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The importance of visual merchandising has been recognized by many successful businesses. Visual merchandising uses floor plans, the color of the store, lighting, innovation, technology, and other elements just to attract customer attention.

There are times that people often see displays and visual merchandising as the same thing. But keep in mind that display refers to the artistic aspects of presenting a product or service to motivate customers in purchasing a product. Whereas, visual merchandising encompasses all the visual and artistic aspects of the whole business environment to attract and engage target consumers.

Part1 Visual Merchandising techniques

If you are thinking to open a retail business, there are lots of visual merchandising you can do to make sure that your business and its brand have stores that are equipped with enough visual merchandising to generate sales.

It is also proven that visual merchandising projects will enhance the core of your business, as long as your customers have an easier path to understand the creative concept of your brand. Therefore, knowing different visual merchandising techniques will be helpful. The following are some of the many methods you can do:

1. Improve the store layout – Once your customer entered your store, their path to the shop should be physically mapped out. Meaning, you can urge your customers to buy something by arranging product sales, payment areas, escalators, or products on the counter that increase their chances to make a purchase.

2. Create wall-mounted displays – Old methods of putting wall-mounted displays has three different sections that perform specific functions. But the innovative method is by putting lights on it that maximize the visibility of the display.

3. Putting animated videos in the front – If you want to showcase your products through a complex and brief style, animated videos are perfect! It’s also easy to make and won’t cost too much of your time. To learn how to make one, follow the preceding steps:

(1) Determining the things your company needs is the first step you have to do. Once you’ve done, all the next steps will be easier.

(2) It’s important that you know how to identify your target audience. Whether it’s your family, friends, work colleagues, etc.

(3) The mission and vision of the company is just as important of your audience. So make sure to review it first before deciding on how your videos will look like.

(4) Decide how you want the users/audience to reach you. Branch, contact, and other personal information will do.

Part 2 Using Anireel

1) Download the Anireel app. This app is compatible with Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 (64-bit OS).


2) Second, you have to know the most suitable template for your niche. It’s important that you use the available Anireel templates so you can avoid creating templates from the scratch.

anireel templates

3) And finally, it’s time to modify the video and export.

Indeed, visual merchandising is one of the keys that will make your business soar high in the industry. Without it, there are some tendencies that you won’t be able to follow innovation and the streamline of trends in the economy. There are many visual merchandising examples you can find out there so you don’t have to worry about running out of ideas!

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