The Best Ever Ways to Make a Stunning Magic Tricks Explained Video

You must all be aware of the term “Magic”. What do you deem magic is all about? Is it real or imagination related to viewing things? We will discuss some of the adequate information regarding the magic and reveals the secret behind them. There are various magic trick explained videos available over the Internet that are engaging and explain the secret behind the magic.

The magician's skill lies in keeping the audience frozen in expectation of a following innovative trick. There is also a perception that magicians can do such tricks that deft the universe and atmosphere of awe made by them during their show performance. This led the audience to believe that it was not a trick, but it happened in real-time.

We will discuss some of the most well-known magic tricks which amazed the audience for a long time. Let us look over the famous magic trick from an innovative and scientific angle to demonstrate the secret behind the magician's trick.

The magic trick explained videos would also help the audience receive the clear message of how magician has carried out trick effectively by engaging them in their performance. Therefore, if you are looking to learn magic or even understand the secret behind the magic trick, please pay attention to each video trick explained.

01 Are Magic Tricks Explainer Videos Real?

1. What are the most famous magic tricks?

The magic trick is something that provides a feeling of excitement and pleasure to the audience. The audiences, especially kids, are well fascinated by the trick and even try it in their homes. Some of the easy card trick magic has also been purchased by kids who play and share with their friends.

While coming to famous magic tricks, there is a need to understand that there are plethoras of tricks carried out by magicians for a long time. Therefore, it completely depends on the audience which magic trick seems fascinating and entertaining to them. We have tried to include some of the significant tricks that are quite popular among the wide audience and are listed below:

• Magic Trick 1: Sawing an individual in half

• Magic Trick 2: The torn banknote

• Magic trick 3: The disappearing cup

2. What is the secret behind magic?

• Magic Trick 1: Sawing an individual in half

Secret Revealed:

We all have seen the trick with shocking expression, in which the magician cuts a person in half? It is one of the most prevalent tricks which are well entertained by the audience. You might be eager to know the secret behind it. It is surprising for you to know that magician accompanies two assistants inside its box.

sawing in a half

• Magic Trick 2: The torn banknote

For a long time, people have been shocked with the expression" how the magician managed to tear the folded note in half suitable whole facing the audience, and later unfold to show that it is entirely undamaged? You must always be curious to know that how a magician managed to do such a trick. Let us explain to you the secret behind the magic.

Secret Behind Magic Trick:

The secret behind the magic trick is the cunning use of the pencil. It is later divided by cutting it in half diagonal and becoming a strong magnet on both sides. Due to such, it facilitates the banknote to be getting passed via two magnetized halves and remain safe.

nota magic

Magic trick 3: The disappearing cup

It is quite a famous magic trick carried out by the magician in which the glass of water is placed on the table covered with a cloth. When the magician lifts the cloth and throws it into the air, the cloth falls on the floor, and the glass of water gets disappeared.

This left the individual with a feeling of excitement and astonishment how the magician can perform such? You might also want to know the secret behind these magic tricks. These magic tricks explained in videos give you the best answer!

Secret Behind Magic Trick:

cup trick magic

This trick is two-fold, which means a wire ring has been sewn into the cloth, making the audience feel that glass is underneath the cloth. The cup is lowered into a secret pouch as there is a small hole made in the table that the audience cannot view.

3. Are you curious about magic tricks explained video?

The Magic trick explained videos are created to understand the secret behind it, so it is quite apparent that you will prefer watching to understand it. If you are a “magic lover,” you can even try it. The magic trick explained video is short as it gives the details regarding the secret; therefore, if you are looking to make videos, keep it short of engaging the audience.

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The magic trick entertains the audience for an extended period, and people love to spend time watching magic with their family to spend a nice week. In the next section, we will let you know how to create a magic trick you explain and give an audience a clear message.

02 The Most Efficient Techniques to Create Magic Tricks Explainer Videos

After understanding the description of the magic explained videos, it is essential to understand the basic requirements to be fulfilled by the explainer video. If you are looking to create it “yourself”, there is a need to consider some points to deliver interactive and engaging videos.

As the name suggests, explainer video refers to the video that explains the process or event to the audience in a simple manner. Keep the content of the video simple to make it well accepted by the majority of the audience.

The best way to create a magic trick explained video is to consider “yourself” as a customer and review the video accordingly to determine whether it looks appealing. If you are a novice looking to make and edit the explained videos, the guide below will help you make an explainer video easily.

• While you are making magic trick explained videos, make sure to watch the magic trick at least 2-3 times to understand the secret behind it.

• After reviewing the magic trick video or magician performance, make a video script considered a building block for an adorable video. It would be best to decide how to include content to engage the customer and simply provide a message.

Note: A solid video script is something that attracts users quickly and converts them into potential buyers. Try to include a” catchy “title of the explainer, or even a thumbnail that defines your main objective of making the videos.

• Use “cool graphics” and “music background “to video to make it look interactive and creative. However, they are identified as the second important aspect of explainer video; the script takes the first position.

• While creating an explainer video, make sure that voiceover and music background don’t intersect each other as it leads to disturbance of clear audio.

• You can edit the video and check the sound quality, as clarity is something that the audience is majorly focused upon.

• Now, instead of directly posting the magic trick explained video over the website, please review the video twice as a “listener” to find whether it looks fine? Once you are done, post videos on your website and landing page to attract customer’s minds to the information provided.

Might you be thinking this task would be too complex and requires a lot of effort? Then, you are right~! It is not an easy task. Therefore, we recommend you use Wonder Share Anireel, reliable software available for making and editing the explainer video in a quick interval of time.

Anireel is a famous tool with salient features It offers users different editing options to make their magic trick explained video quickly and creatively. The tool can be downloaded easily from the official website of Wonder share. It also includes different creation templates to get an opportunity to think about something unique and learn the process of making explainer videos easily.

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