How To Make An Online Education Course for Kids?

The education system plays an essential role in shaping the perceptions and concepts of children. The thought processes of these young minds can not be evolved with the conventional teaching techniques. Tutors need to modernize the education drive to connect with this tech-savvy generation of learners.

Animations offer a good solution to this problem. They help students learn faster and better. This article will walk you through the advantages of the inclusion of animations into education courses and introduce you to Anireel, which aids you in creating animated videos effortlessly. So without further ado, let’s discuss the pros of animations.

Part 1 Uses of Animations

Dynamic concepts are harder to explain with still slides and static images. Animations offer the benefit of demonstrating concepts in a lively and engaging manner. Research has proven that illustrations tend to be retained in memory for longer than wordy lectures. Following are some important benefits of the use of animations.

1.Visuals Attract More

Animations use visuals to attract viewers. The concept is played in sequence for an illusion of movement to demonstrate it. Scientists agree that virtually taught concepts are retained in memory for longer. They take away the boredom and keep you interested and engaged.

The animated presentations and videos make the concept simpler and more understandable, even for the poor-performing students. The reason is simple- appealing visuals ignite the cognitive and creative centers of the brain and make children motivated to study harder. The images are preserved in their memory for longer because this offers experiential learning.

2.Break Down Abstract Concepts

Animations make education courses fun and interesting. Many concepts are either too big, too small, or too complex to observe and understand by a human. These sciences of the world can be made easy by animated illustrations. Animations take on an interactive learning approach and simplify these abstract concepts.

The visual illustrations motivate kids to explore the complex dimensions of study. Lessons narrated in the form of stories improve comprehension and demonstrate concepts in a fun and colorful way.

3.Flexible Learning

Video-based learning is an effective method of learning owing to its flexibility in learning. Learners of any age can take advantage of these interactive learning modules. The visual illustrations are appealing to all groups of ages. They can easily connect with the topics.

Furthermore, animated learning has the advantage of not being confined to schools and classrooms. Students can learn according to their comfort, irrespective of time and space. It also offers a more convenient and affordable means of learning. The e-learners can benefit from them anytime, anywhere.

4.Better Engagement

Many concepts are complex and require a broader take on teaching techniques to clarify students. Animated videos offer a concise and colorful getaway to conventional teaching methods. The inclusion of graphics and audio makes teaching exciting and more participatory.

Learners interact and comprehend the education course better. Interactive classes will keep students focused and encourage them to learn it faster.

5.Enhances Imagination

Animations can teleport students to an entirely different world of virtual reality. People can learn and experience unimaginable concepts through them. This instigates their imaginations and allows them to ponder over them to create abstract images in their mind. Moreover, this gives an insight into how technology works and how it can convert the unimaginable into virtual reality.

These were some uses of animated videos in education courses. Creating them is a piece of cake with Wondershare Arineel. Let’s see how you can create your own visually illustrated lecture using Arineel’s pre-made template.


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Part 2 Anna Education Template

Anireel is a professional and free animation software that allows users to express their creativity and include visual illustrations in their presentations. With millions of free templates, the application provides a quick getaway to create animated videos in no time at all.

Designing animations for educational courses is a breeze with Arineel’s Education and Teaching templates. They offer compelling and stimulating learning modules that facilitate optimum learning for the children. If you aim to make these illustrations for primary and secondary kids, the Anna Education template will be a great choice to begin with.

Anna Education illustrates a class and demonstrates the interaction between the tutor ‘Anna’ and her students. All the main points of the script are displayed on the video to enhance clarity. This is an exciting way to connect to your students. Read on to learn how to create an animated video with this template.

Part 3 How To Make An Animated Video?

Just follow the steps below to create the most professional animations in no time.

1.Determine your content

● The first step is to know your audience. You should know who will watch your video, as this will help you decide the content and tone. Acknowledge the age of your audience to maintain the complexity, vocabulary, and video length.

● Next, determine the purpose of your video. Make sure that you are clear about what type of illustrations you want to create. Social science subjects like economics and business will be better explained by statistics while engineering and science subjects by diagrams and graphs.

Similarly, advertisement videos will be more fun and informal, while educational videos will be formal and interactive. Hence, be very clear about the aim of making this video.

● The final step is to understand how the users reach your videos. Will it be accessible through the Play store/AppStore, Youtube, or a website? This aids in determining the tone and the audience of your illustration.

2.Using Arineel

You can either create a video from scratch or use Arineel’s templates to omit many steps of video making and complete your task in half the time.

The visual illustrations motivate kids to explore the complex dimensions of study. Lessons narrated in the form of stories improve comprehension and demonstrate concepts in a fun and colorful way.

Using A Template

Arineel has a variety of pre-made templates like the ‘Anna Education Class’ to help you save time and skip many complex steps of creating a video. These templates offer an excellent escape, especially when you are short on time and do not wish to put your creativity to work.

1. Download and launch Wondershare Arineel on your PC.

2. In the Home tab, select the Education and Teaching tab.

Home Tab

3. A variety of education course templates will appear. Select the Anna Education Class and click on Use this template.

Anna Education Class Template

4. A new window will open. Select all the scenes, props, and animations for your video. Add in the script and audios.

Editing the template

5. Once done, save and export your work.

Creating from Scratch

distinctiveness in work. You need to first plan out a good script for a fresh start. Once done, create the animations. Arineel has millions of animated symbols and stickers to help you out. The final step is to add a voiceover to your video. Make sure the audio is loud, clear, and cohesive. Click ‘create’ to finalize your video and export it to save it to your computer.

“Creating animations from scratch”

Wondershare Anireel

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Part 4 Bottom Line

Including animations in education courses is essential to take a break from conventional learning techniques and make education enjoyable. Anna’s Education Class is an excellent template for effective-in-class and even off-class learning. The template's depiction of a class environment and variable scenarios offers versatility and visually appealing content. A change in the lesson architecture can motivate learners and promote their potential.