Guide to Making Custom Explainer Video Specifically for Beginners

Part 1 Explainer Video Creation Process

Before you make an explainer video, there are a couple of tasks you'll need to complete first. Follow these steps to create your video:

Step 1:Create a Brief

A brief is a document that outlines several key points to ensure production goes smoothly. Some critical points to bear in mind when creating it include:

• Primary goal

• Target audience

• Core message

• Tone

• Budget

Outlining these points before starting the animation process can help you keep the project on track.

Step 2:Write a Script and Storyboard

Once you've written your brief, write a script. It should contain the following sections:

• A hook

• A middle

• A call to action (CTA)

Afterward, create a storyboard. While creating one isn't necessary, it can help you identify any issues with the script before creating the video.

write script
Step 3:Create the Explainer Video

After completing steps one and two, you can create your explainer video. If you aren't skilled at making videos, don't worry. Using Anireel, you can create a professional-looking one in a fairly short period.

Part 2 Using Anireel to Make Your Video

Follow these steps to create a riveting explainer video using Anireel:

Step 1:Download and Install Anireel

Download and install Anireel on your computer. Once it's installed, click on the Anireel icon to launch Anireel.

Step 2:Select the Brand Explainer Video Template

In the welcome window that opens, select the Enterprise Introduction option beneath the Template Library and scroll down until you find the Brand Explainer Video template. Select it and then click on the Use this Template button.

brand templates
Step 3:Customize the Brand Explainer Video Template

After clicking on the Use this Template button, Anireel will download and import the template's assets into your project.

customize brand template

After Anireel imports the assets, play each scene and customize the video to your liking.

Anireel can allow you to change character poses to evoke different emotions, add or delete text or props, and more. Just click on an asset on the canvas to make your changes. You can also change the background music characters and swap backgrounds using the options on the menu to the left of the canvas.

Step 4:Export the Video

Once you're satisfied with the changes you've made, click on the Export button located on the top menu of the project window to save the finished project to your computer.

Following these steps is the simplest way to create a video for your business. But, if you want to use your own assets, you can create a new video from scratch by selecting the New Project option on Anireel's welcome window.

new project

However, using the Brand Explainer Video Template is the best option if you're a beginner.

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Part 3 Making Riveting Explainer Videos Using Anireel

Creating a video for your business can sound daunting. But it doesn't have to be. Using Anireel's Brand Explainer Video Template, you can create stunning videos with little to no experience. Download Anireel for free to get started.



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