How To Help Corporate Communications Through Animated Videos

Visual communication is the most common and easily understood because humans process visual content much quicker than any other form. Companies and communication experts use visual communication tools frequently to grab their audience's attention.

Therefore, an animated corporate video is one of the most effective internal communication tools for companies today. The visuals increase employee engagement, understanding, and communication and drive productivity. Animations also help employees learn faster.

This article will help you learn why animations are essential for business communication and how you can create animated videos on Anireel. So, without further ado, let's dig right in!

Part 1 Benefits of Animations For Corporate Communications

You will need more than just a compelling title to grab the audience's attention. A short, interactive, and fun animated video will do the trick. Here are the key benefits of animated corporate communications videos:

Grabs Your Employees' Attention

Don't expect your employees to read long emails and circulars. No one wants to spend extra time reading when they have lots of work. However, sharing a brief animated video will grab your employee's attention and deliver the message much more effectively. Moreover, animated business videos evoke emotions that spark a conversation with the audience.

Simplifies Complex Topics

Animated videos bring any topic alive. No matter how boring a subject may be, animations make the concepts exciting and easier to understand. Want employees to communicate better? Use animated infographics to tell them how!

Improves Productivity

When your employees see animated corporate videos, it reduces fatigue and keeps them productive. They are more likely to grasp the knowledge in the video and implement them in their work life.

Makes Work Fun

Work becomes more interesting when you add an element of entertainment to it. So if you want to educate or talk business with your employees, animated videos will do the job. Your corporate video becomes funnier and more engaging with animations.

They Are Versatile

Animated corporate video works fine for any kind of internal communication need. You can use them for:

❖ Infographics

❖ Training videos

❖ Onboarding videos

❖ Walkthrough videos

❖ Announcement or updated videos

❖ Live or recorded company meetings

❖ Troubleshooting videos

They Are Cost-Effective

Animated videos are less costly than printed documents, live demos, and live videos. Live video production can cost thousands as you will get equipment, actors, and settings. However, an animated corporate video only takes a bit of time and can be created by anyone. All you need is animation software, voiceover, script, and storyboard.

Now, let's move on and see how you can create animated corporate communications strategy videos.

Part 2 Corporate Communications Template

Wondershare Anireel is free software that allows users to make animated videos with visual illustrations. The software offers a plethora of free templates as a quick getaway to create professional animated videos quickly and easily.

Designing animations for corporate communications with Anireel's Corporate Communications template is as easy as pie. This template allows you to make interactive professional corporate videos for internal communications and presentations. You can add the script to be displayed on the video to enhance clarity. Thus, Anireel makes it easy to connect to your employees in no time.

Read on to learn how to create an animated video with this template.

Part 3 How To Make an Animated Video of Corporate Communication?

Here is a detailed walkthrough on how you can make an animated video of Mediacom corporate communication using a free template on Anireel.

1.Determine Content

No piece of communication is complete without content. To determine the content of your animated video, here is what you need to do:

Determine the audience:Your audience is the people who will watch your video and benefit from the information in the video. Knowing your audience will help you set the tone, complexity, vocabulary, and video length.

Determine the purpose:Determine what you want to communicate with the audience and the type of animations you want. For example, you will better explain budgets and forecasts by tabular data and statistics.

Determine the way users reach: The final step is to understand how the users reach your videos. Will it be accessible through email, company website, etc.?

2.Using Anireel

You can either create a video from scratch or use Anireel’s templates to make videos easily in half the time.

Using a Template

Anireel has a variety of pre-made templates like ‘Corporate Communications’ to help you save time and skip many complex steps of creating an animated video. Follow these steps to create a video using a template:

Download and launch Wondershare Anireel on your PC.

In the Home tab, select the Business Publicity tab.

Home Tab

A variety of business communications templates will appear. Select Corporate Communications and click on Use this template.

Corporate Communications Template

A new window will open. Select all the scenes, props, and animations for your video. Add in the script and audios.

Editing the template

Once done, save and export your work.

Creating from Scratch

Create an animated video from scratch using Anireel’s multiple tools. Add script, symbols and stickers. You can also add a voiceover to your video. Once you are done, click ‘create’ to finalize your video and export it to save it to your PC.

Creating animations from scratch

Wondershare Anireel

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Part 4 Get Anireel!

Including animations in business and corporate communications is essential to enhance employee engagement and understanding. Moreover, it makes the boring corporate content more enjoyable. Anireel's Corporate Communications template is an excellent way to communicate your message with your employees quickly through visually appealing content. Download Anireel today and get started!