The Most Useful Character Generator For Your Custom Character

Part1 Introduction

Creating interesting characters plays a big part in content creation today. With exciting characters, your Youtube or educational videos will be more engaging and easier to understand. Characters add a human element that people can relate to which will help you deliver your message more efficiently. Creating your own 2D characters will be an excellent place to start if you are looking to venture into 3D modeling and cartoon design.

Part2 What are Character Generators

If you want to level up your character generation skills, you need equally competent software to match. Character generators allow you to add characters or animated text to a video stream. The industry of character generation is ever-evolving, and having proficiency in character design softwares will help you create your favorite characters in no time.

To help you find the best CG software to start with or test your skills, we have compiled the best character generators so you can find one that meets your needs. Once you have gone through all of them, you can decide which one matches your level, style, and approach.

Part 3 Six most Useful Character Generators For Your PC

The market is full of character generators that allow you to create your own cartoon characters. However, most of them aren’t that trustworthy, and after such hard work, the results are only sub-par. To help you find the best cartoon character generator, we have listed only the best in the market. Our list includes those which are free, those for beginners, and then more sophisticated ones for those who are well versed in character designing.

1. Wondershare Anireel

If you are a content creator wanting to add some interesting cartoons to your videos then Wondershare Anireel is a great place to start. Anireel allows you to add animations and create cartoons with complete creative freedom. Its interface is also a plus point which makes it perfect for anyone trying to venture into cartoon creation. Anireel simplifies creating characters and gives you a professional quality final product.

Key Features

Customizable Character Templates: Anireel offers you a range of character templates to choose from. With multiple shapes, sizes, actions, and voiceovers you can create a character that is entirely unique. Apart from that, you can also add facial hair, accessories, and clothes to your character.

Interface: The interface for Anireel is extremely userfriendly and easy to use just like all other wondershare softwares. Everything for character generation is drag and drop which makes it perfect for any newbies using the software.

User-Friendly Character Generator

Import your own files: If you are not satisfied with the character options, you can import your own images, audio, and video clips. This will give you greater creative freedom. Anireel accepts all sorts of file types which makes cartoon generation effortless.

Import your own files in wondershare anireel

Dubbing Animations: Adding voiceovers to your characters can be tricky but Wondershare Anireel has done the job for you. All you have to do is type in the text you want the character to say and you can select options like while singing or while dancing and wondershare will present you with multiple voiceovers. Each of these is fully customizable so you can keep on looking until you find something that fits your character.

2. Animaker

Animaker is the ultimate cartoon generator to help you develop professional-grade custom characters. The features range from essential to comprehensive ones that allow you to sculpt and edit your custom characters any way you want.

This character generator will help you develop 2D characters using a template or start from scratch. The interface is simple and suitable for beginners to start creating their first customized characters.

Customise your character-Animaker

Key Features

Simple Interface:Animaker has a simple and easy-to-understand interface that helps beginners and professionals work alike.

Pre-made Templates: One of the most amazing things about Animaker’s character builder is the vast collection of templates. The software features a vast variety of professionally created templates that are ready to add magic to your video. Animaker allows you to save time without having to go through the character builder process and customize every part of the template according to your requirements.

Character Builder: The software has over 15 facial features and 10 accessorizing slots to help you define your 2D character. The character builder in Animaker is also equipped with at least 20 facial expressions that bring the characters to life and add spice to your video.

Smart Move: The Smart Move feature is perfect for animating objects/characters and moving them from place to place. Objects can be animated at a single click and help you save a lot of time and effort.

3. Mango Animate

If you know little about character generators but want to create bespoke 2D characters, we highly recommend Mango Animate. Mango Animate is a versatile and tool-rich software that makes character generation effortless for anyone. Even though it might be a bit overwhelming for beginners, the multitude of options available in Mango Animate makes it an excellent choice to generate characters seamlessly.

Customising characters for your vide

Key Features

Static Images to AnimationsThe highlight of Mango Animate is that it allows users to convert static PNG and PSD images into appealing animated toons. The software adds bones, dynamics, and poses to create 2D characters.

Huge Motion Library: Mango Animate exhibits a vast collection of pre-made motions that help you animate the character easily. Use the motion library to drag and drop expressions and body movements on your character for seamless animations.

Customization: Mango Animate is a cartoon character generator that gives you all the control that you need. You can decide on significant customization points like skin, body, and outfit but you can also control minor eye details and skin effects to give your characters a unique quality.

Intuitive Interface: While many character look generators are difficult to use, Mango Animate is easy and straightforward. You will be able to find everything on the screen quickly. That is why Mango Animate is perfect for beginners looking to start with 2D character generation.

4. Vyond

Vyond is an excellent 2D cartoon generator that allows users to generate characters with varying postures and motions. The intuitive softwares lets you freely manipulate the animated character in 2D space or modify a pre-made template to create your own unique character. The basic in-built tools offer functionality to generate 2D characters seamlessly.

Creating Animated Video with Vyond

Key Features

Customizable Characters:Vyond has a diverse library of ready-to-use and fully rigged animated characters. It offers users to simply click and select the character and customize it fully to add their own unique element to it.

Animation Styles: Vyond offers three impressive animation styles to complement your content and type of audience. Users can either use the contemporary style that fits a broader audience or choose the whiteboard animation style that is catchy and appeals to the eye.

Realistic Animation: String together animations with the collection of motions and facial expressions that give a realistic touch to the 2D characters. The automatic lip-sync brings the mute characters to life with real-time mouth movements. With dynamic animations, Vyond spices up your video and appeals to the viewer.

5. Doratoon

For those who are a bit well versed in 2D character generation and are looking for versatile software to create lifelike cartoon characters, then Doratoon will introduce you to a whole new world. Maya will let you create 2D animated characters and render them. The software is very user-friendly and good for beginners and professionals to start with.

Designing your own 2D character

Key Features

Footage Styles:Doratoon allows you to add different footage styles in the video to make the output look cool. There are plenty of styles to choose from that are attractive and catchy.

Pre-designed Templates: Doratoon allows you to create 2D models whichever way suits you. You can either start from scratch or use a pre-designed template that can be customized fully to match your requirements. The vast variety of professionally created templates for different niches and categories offers intriguing options for the users.

AI Intelligent Drawing: Unlike any other software, Doratoon is complex and allows you to use intelligent drawing to create your character with incredible detailing. The AI tool assesses what the user is likely to draw and based on the predictions, it suggests various shapes. When you click on the shape/object it automatically changes into that picture.

Character Actions: Doratoon offers different character actions that can be added to make the 2D animation more realistic and appropriate to the content. Besides, it makes the character appealing and catchy to the viewer.

Wondershare Anireel

We make video animation better for everyone. Electrifying features that satisfy your imagination.


Part 4 Conclusion

Here are some of the best Character generators available in the market that will prove useful to you. Being useful is subjective depending on your skill level; hence we have included both beginner software and a few more complex ones. Now, you can create any of your favorite or completely unique cartoons using one of the software above.



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