Character Generator: An Increasingly Popular Feature

Character Generator is a tool used for creating characters in any game, animation, or video. Users can draw their faces and bodies from scratch. It can be used in digital marketing to make a customized online persona for your product. A character design generator will help promote your product on social media.

It feels like a real person is promoting it and not just some company, making them seem more likable. It also improves chances for engagement as people are more likely to try out something endorsed by someone they know or like. A software that you can use for 2D character generation is Anireel by Wondershare, which shall be covered in the article.

Part1 What Features Does a Character Builder Provide Us to Manage Animated Videos?

Character builders are also used in digital marketing, for instance when we design our characters to represent a company or product. A character builder is a fun tool that can be used for many different purposes, and there are a ton of really cool character builders out there. We have explained below a few of the options that a character design generator must offer:

Basic Editing

A character builder provides its users with a variety of options to customize to get the perfect looks for your character. The character creator generator should offer two basic genders, i.e., male or female, to choose from. You can go for any of the two genders according to your character's design.

Three different body types must also be offered by the character builder: thin, medium, and fat. You can choose any one of the body types based on your character to make it realistic. The cartoon character generator should also provide a wide range of skin colors to choose from to make your character look closest to real life.

Facial Features

After giving your character gender, body shape, and preset, it should let you customize its head, including face, hair, eyes, nose, etc. The character generator must offer many different options for face shapes to choose from to make a realistic and presentable face. Hair is one of the essential features of the character. A simple change in hairstyle can enhance the personality of the character. You can have the option to choose the length of the hair and the color of the hair.

After hair, eyes play a big role in defining the look of the face. Many shapes and sizes must be available to make your character's face look similar to your base design. The look of the eye is never complete without proper eyebrows. Eyebrows make eyes more defined and realistic, and the character generator should provide a variety of sizes and shapes for eyes.

After the eyes, the rest of the face consists of the nose, mouth, and ears. These features are also essential as they can heavily impact the character's looks. Character generators should have a vast library of noses, mouths, and ears of many different sizes and shapes to provide a character with perfect looks.

Outfit Design

Then comes the “Outfit” customization, where you can pick an outfit to increase your character’s personality. Your character generator should allow you to customize the Base layer, Outfits, Bottoms, and Footwear of your character. It should also help you in customizing the colors of all outfits, bottoms, and footwear. Before choosing the character generator, ensure that it provides clothing templates for different regions and purposes.

Accessories Customization

Character generator should also have a feature of "Accessories," which include different types of accessories like glasses, watches, hats, necklaces, earphones, and masks according to your choice. You should also have to option to change the color of all the accessories. The accessories should range from formal to informal, which will help you to design characters according to your video type.

Brand Logo Addition

Character creator generator should offer a feature of adding a logo to your character from your computer and adjusting it on the character that you designed. It will help you a lot if you are creating a product video or marketing video because, in this way, your character will represent your company by having your brand logo on its shirt.

Part 2 Recommending Wondershare Anireel as the Perfect Character Generator

Wondershare Anireel is a platform for making 2D animated videos. In the promotion of learning, narration, dialogues, training, advertising, and any other creative video, Wondershare Anireel plays a big role. Moreover, a whole video can easily be created with many interesting features of this fantasy character generator app. Its resource library includes adding, editing, or modifying scenes, people, objects, subtitles, sound, and other elements.

If you use this character generator, you do not have to stick to just one format for your videos because this tool allows you to upload your images, audio, or videos to multiple formats. You can also post your videos, audio, and images on different platforms to promote or product or use them in games.

Key Features on Wondershare Anireel Character Generator

These key features make Anireel better than any other fantasy character generator, giving you the best character for your different uses. With the help of these key features, you can easily stand out your character.

Character Builder

Using Wondershare Anireel, a cartoon character generator app, you can easily adjust your character. For example, you can choose the facial appearance, outfits, and many more things about your animated character. After launching the software, the next step is to click on the "Create Brand Character" on the main windows, and you will see five different tabs; basic, head, outfit, accessories, and logo. The character generator of Anireel will allow you to create any skin tone color.

 character builder anireel

Lip Sync

With this character creator generator, you can add voice and sync the voice-over to the lip movement of your character to make your animated movie more realistic. The Wondershare Anireel app feature is a time-saver for animators and is easy to use. It will help you to deliver your idea or message to the public in an attractive and engaging manner.

  lip sync feature

Motion Path

Applying a motion path to your animated characters will give them a realistic look on the screen. You can add and manage the character's or objects' movements through the motion path if you want them to appear appealing. Moreover, with the help of keyboard shortcuts, their movements can be controlled instantly. Motion paths in this character design generator app are circle, square, curve, wave, arc, etc.

 motion path feature


The deep learning technology of Wondershare Anireel allows you to convert the text-to-speech in general. Moreover, the plus point of having this platform is that there is no need to acquire pricey voice actors or studio recording services. Because now, in this character design generator app, you can choose from a wide range of voices. After adding text and selecting voice type in this feature, you have to save your audio file and use it in your video.

 text to speech editor

Wondershare Anireel

We make video animation better for everyone. Electrifying features that satisfy your imagination.


Part 3 Conclusion

A character generator app is used to make animated videos in digital marketing for promoting business, and in games. You can design characters and change their appearance according to your choice using Wondershare Anireel, a perfect character builder app. It is easy to use and saves a lot of time with its features that are well explained in this article.



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