Best Explainer Video Tutorial on How to Make Your Own

Nowadays, no business owner does not know the importance of explainer videos. The fact is these are highly in demand as well as loved by the audience too as they are engaging and informative. You may create them on your own or can hire video maker companies to create such videos. Mentioned below are some amazing examples of these explainers and tutorials to create them.

Part 1 4 Types of Explainer Videos

Before you go for creating videos, you will need to know the different types of explainers. Here are four main types of explainer videos that you must know:

Live-Action Explainer Videos

In live-action explainers, the message or idea is conveyed by a person who acts according to the script. To make it more interesting companies add up the humor in these videos. These videos can be said best if you want to make a human touch or connection with the audience. The live-action explainer videos are more relatable. In making these videos you do not need any sort of designing skills. All you need is a camera and a good script. Also, you can highlight the product and give it a real-life touch.

Live streams on Social Media

Nowadays, there is no such person who is not active on social media. Also, the different social media platforms provide various ways to engage with the online world. One of the features is live streaming. It is a dynamic and engaging way to show your social media presence. You do not need any additional accessories or tools to go live on social media platforms. Being live-streamed on social media platforms helps you to get instant feedback. As a business, if you are going live then you can get instant feedback for your service and product.

Animated Explainer Videos

These are the commonest and most popular types of explainer videos. These have a visual nature and are comparatively very easy to create. They have immense popularity because people are fond of animation characters and what can be better than expressing your ideas and views in an animated form. Animated videos could be loved by people of all age groups. You can create animated explainers in many styles. Some of them include infographics, character-driven, motion graphics, and chalkboards, etc.

Whiteboard Explainer Videos

These types of explainers use a particular style and format to get the videos created. A whiteboard explainer includes a voice-over and music to illustrate the ideas. This is quite a trendy way to simplify complex ideas. These may be created using single color ink on the whiteboard or you can also make it colorful. These videos are best suitable for educational and learning videos but you can use them for any topic.

Part 2 5 Great Explainer Video Examples

When you are going to create explainer videos, you will want to see some explainers that have been quite popular amongst the audience. There are plenty of top explainer video examples to choose from and mentioned below are some of them:

1. Dollar shave club

One of the most inspiring and interesting examples of an explainer video is of the dollar shave club. Generally, these videos are live-action. These explainer videos are quite famous all over the world. The quality of these videos not only brings a huge business but also enhances the interest of the audience. The videos that are created are for the blade and razor industry. The videos clearly show the concept and services of the company. You can get a comedic description of the services that the company provides. They give a funny but clarified presentation of their business model. You will get a subscription-based and cost-effective service. The explainer videos are short but very much clear so that audience can get the best idea of the services of the company.

2. Med Mart

The explainer videos of this app are meant for the complicated topic of plastic surgery. The videos that are created by them tend to simplify the complex procedure of plastic surgery. The explainers give a clear description of how you can use their application. Also, these are successful in expressing the idea with the help of 3D animation. The videos could be said a little bit longer but the content that you get in it justifies the timing. You can get to know all the advantages in a short explainer video. Med mart generally uses the form of animated explainer videos. The videos and services that they provide are of the healthcare sector yet these are not complicated and explained in an easily understandable way.

3. Stitch Fix

If you want to know how a company masters in marketing strategy then you must watch the videos of stitch fix. They very effectively express the idea and goal of their company in an explainer video of just 30 seconds. They offer the service of styling and clothing. You get a personalized wardrobe when you avail of their service. The explainer videos of stitch fix feature a young lady who tells how to use the app by choosing different clothing preferences. The brand effectively establishes its message and appeals to avail its services in just a video of 30 sec. They use animation and live-action explainer forms of videos.

4. PayPal

The explainer videos of PayPal showcase the services that they provide very effectively. PayPal is an online platform for making payments. Along with the explainer videos they also release TV series that help to boost their audience’s interest. The specialty of these videos is that they use an amazing combination of animated as well as live-action explainer videos. You can see an outstanding collaboration that very effectively helps to boost the conversion rates of the company. Also, the addition of a humorous tune enhances the appeal of services. The videos are very much successful in expressing the company’s core message that is to tell the efficiency of payments.

5. Slack

Today’s millennial generation finds relatability an important factor to opt for any decision or any service. The explainer videos of slack are very much successful in making a relatable impact. A common man can easily relate to these videos as it shows how a busy life schedule became the commonest problem for an average working person. These videos express the message in an impactful manner without being over promotional. The visuals that they use are impressively creative and bright enhancing the appeal. Interestingly the video consists of no single spoken word yet seem to be so inspiring and prove to be a great example of successful explainer videos.


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Part 3 2 Stunning Cartoon Explainer Video Techniques

So, now you have seen some interestingly great examples of explainer videos. You must be thinking of how to create them on your own. You can opt for the following animated explainer video techniques that can help you to make good explainers. Here are the two easiest of them:

Easy Explainer Video Tutorial in After Effect

When you are up to creating explainer videos using adobe after Effects then you must consider the following steps to make them outstanding. All you need to know are some basic points of animation and easy tricks. Let’s have a look at them:

Step1 The most important part of the process is to choose the video style and write and conceptualize the idea. You will need a well-written and profound script to get a stunning video. Give this task to an experienced person of your company or try to do it on your own because no one knows your product better than you.
Step2 The further next step is to export from Photoshop. This means that you need to put all the animated parts in a separate layer as this can help you in the future. Do make sure to give names to your layers. Also, enable the layer export option.
Step3 The next step is to import your file into after effects. You will have to click on the new project option available on the home screen. Now, click file then import and then again click on the file. Select and open the Photoshop file. Here you can preview what you are going to animate.
Step4 Now is the time to check your videos’ settings. Set the duration of the video to the desired timing that is 15 or 30 seconds. Also, don’t forget to set the resolution to full and the frame rate to 25. Now, you will have to add keyframes and transforms. You can do this layer by layer as well as all together.
Step5 Now, you have to check the anchor point that is from where all the transformations will originate. Then you will have to start making things move. This is your animating part and here you will be doing scaling and setting position of the layers. Also, you can add texts and presets if you want to add any one of them.
Step6 Once you have set all the things, you will need to apply transitions and tighten everything in a finalized structure. This means you will have to take a final preview of your explainer. When all is done then render your created stunning video.

Easy Explainer Video Tutorial in Wondershare Anireel

Wondershare Anireel is an amazing and faster way to create explainers on your own. Here is an explainer video tutorial using the Wondershare any reel that can help you to get explainer videos lased with the latest features.

Step1 First of all you will need to select the script that you have to animate and then mix and match them with rich animation scenes and templates for creating animated videos and cartoons.
Step2 Next take benefit of the various resources to make your video appealing. You can use the highly customizable actions, characters, props, and audios, etc. to bring more necessary and interesting changes to the video scene.
Step3 Next take benefit of the various resources to make your video appealing. You can use the highly customizable actions, characters, props, and audios, etc. to bring more necessary and interesting changes to the video scene.
Step4 The final step is to simply animate all the key components and then save the entire file and your animated explainer is created in a matter of a few minutes.
Anireel Canvas

Wondershare Anireel

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Some Final Thoughts

There is a lot to know about the explainer videos that cannot be briefed in little words. As a business owner or a content creator, you must consider all the facts and important points related to explainer videos.

Different types of explainer videos are used for different purposes but the commonest types are animated explainer videos.

There are many successful and great examples of explainer videos that you must consider before you opt to create explainers so that you can get an idea of how you can make them unique.

There are different ways to create explainer videos. You can hire video-making companies or also can use different available software to create them on your own.



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