Anireel User Guide for Windows

Find an easy way to create riveting animated explainer videos.

Script to Animation

1. Entry

Click "Script to animation" on the start page to generate an animated video in one click.

Script to animation

2. Script Generation

Enter the script interface, select the video tag you prefer to generate, enter the video title and video script, click "Generate" in the lower right corner to generate a fancy animation.

Script Generation

3. Script Editing

Scripts can be re-edited in the following ways after the script is generated.

  • Edit the current script into an animation: right-click the clip on the timeline to replace resource styles and edit TTS, etc.
Edit the current script
  • Regenerate the script into an animation: Click "Tool" at the top of the resource area tab to regenerate and overwrite the current script into an animation.
Regenerate the script