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With a growing interest in video marketing, people are steadily changing their direction towards animated video. Animated videos have the essence of attracting the viewer while simultaneously communicating the message effectively.

Character animated videos are engaging and informative, attracting a broader audience and thus proving as an effective marketing tool. The keynote to a good character animated video is the content deliverance. If you have some outstanding content, but the production is poor, it will simply be a waste of time and resources.

A good way is to start off by working on the basics, like the character animation. Characters add entertainment value to a video. The vivid body movements and appearances evoke emotions and help the audience connect with them on a personal level.

Creating new characters is a piece of cake if you have handy character generators at your service. This article will cover a list of some versatile character creator generators. Read on to learn more.

Part1 The Best Character Generators for Windows

Character generators have a wide array of tools to help you make unique characters for your video. Software that suits your competitor may not work the same way for you. So make sure to choose what best fits your requirements.

Here are our top picks. Get ready to create characters with your favorite software.

1. Anireel

If you are in search of a versatile and studio-like character generator, then Anireel is the perfect option to consider. The software is known for its functionality and flexibility, letting users explore their creativity, design custom characters, and create animated videos.

Anireel has an in-built gamut of tools that helps edit the template characters with just a few clicks. You can customize your illustration’s voice, gender, and attributes to add an element of uniqueness to it.

Customize the illustration in wondershare anireel

The highlight is the simple interface that allows beginners and professionals to work alike. Anireel offers users to create their characters from scratch or take help from a pre-made template to save time and effort. All you need to do is select a base model and define its features, and Ta-da! You can create the most professional-looking avatars in just minutes.

● Create from scratch or leverage pre-made templates.

● Extensive built-in library of templates and tools.

● User-friendly interface, suitable for those without a prior experience in animations.

● Audio library and text-to-speech for adding custom voices.

2. Make Human

Make human - realistic human character software

Make Human is a versatile software with an intuitive interface that allows you to create realistic human characters quickly. You can define a posture and adjust the body movements and facial features for staging true to life-like characters to grab your audience’s attention.

The software allows you to change the basic body parameters like weight, height, and muscle mass and offers three race sliders (African, Asian, Caucasian) to match the character's looks to the desired ethnicity.

Change basic body parameters

By default, the character generator starts with a basic human avatar that is then altered to create 3D custom characters. Here are some of the features of this freeware:

● Change the skin, posture, and geometrics of the avatar.

● Offers symmetrical alteration.

● Real-life human visualization.

● User-friendly interface.

● Export it in any format (Mesh format, Gig Format, Map Format).

3. Animaker

Animaker - animated illustration software

If you are not so tech-savvy and are in search of a good animation illustrator, then Animaker is an excellent choice to consider. The freeware is equipped with an easy-to-use interface and a gamut of tools that make it an excellent platform for professionals and beginners to create live-action animations.

Animaker has an extensive library of customizable templates that help you create cool avatars in just minutes. The software brings studio quality, professional animations to your screen with great attention to detail. Here are some of the features of this outstanding software:

● Easy-to-use software for professionals and beginners.

● Over 20 facial expressions and facial features for creating unique characters.

● Variety of voices to choose from.

● Smooth Rendering in any format.

Customizable templates to create avatars

4. FlexClip

Flex clip - Animated character generator

FlexClip is another animated character generator that helps you create customizable illustrations. The free animator allows you to start from scratch or choose from a library of templates and customize it as per your liking.

With uncountable cartoon pictures and a drag and drop function, you can effortlessly create and personalize your own characters. Make amazing animated explainer videos with tool-rich FlexClip that is compatible with users of all skill levels.

Here are some top features of this application:

● Easy-to-understand and straightforward interface.

● Library of pre-made templates.

● A wide array of cartoon editing tools.

● Convenient drag and drop feature that makes it beginner-friendly.

 Personalize the character in flex clip

5. DesignDoll

Design doll - 3D character generator

Designdoll is an open-source, 3D character generator that you can exploit to create realistic human dolls for your video. The tool-rich interface caters to a broad spectrum of animators and animation needs.

As a base, DesignDoll provides you with a generic doll model using which you can create characters of any gender, age, size, and shape. You can easily define a posture and body movements for a real-life avatar.

The Tool features help pay attention to small details and fine-tune the small postures. DesignDoll also allows its users to add multiple characters to the canvas at the same time. Once done, you can save your work as a 3D character, a flat character, or as a TWD file.

DesignDoll is an excellent application for creating realistic human dolls, but the interface may be a challenge for some. Once you get the hang of the software, creating models will be a five-finger thing for you. Below are some highlights of this software:

● Real-life fantasy character generator.

● Equipped with advanced tools for detailed customization.

● Export your craft as 2D or 3D.

 Create #d character in design doll

Part 2 Summing Up

Characters are a vital component for a marketing video to boost production value and increase engagement. All of the discussed character generators feature a gamut of tools that can help create unique avatars. Even though all are equally good, Anireel has the edge of being an all-in-one animator with a simple yet intuitive interface that helps you customize characters as per your need. The tool and template-rich library offer convenience and efficiency.

Wondershare Anireel

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