15 Best Free Anime Streaming Sites to Kickstart Your 2021 Anime Tour

Anime websites are generally those sites that offer you a collection of animation videos, movies, and TV Shows online. You can find the best anime videos by filtering them using the language, quality, year, and season on these sites.

Now a day in the world of smartphones people can directly enjoy videos using online websites with the help of their smartphones.

Free Anime Streaming

Due to the popularity of the anime series, cartoon shows, and TV shows now a day there are several free anime streaming sites available over the internet which allows you to browse the videos online for free. In this article, we are going to discuss these websites.

Part 1 15 Best Anime Streaming Sites in 2021 (Free & Paid)

1. Crunchyroll

Monthly Visitors: 67.32 Million

Crunchyroll is a very popular platform that offers you thousands of anime videos for free of cost. Crunchyroll offers you free as well as paid videos so you can subscribe for the premium version as well to get more features from the website.

Key Features:

The website interface is easy to use.

You can find thousands of videos for free.

It offers you the latest updated videos every day.


2. Kissanime

Monthly Visitors:50.23 Millions

Kissanime is also one of the most popular free anime streaming websites which allows you to browse the best animation videos from all over the world. This website offers you several categories of videos such as horror, sports, comedy, action, drama, Sci-Fi, and many more other types of videos.

Key Features:

It offers you videos of different qualities and supports from the 240P to 1080P videos.

The website enables you to browse videos of your choice from any category.

Kissanime allows you to browse animated movies as well.


3. 9anime

Monthly Visitors410.93K Visitors

9anime is the best and easiest to use free anime streaming website which offers you millions of free animation videos to enjoy. This website is used by billions of users worldwide to stream online content. It also offers you to access the dubbed videos in your language. The most-watched videos on this website are Naruto, Psycho, and Death Note.

Key Features:

9anime website enables you to access the latest anime videos for free.

You can stream the latest popular anime series as well on this website.

The website allows you to stream content in HD quality as well.


4. Animenana

Monthly Visitors:20 Millions

Animenana is another best free anime streaming website where you can find high-quality anime TV shows and videos free of cost. This website offers you a very good loading speed, easy-to-use interface, and reliable content of your choice. It allows you to adjust the video quality from 340 Pixel to 1080 Pixels so you can view content according to your internet speed.

Key Features:

Animenama offers you more than 20 different types of genre movies and TV shows.

It allows you to filter the movies and videos according to the different aspects such as rating, status, letter, year, etc.

You can directly browse the latest and popular videos from the website.


5. AnimeLab

Monthly Visitors:4.10 Million

AnimeLab is also a powerful free anime streaming website that offers you thousands of anime videos for free. This website also allows you to view Japanese anime TV shows and videos for free of cost. If you want to view videos of this website then you need to create a free account then only you can enjoy the content of the website.

Key Features:

The animal provides subbed and dubbed versions of the anime videos.

This website can be used directly on Android and iOS devices.

It updates the latest videos very fast.


6. AnimeLab

Monthly Visitors:14.43 Millions

Anime-Planet, as the name of the website, implies that this website allows you to browse anime videos online free of cost without any effort. There are different types of categories offered on the website which offers you manga, anime, & characters main categories and many other categories under the main. This helps you a lot in searching for the right content for what you want to watch.

Key Features:

Using Animeplanet you can easily browse mostly all characters and their videos which you love to watch.

Their website is free anime streaming site so you don't need to spend anything to watch the videos.

It also offers you free manga to read online without spending anything.


7. Viz

Monthly Visitors: Monthly Visitors:

Viz website is a website from the American publisher which offers many types of videos and manga for free. The website mainly focuses on online manga but with the manga, there are many anime videos also offered by the Viz. Viz allows you to access thousands of manga for free as well as you can get more in the premium version.

Key Features:

The website has manga and anime videos both types of options.

It allows you to access the content free of cost.

You can find mostly all manga here on this website.


