How to Create the Best B2b Explainer Videos?

The B2b marketplace is a niche market. Boosting businesses in the B2B domain is comparatively more challenging than the B2C domain. B2B domain is a niche domain mainly because marketing the products is difficult. Common advertisement platforms are inappropriate in this domain since reaching out to the B2b customer via regular means of marketing is difficult. In such cases, niche methods of marketing must be adopted. These niche methods include brochures, workshops, banners, seminars, and b2b explainer videos. B2B explainer videos are one of the most viable methods of promotion in the B2B domain. It explains the product being sold and also helps the other businessmen understand why the product being sold is advantageous for their business. Today, let us take an overview of B2B explainer videos and how you can make the best B2B explainer videos. for your business!

Part 1 What Makes the B2b Animated Explainer Videos Special?

1. What is a B2B video explainer?

B2B explainer videos are videos that are meant to explain a particular commodity or service to another business entity that also serves as the consumer for the particular business. These videos are often animated and are mainly to break down a complex piece of information into smaller bits that make the information easier to understand for the viewers. B2b marketing is made much simpler with the help of explainer videos. When animated, explainer videos can be made further attractive and creative. We shall see more about B2B explainer videos and their importance.

2. How to get the best click-through rates?

As a marketing professional, you must always be focused on enhancing the click rates of your videos and marketing content. Explainer videos are attention-seeking mainly because of the creativity they bring with them. Making an explainer video gives you the freedom to tweak with your creativity and imbibe colors and styles. Click rates are increased when the viewer comes across something that intrigues him/her. Illustrations are always intriguing to the eye and make the viewer pause for a second and glance at the visual. However, the attention grabbed by a video is unmatched. This is because a video is a series of visuals coupled with audio as well. It is indeed informative and thought-provoking. Therefore, to aim at the maximum click rates, you must try to make your video interesting and at the same time, informative.

Part 2 Best 8 B2B Animated Explainer Videos 2021

1. Tatari

To begin with, we have Qatari, a B2b service. Tatari is originally a data-driven platform that enables business owners to measure and purchase advertisements across both linear TV and streaming platforms. In this video, it is clearly explained how any complicated idea can be broken down into a simpler idea. This can be easily done if the business manages to communicate clearly with the client and understand his/her requirements. The video manages to grasp the attention and convey the message in a simple but effective manner.

2. Ruby

Could you imagine an explainer video about virtual receptionists and chat services being interesting and worthwhile? Well, here's an explainer video about a virtual receptionist and chat services that successfully manages to grab the attention of any viewer. Each frame of the video is thoughtfully designed. The video focuses on broadcasting the user experience of an employee who'd work with you. Doing so leaves a positive impact on the viewer and attracts worthy candidates to apply for a job. Well, a business owner can only dream of a hard-working staff working wholeheartedly. Such an explainer video brings you as a business owner step closer to achieving a happy staff.

3. AZA

AZA is a platform that assists sellers to find buyers and vice versa. If you're a seller who's struggling to find buyers or the other way round, then you'll understand the working of this platform and also relate to it. This B2B video is a perfect marketing video. This proves that an explainer video need not be a dry explanation or a boring session like a lesson at school. It can motivate people and persuade them to do better at their business.

4. MailChimp

MailChimp is another brand that uses explainer videos very well to its advantage. They're a role model to behold in terms of explainer videos. They perfectly explain the strategy of integrating b2b explainer videos along with your business. With MailChimp, you can learn how to make visually appealing explainer videos. Here's an explainer video by MailChimp.

5. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a platform that makes social media management easier. The platform allows users to schedule the content they're going to post on their social media handles well in advance. Moreover, it also provides insights about how to boost your content and gives an overview of what kind of content received a warmer welcome. Knowing your target audience well in advance is important while making an explainer video. The target audience for Hootsuite is the businesses that use social media to build their online presence and market their goods. Hence, they made the video attractive and meaningful keeping their target audience in mind. Here's the video.

6. Slack

Slack is a popular business management software. It's more like a workplace that consists of all the employees in a single channel or workplace. Different channels can be made on each workspace and hence organization becomes simpler. It's an excellent place for communication between different employees of the company and different domains of the same company. The tagline says "where work happens" and it indeed stands true to its tagline. Slack is the first-ever platform of this kind and hence was rather new to businesses. To explain its use, slack released an explainer video that did wonders for them.

7. MakerSite

The Maker site is one of the most popular cloud-based platforms which helps manufacturing companies around the world to estimate their production costs. This in turn helps companies make the right product decisions, and also maintain the stature of their product quality. The tool can efficiently estimate the probable costs of the production and check if it’s economically feasible with industry standards. Through this B2B explainer video, we see how Complicated ideas are broken down into easier ones. Once you see the video, you clearly understand the importance of the tool for your business.

8. Microsoft ID

Microsoft IT Power BI is a new business analytics system that was introduced by Microsoft, it helps transform data in numbers to visual graphs. Explaining business analytics would need a huge volume of written content. Analytics is indeed important for businesses to understand their growth and trace their trajectory of development. Explainer videos explain a complex piece of information in a very concise manner. Here's an explainer video by Microsoft to depict the use of analytics in business.


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Part 3 How to Create the Best B2b Explainer Videos in 2020

1. Can you create a B2B video explainer using stock footage?

Stock footage is one of the open-source video providers. It has several free and paid videos that one can use in their b2b explainer videos. Stock footage has a vast library of videos and hence is a helpful tool for those who deal with videos regularly. You can create attractive b2b explainer videos using stock footage at a quick pace. Hence, whenever you need to make an explainer video for your business, you can head to stock footage and create one!

2. What are the shortcuts towards creating a B2B video explainer?

Using open-source videos rightfully and intelligently is the key to creating b2b explainer videos, the internet has a plethora of resources available for making splendid explainer videos. The shortcut to making a good b2b explainer video is by using the resources available viably. Adding colors to your explainer video and paying close attention to small intricate details of the video, such as the looks of the animated character, the voice of the character, to name a few.

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Final thoughts and takeaways

So as we see, b2b explainer videos can have a huge impact in explaining your business to the client side.

They break down complex information into smaller bits and pieces so the viewers understand the need for the product or service.

To boost sales, b2b explainer videos are the way to go. Although pretty short they leave a huge impact on the viewer's mind.

If you're struggling with marketing, then b2b explainer videos are the way to go. Using these videos, you can clarify every little detail about your business and the working of your system!



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