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Meta Description: Find all about the best character creator tools you might need and what they can do to help effortlessly make the animations of your dreams in the proceeding article.

These days, animations have become a key part of our routine lives. From video games to educational messages and marketing content, you can find an animated character almost everywhere. If you want to bring an animated character of your own to life, it can require some sharp crafting skills. Luckily, some tools can prove useful in making the process easier for you.

In the proceeding read, you can learn all about the top character creator tools in the market. These character creator software can help you bring your animations to life and help you create engaging content with minimum effort from your side. Let’s take a detailed look into these 2D character creator tools and what they can help you achieve in your animation.

Part 1: 5 Best Free Character Tools in the Market

Looking for the best character creator software to get your hands on? There is a wide range of animation tools to help you out in this regard. These tools vary in their ease of use to price. Here, you can find the top 5 character creator software to help bring out your creative strikes quickly and efficiently.

1. Wondershare Anireel

Anireel by Wondershare is one of the simplest character-creating solutions you can find in animation software. This tool is an easy-to-use animation creator and video maker that can help you build the character of your dreams.

Particularly suitable for beginners, Anireel offers a wide range of intuitive templates and designs that can help your character shine. You can even name your character and add it to your personalized collection of characters in this software.

Anireel allows its users to have full creative control over their designs and animations. You can choose the gender and body shape of your character. Moreover, Anireel allows you to change the facial features, skin tones, clothing, and other accessories of your character. If you are optimizing your video for brand promotion, you can even incorporate your logo into your character’s outfit.

Everything from sharing knowledge, storytelling, marketing, making tutorials, and more can be done using Anireel. With its helpful customization options, easy drag-and-drop features, built-in templates, and user-friendly interface, Anireel certainly excels as one of the best character creator tools currently out in the market.

anireel character creator tool

2. Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate is yet another remarkable character creator software that can help bring your creativity to life. Although this tool falls on the pricey end of the spectrum, its remarkable features and high-quality results make it worth it.

Using the intuitive toolset of Adobe Animate, you can sketch expressive characters of your choice. By adding simple frame-by-frame animations, you can even make your character blink, walk, talk, and add other movements easily. Animate even allows users to create interactive web banners that make your character respond to user interactions such as clicks and taps.

Creating life-like characters for your various needs is now a relatively easy task, owing to Adobe Animate. This software also supports an additional range of characters and soundtracks to make your animations more resourceful and charismatic.

adobe animate interface

3. Adobe Character Animator

Character Animator is an intuitive software by Adobe that can serve as an efficient character creator tool. Using the tool, you can now create high-quality animations with increased accessibility easily and efficiently.

This program can create characters that copy your expressions and movements. Character Animator also offers automatic lip-sync and body tracking, owing to the powerful AI of Adobe. It allows your character to track your every movement by using your webcam and microphone.

Character Animator provides a full range of customization for the characters, including building puppets and cartoons. This tool comes with inbuilt templates to help ease the process for you. You can also make your character change expressions or make gestures with a few simple clicks. Character Animator also offers integration with Adobe’s other software for extended support.

adobe character animator

4. Mango Animate

Looking for a character creator free of cost? The answer may lie in Mango Animate. It is a free 2D character creator and animation maker tool that can help construct powerful and precise animations in no time.

Using Mango Animate, you can turn your static images into animated characters quickly. This software also lets you change poses and apply dynamic animations to your character. You can also access its extensive characters library for a quick and trouble-free animation process.

Mango Animate also offers a pre-prepared motions library to save you time and effort. From facial expressions to body movements, you can add any motion to your project quickly and easily. This tool also offers a vast range of customization options to make your character as unique as you. It also guarantees results that are smart, smooth, and precise.

mango animate tool

5. Powtoon

Powtoon is a resourceful character creator tool that offers premium-quality animations quite effortlessly. You can create a character of your choice suitable for various purposes such as brand promotions, education, marketing, and much more.

Using Powtoon, you can customize your character in endless ways using its diverse toolset. From changing the facial features and skin tones to modifying the hair and accessories, Powtoon lets you do it all. The program comes loaded with a range of different poses and expressions to help add diversity and creativity to your characters.

Powtoon lets users create unique characters to represent themselves and what they believe in. Using Powtoon, you can enhance your visual experience with exciting characters and other animation tools.

powtoon character builder


Drawing up a character of your own asks for much effort and dedication. But with the right tools to guide you, even this tough process can feel breezy and stress-free.

With some of the best character creator tools mentioned above, you can now create little animated versions of yourself without going through much trouble. You can use your created characters for marketing, eLearning, training, communications, and various other purposes. You can boost your productivity and create engaging content using these best character creator tools.



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