How to Start Your Cake Order Online Business

Part 1 How to Make Animated Videos for Your Cake Order Business

Here are the steps you can take to create an engaging animated video for your cake order business:

Step 1:Identify the Purpose of Your Video

First, determine your video's primary goal. Here are some examples of goals you may want to achieve:

• Increase cake orders online

• Increase awareness about your cake order business

• Show customers how to place cake orders online

Establishing a clearly defined goal can help you stick to your core message and keep your project on track.

Step 2:Identify Your Target Audience

Before you start creating your video, you need to know who it's intended for. Some important factors you should consider when choosing your target audience include:

• Age

• Gender

• Education level

• Geographical location

Determining who your video is meant for based on these factors can help you tailor the video toward your target audience. For instance, if your video is targeted toward parents looking for birthday cakes for their children, you'll want your video to use a friendly tone and cheerful music.

Step 3:Write a Script

Next, write a script for your video. While scripts vary depending on the type of video, your script should contain the following three sections:

• An introduction: Also known as the “hook,” you should make this section as engaging as possible to ensure your viewers watch your video to the end. For example, you can start with a fun fact about cakes.

• A body: This is the middle part of your video. It should contain your video's core message. For example, if you're creating a video to promote your online cake ordering business, the body may contain the cake flavors on offer.

• A call to action (CTA): Your video should end with a CTA. Your CTA should tell your viewers what they should do next. For example, to promote your cake order business, you may ask potential customers to visit your website to order cakes online.

Step 4:Create Your Cake Order Online Business Video

Once your script is ready, you can create your video. To create it, you won't need any specialized software or skills. Using Anireel, you can quickly create a professional-looking animated video by yourself without the help of a professional animator.

Part 2 How to Make an Animated Video for Your Cake Order Business Using Anireel

Step 1:Download and Install Anireel

Download and install Anireel on your computer. Once it's installed, click on the Anireel icon to launch Anireel.

Step 2:Step 2: Select the Cake Order Service Template

Under the Template Library, click on the Business Publicity option. Scroll down until you find the Cake Order Service Template. Select it and then click on the Use this template button.

servce templates
Step 3:Customize the Cake Order Service Template

After clicking on the Use this Template button, Anireel will download and import the Cake Order Service template’s assets into the timeline.

 use service templates

After the importation process is complete, play each scene in the video and customize it to your preference.

Anireel can allow you to make various changes. Just click on an asset on the canvas to make your changes. For instance, you can click on the default text on the first scene and edit it to read, “Do you want to find a great cake for your birthday?” You can also make changes to the music, backgrounds in the video and more using the options on the menu to the left of the main canvas area.

Step 4:Export the Video

Click on the Export button located on the top menu to save the video to your computer once you're satisfied with your changes.

Following these four steps is the easiest way to create an animated video for your cake order business. Alternatively, if you want to use your own assets, you can create a new video from scratch by selecting the New Project option when you launch Anireel.

new project

But, if you’re hard-pressed for time and looking to quickly create your video, using the Cake Order Service template is undoubtedly the best option.

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Part 3 Create Engaging Videos for Your Cake Order Online Business Using Anireel

Creating compelling videos for your cake order business doesn't have to take up a lot of time or cost you a lot of money. Using Anireel's Cake Order Service template, you can quickly create engaging videos that connect with your audience without spending a fortune. Download Anireel for free to get started.



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