Don't Use a Whiteboard Explainer Video! (Until You Read This)

Have you ever thought about making an animated explainer video? Animated explainer videos are one of the best options to promote your business and your brand creatively. Investment in a short explainer video can earn you huge profits. There are plenty of options that you can choose while making an explainer video. Making your video based on your budget is very crucial. The price of an explainer video depends upon several factors including the length of the video, type of the video, the software used, style, etc.

You have several options while choosing the type of video: 2-D, 3-D, Whiteboard explainer videos, Motion graphic videos are a few of the examples. In this article, we will be specifically talking about Whiteboard animated explainer videos and why you should choose them. Whiteboard animated explainer videos are a hugely popular type of explainer video in marketing. With its budget-friendly behavior and flexibility, custom whiteboard explainer video offers more benefits than traditional explainer videos. If you're still wondering why you should choose whiteboard explainer videos or how to make whiteboard animation explainer videos this article is for you!

Part 1 End This Problem! Find out about Whiteboard Animation Video Today!

Let’s first understand what is a Whiteboard animated explainer video? Whiteboard animated videos depict a story that is usually hand-drawn on a whiteboard. Typically as the story progresses, the drawing and narration progress which will keep the audience engaged. Even though the animations are simple, yet they are truly appealing. Whiteboard animated videos are very effective in explaining complex videos in a very simple way making the customers understand and retain complex ideas. Whiteboard explainer videos create a suspense atmosphere among their audience which keeps them engaged and connected throughout.

witeboard animation

Given below are some of the benefits of Whiteboard explainer video:

1. Complex ideas can be portrayed in a simple way using a whiteboard explainer video:

Have you ever come across an article that looks very complicated yet the illustrations next to the article make it very easy to understand? Whiteboard videos work on a similar note. With the help of cartoons and animations complex ideas are made into a simple and easily understandable form.

Wondershare Anireel

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2. Keeps the audience engaged:

An animated explainer video only shows one character at a time and each action will be narrated in the background. This creates suspense in the atmosphere, The audience will not be able to skip the video without ending it. According to studies, people engage 40% more when live narration takes place.

3. They are fun and warm

Cartoons and animations have the capability to make any serious topic into a light-hearted, fun, and warm topic. It strengthens the audience's bond with you and your message.

witeboard education

If you are wondering who should go with a Whiteboard animated explainer video? The answer is simple. Everyone. After all, Whiteboard videos are very engaging and can captivate any set of audience. Although some of them find it a little more useful like :

1. Business groups with complex and advanced ideas: Using Whiteboard animation in brand new ideas will convey the message in an easy yet effective manner.

2. Content creators who want to educate on a topic: What is more interesting than a cartoon teaching a complicated math topic?

3. Marketers from the tech, healthcare, and financial industries: They can expect a good amount of profit.

But, Whiteboard animated videos do become a must when your video is highly technical. Studies show that using custom whiteboard explainer videos can boost information retention by 15%.

When you have a lot of information that you need to tell in less time, make use of a custom whiteboardexplainer video to compress your information yet deliver it in a most effective manner.

Part 2 Top 3 Whiteboard Explainer Videos

The Whiteboard explainer video is one of the most trending types of videos and has attracted a large number of customers.

Here we list the top 3 Whiteboard Explainer videos of 2021 which were absolutely loved by the audience:

1. Insurance video

Insurance policy sounds very boring but by making it into a Whiteboard explainer animated video it has not only grabbed the attention of its customers but also has found very positive results. Further, the video has a very unique approach by involving emotions in the animated videos which makes its customers more interested.

insurance video

2. Unilever Series NCAA Dove and Axe BodyWash

Although this explainer video was just 30 seconds it made sure it reached its targeted audience and conveyed its message. The video sprung the sales rate by upto 50%. The video depicts very common examples and daily life situations which helps the audience in connecting. The video is short, funny and emotional. The video was so successful that it has been nominated for Effie awards.

unilever series

3. The history of marriage

How can you explain the whole history of marriage without sounding boring? By creating Whiteboard animated videos. The whole history of marriage was depicted through this video in 3 minutes. This video is one of the best examples that tell us how complicated things can be easily depicted with the help of engaging images and narration.


Part 3 How to Choose a Whiteboard Video Company That Suits You

Here are some of the simplest and most creative explainer videos that perfectly deconstructs the functioning of the Stock Market;

Proactive Thinker

1. How much does a whiteboard explainer video cost?

Typically a Whiteboard animated video can cost between $5.000 to $15.000 per minute. But the actual pricing of the video depends on what customization you have done to your video, the time duration of your video, and various other factors. Some effects can cause an extra bit of money. Hence, the price of your video is completely dependent upon you. What is more important here is the profits this video can fetch you are way higher than the amount you spend on investing in video production.

2. How to make a Whiteboard video?

Start with writing the script of your video, include all elements that you want to include in your video, make sure you know your audience and how to write a script that appeals to them. Once scripting is done, create a storyline with rough sketches. Start creating your whiteboard video with the help of your desired software and add animations, visual design to make your video look authentic. You can also add sound effects or narration at the end of your video.

3. How long does it take to create a whiteboard animated video?

The time again depends on your personal touch to the video. But, usually, after the scripting is done the video may require 5-7 days for the storyboard’s creation and 5-6 days for all animated effects. If you want a fully tailored, high-quality video it can take eight and twelve weeks for video production.

Now we recommend one such amazing place where you can get your High quality Whiteboard explainer animated videos done

Wondershare Anireel helps you to create your Whiteboard videos easily and effortlessly with their ready-to-use elements and scenes. With our rich customizable assets like numerous drag and drop characters, actions, props, text, and audio assets you will receive high-quality explainer videos. You can also animate anything and everything with Anireel using our built-in and imported assets which offer great versatility. You can download the app and have a try.

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