How the Lean Project Management Industry is Using Anireel to Find Clients!

Part1 What is Lean Project Management?

As traditional project management is structured through phases that separate planning from execution, Lean Project Management enables employees to deliver faster workload through managing workflow efficiently and focusing on the mission of the company by seeing the perspective of customers.

In fact, Nike, a popular clothing and shoes company is using Lean Project Management to create a performance and sustainable company that doesn’t require too many waste materials or money.

This means that the whole core principle of this kind of management is rooted in the needs of customers. And the company can only identify its objectives, criteria, brand, and deliverables through the former.

Using animated videos to clarify the requirements that seem to be unclear at the beginning is very helpful. Because Lean Projects objectifies that not directly solving the problem is just a wasted resource as well as the time of people behind it.

Part 2 What is meant by Lean Project?

There are a lot of beneficial principles that can be offered by Lean Projects. One of which is to specify the project’s value in the mind of the customers. In line with this, valuable streams of the map will show the entire process of how you can create the project without wasting resources or compromising its quality of it.

If you are looking at how you can create Lean Project Management by creating animated videos, you can follow the preceding steps below:

1. First, you need to determine what are the needs of your company. Whether you’re lacking of excellent customer service or failing to innovate. Knowing this will help you create a better management that suits your niche.

2. Second, learning about the audience that may or may not be your customers.

3. Third, the mission, objectives, goals, and vision of the company is important. You have to know the first thing that got you here and start thinking from there.

4. Lastly, you have to decide where your audience can reach you. This includes contact, branch, or some personal information.

Using Anireel

1) Download the Anireel app. This application is compatible with Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 (64-bit OS).


2) Next is you have to look what’s the best template that suits your niche. Make sure to utilize Anireel’s ready-made template videos so you won’t have to create any other templates from the scratch. Yes, they made it easy like that!

anireel templates

3) Finally, modify the video and export.

Part 3 How do you do a lean project?

A lean project aims to deliver a project that focuses on value and productivity than waste. Meaning, people do this systematically by eliminating the waste in the process of lean management. In order for it to work, a lean project should rely upon continuous improvement by conducting current state analysis.

Lean project examples

Some examples of lean are Deming Cycle, Lean Six Sigma, and Kanban. All of which are popular for using lean project management methods that ascend lean tools and equipment needed for the process. These Lean project examples are proven to be frontrunners in the reliable, successful completion of quality projects.

Lean project management methodology

There are many concepts and principles of lean project management you can find out there. But considering its methodology to design the process should include the three different models of lean projects – conversion, value, and flow..

However, there are four stages necessary to improve the methodology and these are Diagnosis or Evaluation, Changes implementation, Control, and Standardization. Once successful, you can get the lean value which is a thing that the customer is willing to pay for.