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Since you can integrate visual elements in a 2D animation explainer video, you have the power to demonstrate real-life applications of a specific product or service and skyrocket the overall sales.


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In this guide, we'll walk you through some of the top reasons why 2D explainer videos work and how you can incorporate them into your marketing campaigns.

 Part 1  Reveal the Power of 2DAnimation in Explainer Videos

Now, before starting with the article, let's first understand what 2D animation videos are and why they have become extremely popular. In simple words, 2D animation explainer videos are clips/illusions that are designed in a linear format.

Here are some of the top advantages of using 2D animation explainer videos:

With 2D explainer videos, you can demonstrate the key features of your new products or services

2D animations are a great way to drive attention from potential buyers and encourage them to join hands with your organization

Explain the complex functionality of a product in an easy manner.

2D animation explainer videos can also help you optimize your website's SEO performance.

Gain a competitive edge in the market.

 Part 2  Examples of 2D Animated Videos

So, how can you design an animation video in 2021? The answer is pretty simple - by hiring a 2D animation explainer video company.

Let's take a look at some of the most popular 2D animation explainer video examples that have garnered immense attention in the past.

1. Google Assistant

Category White Paper Animation

Google Assistant is Google's official claim to glory in the market of virtual assistants. Back when Google first introduced the voice assistant for smart screens, the search engine giant used a completely different approach to promote it.

2. Mint

Category 2D White Paper Animation

Mint's 2D animation explainer video is another example of how brands can use white paper animations to promote their services more effectively. For people who don't know, Mint is simply a financial tracker that keeps track of users' expenses and provides them with detailed analysis at the end of every month. Users can connect multiple bank accounts to their Mint account and keep track of their expenditure in one place.

3. Journey Designer

Category 2D Animation

In the explainer video, WebEdge (the 2D animation explainer video company) chose simple 2D animation to explain the USPs of Journey Designer in an interactive manner. This 2-minutes long video has everything that describes the features of Journey Designer and how it can prove to be beneficial for marketers.

4. Chat Class

Category 2D Animation

Chat Class is an online chat platform that's tailored to help students learn English in a more interactive manner. As opposed to traditional teacher-student communication, Chat Class allows students to interact with other learners and communicate with them to improve their speaking skills.

5. Proofer

Category 2D Explainer video

Proofer is an application that's designed to help users manage their social media accounts in one place. With the software, users can plan their social media posts, schedule them, and monitor the performance of each social media account individually.

 Part 3  3 Reasons to Work with Anireel

It's worth understanding that you can also design an explainer video on your own if you don't want to work with a 2D animation explainer video company.

In this situation, however, you'll have to implement the best designing practices to make your explainer videos engaging and draw the maximum attention. These practices include:

1. Focus On Your Target Audience

The first step towards designing stunning 2D animations is to evaluate the potential viewers.

2. Design Multiple Videos

Instead of creating a single explainer video and hoping that it delivers the expected results, it would be better to design multiple clips and share them across all your social media accounts.

3. Choose the Right Animation Software

Finally, if you plan on executing DIY designing, you'll have to choose a professional animation designing application to turn your idea into a visually appealing 2D animation. We recommend using Wondershare Anireel for the job.


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Key Takeaways from This Episode

2D animations have become the modern-day marketing tool for companies to improve brand exposure and engage potential customers.

Even top brands like Google and Mint utilize 2D animation explainer videos to promote their services.

If you want to execute DIY designing, you can use Wondershare Anireel to design enticing 2D animation explainer videos on your own.



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