Best Character Generator Software You Can Try Instantly

Meta Description: Do you want to design your animated videos flawlessly? Read this article to know about the best character generator software that will help you to design the videos perfectly.

A perfect and effective demonstration is required in both the educational and commercial sectors. For better comprehension and to direct the message, animated videos are the most suitable option to demonstrate. Professionals and teachers use 3D animated videos where they build customized characters and scenarios to make a complicated concept easier and more vibrant.

To effortlessly design animated characters and videos, you need to have knowledge about top character generator software in the market. By using a suitable character design generator, you can draw perfect illustrations and will have a better command to demonstrate complex concepts. Keep reading this article to find out about the best character generator software.

Part 1: Things to Consider While Selecting a Character Generator Software

Before selecting a character design generator, you should know about the basic requirements that you need in any character generator tool.

Specify your Goal

Ask yourself before starting what your aim is behind making the animated video. You should know what the actual purpose of your animated video is and how you are going to represent the message. If you start without making a roadmap, things may get chaotic, and you won't be able to achieve the desired result.

Make sure that you have an idea about how you are going to design the characters, backgrounds, and the whole pattern. Perfect planning before starting up can save your time, and the task will be executed flawlessly.

Required Features

An animation video is created and designed by utilizing numerous features. That’s why your cartoon character generator must consist of some of the basic features to craft an animated video perfectly. For instance, it should have an option to change the outfit and color of your character so that you can adjust it easily. Also, it must consist of a feature to change genders so that you can design your characters accordingly.

Facial expressions and motion tracking are other requirements that your character generator must have to fulfill the demand of an animated video.

Easy User Interface

Some professional character creation generators have a very complex user interface that can be a problem for beginners. Make sure to choose a character generator with a friendly user interface that is easy, to begin with.

Reasonable Pricing

Keep in mind to use reliable yet reasonable character generator software that you can use in the future also. Carefully read the subscription plans of character generator software and then decide whether you want to use their platform or not.

Part 2: 5 Best Character Generator Software You Can Find in the Market

In this part, we have enlisted the 5 best cartoon character generators through which you can design characters free and instantly.

1. Wondershare Anireel

If you want to promote or endorse your brand, Wondershare Anireel is the best choice to design animated videos in which you can introduce characters with variations. You can adjust the skin tone, shape, hair, features, and outfits of your character. Also, you can include your brand’s name on the character’s outfit and can do the brand endorsement.

If you want to design animated videos for educational or business purposes, you can begin by choosing from their pre-made templates. After selecting an appropriate template, you can start with editing by adding soundtracks, video footage, props, texts, and actions. To give attention to details, you can add assets in the background and can adjust them by resizing and changing their colors. This character generator also allows you to import images and sound clips that you can adjust accordingly.

wondershare anireel interface

2. Stubborn Generator

Stubborn Generator functions as an incredible cartoon character generator that gives you numerous options to show your creativity in the characters. You can pick and choose various styles, skin colors, haircuts, and face cuts of your customized character with a single click. Once done with building the character, you can adjust the ambiance of the animated video by creating suitable backgrounds.

This powerful tool provides you with creative samples so that you can get the motivation to start your project. It has a range of styles and vibrant outfits that you can use in designing your character according to the situation. It also has the feature of adding props such as vehicles, furniture, buildings, and other essential accessories. By combining all the elements, you can easily design your desired animated character.

stubborn generator

3. Animaker

Animaker is an online character creation generator that works perfectly in crafting beautiful messages, wishes in the form of a 2D animated video. If you are in a hurry, you don't have to start from scratch as you can use their offered templates and can begin your animated drawing. You can craft your desired scenario by applying 2D backgrounds, props, and assets.

For example, if you want to design an attractive birthday wish, you can build your character and can add animated text to wish your loved one. After done with animating texts and props, you can import music clips and can add them instantly through this online platform. Once done with creating a 2D animated video, you can download it and share it on various platforms.

animaker online tool

4. Adobe Animate

Do you want to create cartoons and doodles for your interactive learning session? Use Adobe Animate as a cartoon character generator to illustrate interesting characters within minutes. This platform enables the users to design expressive characters by enhancing their features and integrating music with them. By doing so, you can interact with the audience in an attractive way and can influence them easily.

This tool has a key feature of the frame-to-frame animation through which you can make your character walk, laugh, run and talk easily. You can control and modify their movements easily and can give a natural touch. Afterward, you can export the vibrant illustration directly to other websites and online platforms.

adobe animate interface

5. Adobe Character Animator

Adobe Character Animator is another amazing option that can design characters for free and allows users to live stream their animated video. It does not take time to generate animated outputs; as a result, you can quickly make evident changes in your animated characters. You can use your microphone and webcam to give live streaming of your animated objects. Also, it has an automatic lip-sync feature that can give it a natural outlook.

Another fantastic feature of this tool is that you can bring out certain expressions of your character through keyboard shortcuts. Thus, you can change the expressions and movements of your customized character with a single click and in real-time.

 adobe character animator


There are various options of character generator software in the market, and choosing the most suitable option can be hard. We recommend Wondershare Anireel as the best option for your convenience as it includes all advanced features to design characters and has a friendly user interface. Also, it has a reasonable subscription plan and consists of amazing options that make it cost-effective.



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