How to Promote Your Healthcare Business Using Video Marketing

Part 1 How to Make an Animated Video for Your Healthcare Business

Before you create an animated video for your healthcare business, here are some steps you'll need to follow to ensure you create a compelling video:

Step 1: Make a Plan

Making a general plan for what you want your video to achieve is crucial to creating an effective video. When planning for your video, think about how it will tie into your brand. Ideally, the video should complement your other marketing efforts.

Your plan should include important aspects of the video, such as the main objective, target audience and core message. For instance, for your healthcare business, your target audience may be patients suffering from diabetes.

Step 2: Write a Script

Once you have a clearly outlined plan, you can start writing your script. It should contain these three parts:

• A hook: As the name suggests, the hooks should grab your viewers' attention. For instance, a surprising fact about an ailment can be a captivating wat to start your video.

• A middle: This section should build on the hook. It should contain the core message. For example, if your video targets patients suffering from a particular disease, you should show how your healthcare business provides solutions to the ailment.

• A call to action (CTA): The CTA is typically the last part of the video. In the CTA, you should tell viewers what you want them to do next. For example, you can provide patients with a phone number to contact your healthcare business.

Step 3: Create Your Animated Video

With a clearly outlined plan and script ready, you can make your animated video. Fortunately, creating an animated video nowadays isn’t as difficult as it used to be. Thanks to the various animation software options available, you can create a professional-looking animation video in almost no time without the help of a professional animator.

Part 2 How to Create an Animated Video to Promote Your Healthcare Business Using Anireel

You can create an animated video to promote your healthcare business using Anireel by following these simple steps:

First, download and install Anireel on your computer. Once it's installed, click on the Anireel icon to launch it.

Step 1: Select the New Medical Service Template

Under Template Library, click on the Business Publicity button. Then, scroll down the template library until you find the Medical Service template. Click on it and then click on the Use this Template button.

 use the template

Step 3: Customize the Template

After clicking on the Use this Template button, Anireel will download and import the template's assets into the timeline.

customize brand templates

Once it's done importing the template's assets, play each scene and customize the video to meet your needs.

Anireel can allow you to make various changes. For example, to show a character is unwell, you can click on the character on the canvas and select the sad pose in the pop-up tool menu that opens on the canvas. You can also make several other modifications using the options on the menu to the left of the main canvas area.

Step 4: Export the Video

Once you're satisfied with the changes you've made, click on the Export button in the top menu to save the video to your computer.

Part 3 Use Anireel to Quickly Make Videos for Your Healthcare Business

The amount of video content consumers watch has almost doubled since 2018. Plus, more and more consumers expect to see video from a business they support, meaning video content is integral to the success of your healthcare business.

Fortunately, creating engaging videos isn't difficult. Follow these simple steps to easily make an animated video using Anireel and grow your healthcare practice.



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