Best Business Explainer Videos Ever

"The first impression is the last impression" as they say. The same stands true in the case of business as well. The way you portray your business, your goods, and your services determine the impression of your business. Explainer videos are one of the most prominent methods of marketing and gaining reach.

inportance of explainer

Many brands have resorted to explainer videos in order to gain the desired reach. Explainer videos are videos that last just for a few seconds but manage to leave a long-lasting impact on the viewer's mind. Well, of course, they're much better than boring textual marketing tactics and generic banners and flyers. They inculcate the wish to buy the product or service. Today let us look at the magic potion to make the best business explainer videos.

10 of the best business explainer videos

01 Dissolve

Dissolve Brings has incorporated cynical humor in a simple and hilarious video. This video is different from the rest and manages to give the viewers a few laughs, and yet convey its message. It is a rather bold explainer video since it makes fun of the cliche marketing trends. The creative audience, i.e. mostly the young generation will thoroughly enjoy the video and relate to it. In a short period, the video leaves an impact on the viewers. One of the easiest ways to make an impact on a person is by giving them a happy memory, by making a humorous explainer video the brand does exactly the same. This explainer video makes fun of the cliche marketing methods and stands out among all the others.

02 Wine Country Gift Baskets

The video is a perfect mix of examples for customers and pleasing animations to convey a positive message through an array of catchy images. It shows the essence of giving and how gifting something little could make someone's life positive. The idea of giving a gift is one of the few bright sides of mankind. A wine bottle? chocolate? Delicious coffee? Freshly baked cookies? These products are the people-pleasers, they're well-liked by the people and hence the video creators have used their quality of being likable to their advantage. This attractive video makes the products further likable and inculcates an urge to buy these products. Here's the minute-long attractive explainer video.

03 Dollar Shave Club

A few explainer videos get liked, and then there are a few which become viral. This video by the dollar shave club is one such video that went viral due to its humorous elements and promptness. The video brings out an element of humor and strikes the funny bones of the viewers. This explainer video did wonders for the company. It gained reach and fame. Resultantly, it was bought by Unilever for a whopping $1 billion. The advertisement was indeed a class apart, it made something as boring as razors interesting and funny.

04 Med Mart

Apps and explainer videos, a match made in heaven. Explainer videos explaining the utility of an app and persuading the viewer to watch them is one of the most common forms of explainer videos. This is because explainer videos can break down complex information into smaller bits to make the viewers understand. The app simplifies the process of plastic surgeries and explains it to the viewers in a concise manner. Moreover, it has enthralling 3d animations to attract the viewers and catch their attention. However this video is slightly long, the content it delivers totally justifies its length.

Wondershare Anireel

We make video animation better for everyone. Electrifying features that satisfy your imagination.



Finance is one of the most feared and misunderstood subjects. Financial planning is something that a huge chunk of the population lacks. is a personal finance company that assists businesses and individuals in making financial decisions. The 90 seconds long explainer video gives the users a walkthrough of the application and how it would benefit them. The explainer video also has a strong call to action in the end that persuades the viewers to register onto the website. The walkthrough of the website also gives the users a sense of assurance that the website is user-friendly and easy to use.

06 FiftyThree

FiftyThree is another brand that has used explainer videos to its advantage. The strategy they've resorted to is of portraying their business via a series of attractive and catchy images. The explainer video manages to convey all the necessary information without even speaking a word. The video does not Speak about the product's functionality, instead, it depicts the product's utility. In the end, a slogan pops up that says "think with your hands". Therefore the video ends on a thought-provoking note.

07 Unroll. me

Do you receive an uncountable number of junk emails every day? Do junk emails annoy you as well? is a company that identified this problem. In this explainer video, the primary focus is on the problem itself. The video describes the problem through the medium of 6 testimonials. Different people express their frustration and vent out their feelings associated with junk emails. Although generic, the approach of spotlighting the problem works well and manages to create a sense of urgency to buy a product. Therefore, within 60 seconds, the company manages to make an impact on the viewers and resultantly boost sales.

08 Crazy egg

If you're in the marketing team of a company, or a CEO/ founder then you're most likely to be familiar with the company "crazy egg". Crazy egg is a b2b service provider that helps businesses carry out data analytics and hence analyses consumer behavior. Crazy egg showcases the heatmap tool and also depicts the usage of the software. You needn't be well versed with technology to understand the functionality of the company. The explainer video breaks the information down into smaller bits so that even a layman understands it. The video ends with a few strong call to actions, the 2-minute long video serves the purpose as it explains a complicated technological term in a straightforward manner.

09 Panorama

This undeniably is one of the best explainer videos. This is because the explainer video breaks down a boring topic like "IT monitoring services" and explains it in an attractive manner. The video is a perfect example of a creative explainer video. The video is titled "IT man" and has an animated protagonist called the IT man. The graphics of the video are like the games we played back in the 80s. It depicts how the IT man, the hero of the video, solves all the problems that come his way.

10 Stitch fix

This explainer video is another marketing masterclass. The explainer video is highly effective due to its prompt and precise nature. Stitch fix is a personal styling company. It provides styling solutions to individuals. The video features a young lady shopping for clothes online and receives an entire personalized wardrobe for herself. The brand brings out the essence of the company in just 30 seconds.