How to Generate Your Own Cartoon Characters Using the Character Generator?

Video presentations, educational learning programs, and brand endorsements are now widely presented as 2D animation videos. No one can deny the numerous benefits of 2D animation videos as it quickly catches the attention and explains complicated concepts in a short time. That is why 2D animation videos comprising cartoon characters are being given preference across the platforms.

If you want to build your own cartoon character in no time, we strongly recommend you use Wondershare Anireel as your first-choice character generator. By using a cartoon character generator, you can communicate and engage with your target audience in a cost-effective and effective manner. Read this article to get aware of basic tactics and guidelines to use Wondershare Anireel.

Part1 Why Should You Use a Cartoon Character?

If you are preparing for your business presentation, try to introduce your concept through a 2D animation video that includes cartoon characters. To know about the advantages of using cartoon characters, read this section.

Gives Visual Appeal

One of the most significant advantages of adding cartoon characters in your presentations is that they are visually pleasing for the audience. You can easily grab your audience's attention towards your presentation through vibrant illustrations, backgrounds, props, and characters.

Makes Demonstration Easier

Complex concepts cannot be defined and explained just by using words and text. Instead, cartoon characters comprising of action can explain the concept in a simpler way. You can demonstrate examples visually in a short span, and your audience will be able to comprehend them instantly.

Saves Your Time

Instead of writing long paragraphs with examples, you can visually illustrate the concept, which will save you time. Also, it can save you from speaking unnecessarily, and your own generated characters can execute your presentation perfectly.

Connect With Your Audience

Cartoon characters in 2D animation videos can bring emotional appeal by connecting with the audience. You can add sound clips and background music that can make your video more engaging. Moreover, you can display interesting storytelling through cartoon characters and enhance your viewers' connectivity.


Cartoon characters can be built and designed easily with character generators. There are various character creator generators in the market that works at a reasonable price, and you can conduct your video presentations in a cost-effective manner.

Part 2 Wondershare Anireel – Your First-Rate Choice for Making Cartoon Characters

Are you looking forward to designing your own cartoon characters through a character generator? Without wasting your time, we recommend Wondershare Anireel as the best cartoon character generator available in the market now. Anireel is a 2D animation video maker that consists of various advanced features to design your cartoon characters flawlessly.

 anireel interface

By utilizing this tool, you can conduct your eLearning sessions, video presentations, business proposals, and brand marketing in the most interesting way. This tool is highly compatible with Windows operating system without adversely affecting the processing speed. Also, to help beginners generate creative ideas for making 2D animation videos, they can use their pre-established templates.

By choosing a suitable template, you can start making your 2D animation video and generate cartoon characters by applying different features such as body shape, outfits, and skin color.

2.1 Main Features of Wondershare Anireel

In this section, we will enlist some of the amazing features of Wondershare Anireel that will surely help you to design your cartoon character instantly and effortlessly.

Assets and Props

Apart from building a cartoon character, you can use assets and props like furniture, vehicles, and other accessories to enhance the ambiance. This tool also gives the option to increase or decrease the size of assets, and you can also choose their color.

Text to Speech

You can use the feature of text to speech to give suitable audio to your characters. By entering text, you can choose the voice of audio from given options and can adjust it on your timeline.


To integrate your characters with a natural outlook, you can use the feature of lip-syncing that will accurately match the body posture and sound inflections. You can also import any dubbed voiceover to integrate with your cartoon characters.

Motion Path

You can bring life to your cartoon characters by using this amazing feature of the motion path. Through this feature, your character can instantly move from place to place by keyboard shortcuts.

Build Creative Character

You can customize your own character by utilizing various options, where you can add facial features and expressions according to the situation. You can choose their outfits, skin color, body shape and can make them wear accessories. By combining all the options, you can easily craft your desired cartoon character.

Add Brand’s Logo

After choosing your character's outfits, you can add the brand's name to their clothes to smoothly execute your brand promotion. You can also design your brand’s logo by selecting your favorite font, size, and color.

2.2 Steps to Generate Your Cartoon Character In No Time

Anireel cartoon character generator saves your time by instantly designing your character. You can display and explore your creativity through this platform in a proficient manner. Moreover, this software has an easy-to-use interface, and every feature is well-described and displayed.

So, you can begin with the creation of cartoon characters anytime you want. Here are the ultimate steps to generate your cartoon character in no time:

Step1: Select New Project

Begin with launching Wondershare Anireel on your computer and tap on "New Project." On the new window, select the icon of the "Character" from the left section and then tap on "Create Character."

 select create character option

Step2Select Gender

On the main interface of creating a character, the "Gender" option will automatically appear on your screen. Now choose the gender and body shape of your character, which can be thin or medium. You will also have to select the preset of your character.

 choose character gender

Step3:Choose Facial Features

Now navigate on the tab of “Head” and build the facial features of your character. For instance, you can pick any hairstyle and suitable skin color. Also, you can decide on other features like nose, eyebrows, eyes, mouth, and ears from this tab.

 customize character facials

Step4: Decide Clothing and Accessories

Now reach to the tab of "Clothing" by clicking on it. In this tab, you can select any outfits like a base layer, footwear, and bottoms. Now moving towards the category of "Accessories," you can select jewelry of hands, neck, ears, head, and eyes from the given options. You can see the results in the preview window.

add clothing and accessories

Step5: Add Custom Logo

If you want to add the logo or name of your brand, you can import the file of your logo and adjust it to your character's clothing. Once done with all the changes, click on "Save" to save the file. After that, name your character, and you can apply it to your animation videos.

 add your brand logo

Wondershare Anireel

We make video animation better for everyone. Electrifying features that satisfy your imagination.


Part 3 Conclusion

Character creator generator helps you design customized cartoon characters that can effortlessly engage with the audience in animation videos. This article has strongly emphasized Wondershare Anireel as the best and most cost-effective character generator in the market.



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