and footwear for you to customize your characters with endless clothing combinations. Access each section to customize your character's clothes according to your preferences and requirements.


  • The color of all the Outfits, Bottoms, and Footwear can be changed by clicking the color icon and selecting a new color.
  • The number of color icons matches the number of tops (layers) your selected character is wearing.
  • You can change the skin color under any Tab: base layers, outfits, bottoms, and footwear.
  • The base layers, outfits, bottoms, and footwear under the corresponding Tab can be removed entirely by selecting head.
character clothing

5. Wear Accessories

In the Accessories Tab, you can select hats, glasses, watches, necklaces, earphones, even masks for the character that you are creating. Customize and enrich your characters with endless accessories combinations.


Note: The color of all the accessories can be changed by clicking the color icon and selecting a new color.

The Accessories under the corresponding Tab can be removed entirely by selecting head.

6. Add Brand Logo

You can upload your company logo to brand your character right here. Click the Upload your logo button and upload the logo image from your computer. The logo will be displayed on the upper part of the shirt. If you have a need for branding, you must be trying this function.

Note: Image files can be in either JPG, JPEG, or PNG format (maximum size 20 MB) and recommended resolution is smaller than 500*500 px.

When you are happy with how the branding looks, click Save.


7. Name Your Character

After you've finished customizing the character, click Save.

You will enter the interface let you name your character. You can give your character a unique name here.

8. Apply Your Character

After naming, you can click "Apply Now" and the character will appear on your canvas.


The character is also added to My Characters, your personal character library. Click the drop-down button of My characters and be ready for use.


Hover your cursor on the character. You can make your characters come alive with 46 different poses and expressions.


Note: You can click Save to complete the character customization at any process of building.