You Think You Know What Anime Is

Anime is a cultural phenomenon that has taken over the world at a rapid pace. Check out everything that you need to know about it.

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These days, one can find anime almost everywhere! But, this is where an important question pops up: what does anime mean, and what led to the exponential rise in its popularity?

what does anime mean

Part 1 Why Anime is More Popular Now Than Ever?

Gone are those days when anime was believed to be a form of a cartoon designed for entertaining children. Today, they have emerged as one of the most appealing mediums of entertainment with gross revenue of over 24 billion dollars, and the value increases by 10% every single year.


Coming back, what exactly made anime more popular now more than ever? Well, let's find the answer to this billion-dollar question together.

The massive never-ending popularity of anime can be credited to:

1. Marvelous Creativity

Marvelous Creativity

Amazing visuals, stellar characters, incredible music, and an inspiring storyline- anime is the storehouse of creativity. The best part is that they come in different genres, which means there is something for everyone.

2. Great Visuals

Great Visuals

One can never challenge anime in terms of visuals. As that's what the concept of animation is all about. Apart from the spark of creativity, it's the visuals that make the story fresh and unique.

With anime::

Characters are designed to be as wonderfully realistic as possible.

Backgrounds connect with the audience in a way that TV shows or movies can't.

Animations provide creators endless possibilities- something that conventional movies may not offer.

3. Soul-Stirring Life Lessons

Soul-Stirring Life Lessons

Many times, anime focus on lessons that will make you rethink several aspects of life. It's more about running deep into a particular message that the anime is trying to convey through its flawlessly designed characters.

Part 2 Is Anime Okay for Young Kids?

Anime Okay for Young Kids

It's common to be skeptical about whether anime stands to be kid-friendly or not. But, just the two sides of the same coin, watching animations can have its own set of benefits and a few drawbacks too.

Pros of Anime for Young Kids:

A major pro of anime is that it's 100% different from other common shows. Hence, one would never get enough of anime even after watching over 100 episodes.

Engaging anime also teach kids valuable lessons about discipline, the importance of being kind & compassionate, and paint a realistic picture of the world around them.

Most anime shows grow with your kids. It's like both the child and the anime grow together, and this is something that no over-show will ever be able to achieve.

Cons of Anime for Young Kids:

Despite having immense value, not all anime is safe for young kids.

Since children connect with animations in no time, they are more prone to being addicted to the animations as well.

While anime does open up a child's mind to different perspectives, it makes them experience intense emotions at a tender age.

Part 3 What Is Anime? A Brief History of Anime Genres

Confused about anime meaning? 'Anime'- the word originated from Japan that means animation. And now, every form of cartoon and animated show made in Japan is broadly classified as anime.

There are several shocking facts associated with anime meaning and its history:

1. Anime is Over 100 Years Old

While one might assume anime to be a work of modern innovation, but the history dates back to 100 years when the first-ever anime tiled- Namakura Gatana came into existence in 1917. It was a silent movie, made from classic cutout animation techniques.

Anime is Over 100 Years Old

2. Greatly Influenced by Disney

The God Father of Anime- Osamu Tezuka who has created over 700 manga was highly influenced by the style of Disney characters and borrowed the same for creating similar anime characters, and soon this emerged to be a trend of the industry.

Greatly Influenced by Disney

3. Astro Boy Become First-Ever Televised Anime

Anime had predated the arrival of TVs, and so the first-ever show that made its debut on the TV screen was Astro Boy. Though it was a fine anime, yet was pretty far from being an ideal anime.

Astro Boy

4. Ideas for Anime Came From Manga

The anime canon in the 1960s and 70s always came from the manga. But, what does canon mean in anime? It refers to the original piece of work or an authentic storyline of an anime. While this does happen today as well, modern animations may not always consider light novels, video games, or manga as the prime source material.

Ideas for Anime Came From Manga

5. Advanced Technology Reshaped Animation Techniques

With the development of modern techniques, animation began to change. Earlier cutout animation was the only preferred method, but by the 20th century, the industry was ruled by hand-drawn anime characters. This evolved anima meaning, as advanced methods like computer-generated imagery (CGI) were introduced.

Advanced Technology

Part 4 Learn to Make Unique Animations with Scripts

Want to know the secret to make enticing animation with scripts? Here's all that you need:

Step1Find a story idea
Find a story idea

You do require specific characters and scenes for making a great animation. But, both would be of no use without an exceptional storyline. Look for a story idea that relates to the message that you are willing to convey.

Step2Have detailed descriptions
Have detailed descriptions

Anime is different from other live-action videos, so the description of your scripts should be highly detailed.

Emphasize on:

  • Character Description:The anime character is a critical element that needs to be designed to perfection. For this, you can choose Wondershare Anireel Data that lets you create custom anime characters in quick and simple steps.
  • Scene Description:Anime scripts can be set on any location, but the one that you select must align with the theme of the story.
  • Prop Description:Like scenes, even props that are part of the anime are of equal importance. This can be things like a house, car, or anything that is associated with the character of anime.
Step3Storyboard and complete the anime
Storyboard and complete the anime

Once you have a story and detailed descriptions, the last part is to combine them on a storyboard. Thanks to the remarkable features of Anireel Data, you can effortlessly drag and drop anime characters into the pre-designed storyboard of your choice.


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Key Takeaways from This Episode

Scripts are a vital aspect of anime, it makes them what they are today.

Creating lively and engaging anime can be simplified with the use of a premium app like Anireel.

If you haven't made anime videos part of your marketing, then you are missing out on a huge portion of the potential audience.



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