How to Start a Personal Business Training Service

Part 1 How to Create an Effective Business Training Video

Proper preparation is pivotal to the success of your business training video. Before you sit down to create it, here are the steps you’ll need to follow to ensure it’s a success.

Step 1:Create a Plan

First, create a plan. The plan should explain how the video will align with your business and your marketing strategy. When creating it, some important things to include are the purpose, target audience, and core message.

For example, if you’re offering business training seminars, your video may target small business owners. Meanwhile, the purpose of your video may be to show small business owners how to boost sales.

Creating a plan is integral to ensuring your video stays on track and achieves its objectives.

Step 2:Write a Script

Next, write a script. Writing one will help you create a relevant video for your target audience.

While it isn’t necessary, you can also create a storyboard to provide more clarity.

Step 3:Create the Business Training Video

Once you’ve done all the groundwork, you can create your business training video. If you haven’t made a video before, don’t fret. You can easily create a professional-looking video using Anireel without any technical know-how.

Part 2 How to Create an Animated Video for Your Business Training Service Using Anireel

Follow these four simple steps to create an animated video for your business training service using Anireel:

Step 1:Download and Install Anireel

Download and install Anireel on your computer. Once it's installed, click on the Anireel icon to launch Anireel.

Step 2:Select the Training Solution Template

In the welcome window that opens, select the Education and Teaching option beneath the Template Library and scroll down until you find the Training Solution template. Select it and then click on the Use this Template button.

training templates
Step 3:Customize the Training Solution Template

After clicking on the Use this Template button, Anireel will download and import the Training Solution template’s assets into your project.

 training solution

Once the importation process is complete, play each scene and tweak the video until it meets your needs.

Anireel can allow you to make various customizations. Just click on an asset on the canvas to make your changes. For instance, you can click on the text in the call to action section and type your website address to encourage people to visit your site. You can also change the background music, swap backgrounds and add props to bolster the message you want to convey.

Step 4:Export the Video

Click on the Export button located on the top menu of the project window to save the complete project on your computer if you’re happy with the final video.

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Part 3 Create Captivating Training Videos Using Anireel

Making animated videos is an excellent way to engage with your existing customers, attract potential new ones, and grow your business training service. Use Anireel’s Training Solution template to create stunning videos for your training service without any hassle. Download Anireel for free to get started.



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