8. AnimeHeaven

Monthly Visitors:11.91 Million

AnimeHeaven is the best free anime streaming online website for anime lovers. The people who like to watch anime videos, this website is great as it allows you to access the animation videos on Android and iOS devices as well just by using the website application.

Key Features:

It offers you online animation videos for free of cost.

There is no need to do any survey or download; you can simply start browsing the latest anime videos.

Animeheaven allows you to get the premium version of the website as well where you browse the premium content with ease.


9. MyAnimeList

Monthly Visitors: Monthly Visitors:

MyAnimeList is a very large free anime streaming website that claims that they have the largest database of anime videos. This website also offers you anime social options which allow you to read reviews about the series before starting watching them. MyAnimeList as the name of this website implies you can easily create lists of your favorite anime series.

Key Features:

You can create a list of series which you want to watch.

It enables you to find people with the same interest because of social networking.

There is a manga store also available for manga lovers on the website.


10. Contv

Monthly Visitors: 230.73K

Conti is a very unique anime streaming website where you can find many different types of videos from movies, comics, anime, and even TV series. This is a one-stop solution for all your online streaming videos as it offers you very Hollywood movies as well.

Key Features:

It provides you with animation videos, horror movies, and many other types of videos for free.

You can find intro videos, comic videos, and many more anime videos on the website.

The website is free of cost for all users but to get additional features you need to buy the paid plan of the website.


11. Asian Crush

Monthly Visitors:343.35K

Asian Crush website is a very nice option for anime lovers to view and enjoy the anime videos in their browser. This website offers you anime movies and shows of your choice. Most of the videos of this website are available for free but to get access to premium content of the website you need to buy the premium version. In the premium version, you can get access to thousands of the latest movies and anime videos.

Key Features:

• The website offers you to enjoy anime movies as well as TV shows.

• It has more than 20 types of different genre movies and videos.

• The website is available to view the content in 9 countries.

Asian Crush

12. Hulu

Monthly Visitors: Monthly Visitors:

Hulu is the most popular website around the world to view the latest videos after YouTube. Hulu offers you several different types of content. This is not just an anime website but also allows you to browse the latest Hollywood movies and TV shows. This is a free anime streaming website but it also offers you a premium version to get access to the most popular videos.

Key Features:

Hulu is the most popular website around the world.

It offers you Hollywood movies as well.

You can also view the latest TV shows on the website.


13. GoGoAnime

Monthly Visitors:9.2 Millions

GoGoAnime website provides you with the most popular and latest anime episodes and movies. It mostly updates the latest episodes daily so you can easily access the latest episodes quickly. This website mainly focuses on Japanese animation videos but it also offers you the latest English services as well. For the English series, you need to rely on the subtitles on the movies.

Key Features:

It offers all types of Japanese animation videos.

You can find the latest animation series and videos on the website.

It provides you with movies, TV shows, and short animation videos.


14. Funimation

Monthly Visitors:16.77 Millions

Funimation is a free anime streaming website where you can browse the latest dubbed without any issue. On this website, you can easily find mostly all anime series dubbed in the English language. It can be accessed in a few countries specific regions only.

Key Features:

Funimation offers you the latest services and episodes.

You can try the website videos for free in the trial version.

The free version of the website comes with ads but you can easily enjoy ads-free videos in the premium version.


15. TubiTV

Monthly Visitors:21.69 Millions

TubiTV is another good website for animation video lovers. TubiTV is a 100% free anime streaming website where you can enjoy anime videos without spending anything. Instead of charging money from the viewers it directly generates revenue from the ads shown in the videos just like YouTube. The website is capable of working on mostly all types of devices.

Key Features:

It allows you to view the videos on Android, iOS, and computers.

You don't need to spend anything to view the premium content on this website.

The website has a very clean interface and offers you more than 40000 titles of different categories.


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Most of the websites offer you free videos, and you can choose which one you like.

We hope now you can enjoy the exciting videos of your choice.

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