Explainer Video Games Genres: Everything You Need to Know

Are you ready to make video games a part of your life and go on a roller coaster ride? Then, read on find out video games explained in detail in this article.

Most of us are familiar with explainer video games, but here is the answer for those who are not.

explainer video games

Playing video games can bring great joy and thrill to one's life. You can play video games for entertainment, bliss, relaxation, creativity, prevent boredom, or cope with stress.

Part 1 How Do You Explain Video Games to Someone?

1. How Does a Video Game Work?

Video games can work through a controller, joystick, keyboard, or motion-sensing device, generating visual feedback. The feedback is then displayed on any video display device like monitor, tv set, virtual reality headset or touchscreen. Video games can include haptic technology or can be augmented with audio feedback by headphones or speakers.

video games work

❶ Choose your platform

If you are looking for easy to set up or cheap option, purchase the latest generation of console like Switch, PS4, Xbox one to play new games.

❷ Find the game rating

You can find an explanation on the packaging or online description. Games that are rated M are for matured audiences, which can be 18 plus. These games may have disturbing scenes or extreme violence.

❸ Follow the system requirements

There are different games for different consoles. So, you must check your computer specifications against the requirements on the website or game packaging. There are mainly two sets of listed requirements:

❹ Get to know video reviews

Before purchasing an expensive video game, make sure to read the video reviews or a video review can be even better. The marketing hype may not be always true as games are a huge business today.

❺ Play video games of your favorite genres

You can choose among your preferred genres of video games. For example, animated video games, adult genre, adventure, sci-fi etc.

games explained

2. Why People Like Video Games?

Not one but there can be many reasons as why people like video games here are some of them:

❶ Helps you to relax

While there are intense and fast paced games, there are also some relaxing video games like 'Tetris effect', 'Firewatch', 'untitled Goose Game' that are relaxing as well as fun. Other games like 'Ark', 'Zelda' or 'Skyrim' lets you explore the open world along with providing relaxation.

❷ Provides you thrill as well as excitement

Video games let you experience the thrill of danger or excitement of doing adventurous things from the comfort of your home, for example, completing extreme missions, fighting a monster, flying on a pre-historic creature.

❸ Helps you cope up with stress

Everyday we face some stress or hardships in our lives. For example, the death of a relative, break up with your loved ones. Immersing yourself into the virtual world may allow you to forget your problems for sometimes and cope up with stress.

❹ To get freedom

If you are tired of an abusive or controlling family you can get a sense of power by playing video games. You may on a mission to complete, get competitive, or help a friend.

❺ To get success

People like to be successful after working hard. After working hard achieving success gives you a great relief.

Part 2 What is the Difference Between Online Games and Video Games?

The difference between online games and video games is online games can be played on the personal computers. In contrast, video games can be played on consoles that are an independent setup of hardware.


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Part 3 Top 8 Animation Video Games

No.1 Kingdom Hearts III

kingdom hearts 3

Release Time: 2019

Directors: Tai Yasue, Tetsuya Nomura, Masaru Oka

Stars: Jason Dohring, Haley Joel Osment, Alyson Stoner, David Gallagher

Votes: 1,788

No.2 Ratchet and clank: Rift Apart

ratchet clank

Release Time: 2021

Directors: Jerrica Cleland, Kevin Munroe

Stars: Jennifer Hale, David Kaye, Debra Wilson, James Arnold Taylor

Votes: 633

No.3 Lego Star Wars: The skywalker saga

lego star wars

Release Time: 2022

Directors: James McLoughlin

Stars: Billy Dee Williams, Sam Witwer, James Arnold Taylor, Naomi Ackie

No.4 M.U.G.E.N


Release Time: 1999

Directors: Haruo Sotozaki

Stars: Charles Martinet, Wayne Allwine, Mary Kay Bergman, Rodger Bumpass

Votes: 13

No.5 Doom Eternal

doom eternal

Release Time: 2022

Directors: Hugo Martin

Stars: Kevin Schon, Darin De Paul, Keith Silverstein, Jason Spisak

Votes: 2,062

No.6 Cookie Run: kingdom

cookie run

Release Time: 2021

Directors: Jamie Mortellaro, Amber Lee Connors

Stars: Christian Banas, Daniel Amerman, AmaLee, Zach Aguilar

Votes: 5

No.7 Fable III

fable 3

Release Time: 2010

Directors: Kevin McGill

Stars: Michael Fassbender, Stephen Fry, Naomie Harris, John Cleese

Votes: 2,600

No.8 Coraline


Release Time: 2009

Directors: Henry selick

Stars: Keith David, Dakota Fanning, Robert Bailey Jr, Kath Soucie

Votes: 1,453

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Some Final Thoughts

You can find a variety of video games online. They can be of any genres like strategy, sports, adventure, action, puzzle, fantasy, sci-fi.

Any time when life seems monotonous or boring you can play your favorite genre of video games to make your day exciting and thrilling.

Video games can be downloaded from online stores or you can play video games by visiting the official site of the games.



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