10 Explainer Video Maker Software for Animated Explainers [2021]

Conceptualize, design, and edit explainer videos using smart, innovative, and truly unique video maker software with diverse functionalities!

Ever tried to explain a concept or an idea to a friend, or colleague? If the answer is a yes, then you do know how difficult explaining something successfully can be.

explainer video maker software

That's exactly what explainer video maker software means, the top trend of the video marketing industry is all about. Powerful, short and the voice of your company or brand- explainer videos are defiantly here to stay.

Part 1 What Makes a Good Explainer Video?

Explainer video can be simplified when you focus on the three fundamental aspects of a good explainer video:

1. Message

It's the message that will answer basic points, such as:

What is the purpose of the explainer video?

Who are your target audience?

How is the video going to help your prospective viewers?

2. Visuals

Explainer videos are incomplete without visuals! You simply can't have an interesting video without flawlessly designed characters, texts and backgrounds.

3. Voice

The video must be easy to explain or understand, and for that you need an incredible voice.

Part 2 Breathtaking Animation Never Seemed So Simple!

   What Can You Create? Or What Can't You Create

Explainer videos are a popular method of explaining a concept or something complex to targeted audience.

While making explainer videos there is so much that you can create, for instance:

Custom animated characters that would resonate the message of the video.

Music or audio tracks that will connect with the viewers instantly.

Flawless representation of things you want to explain, say objects, distance, or associated parameters.

   Which Explainer Video Software Should I Choose?

1. Wondershare Anireel

When it comes to creating electrifying explainer video for promotion, e-learning or knowledge sharing, you can never go wrong with Anireel Data.


Specialized explainer video maker software with intuitive and modern editing tools.

Wide scope for customization, allowing you to import audio, video and illustrations effortlessly.

Innovative character lip synchronization, that syncs the lip movement of characters automatically according to the script .


Achieving visually balanced elements does take time, especially if you are a beginner.

Without a script or a basic idea of what you expect from the video, you will never be able to do much with the software.

The monthly plans can be an expensive deal for small or emerging companies.

Explainer Video Templates:

Wondershare Aniree has a rich collection of templates, each designed to meet the specific requirements of every project.

Additional Capabilities

Text-to-Speech (turn script into videos in minutes), Built-in Props, Backgrounds and Sounds are some of the exciting capabilities of Anireel Data.

Who is it for?

Anireel is simply the best choice for established and reputable brands, professionals or businesses that take their explainer videos seriously.

• Free (lacks major features of the software)

• Standard priced at $19.99 per month and

• Annual Bundle priced at $9.99 per month

Download Link


Wondershare Anireel

We make video animation better for everyone. Electrifying features that satisfy your imagination.


2. Animaker

Great for video marketing, Animaker is the name that you can trust for creating killer explainer video for your services or products.


Customize each and every part of the explainer video in a hassle-free way.

Advanced editing tools, that let you work on every scene of the video separately.

Suitable for any style of explainer videos.


While it does have a large collection of templates, most of them are basic for explainer videos.

Developing a well-structured theme in every scene does turn out to be a challenging task.

The size or body of animated characters by Animaker cannot be customized.

Explainer Video Templates:

The size or body of animated characters by Animaker cannot be customized

Additional Capabilities

GIF Maker, Animated Character Builder, VMaker and more, are some of the additional capabilities of Animaker.

Who is it for?

Animaker stands to be the ultimate choice for emerging startups, SMEs (small and medium enterprises or marketers who aspire to leverage the benefits of explainer videos.


Basic priced at $10 per month

Starter priced at $19 per month

Pro priced at $39 per month and

Enterprise comes with custom pricing

Download Link

3. Powtoon

Want to give your love for cartoons a new direction, then Powtoon is here to save the day! Being a one-of-a-kind video maker software dedicated to cartoons, it's recommended for Infographics, real-time and whiteboard videos.


Versatile software, where you can either work using a pre-designed template or create your video from scratch.

Comes with unique animated character building properties, so that you can have a custom character for your video.

The easy-to-use editor, ensures that you remain within the unified style of the video while editing.


Not the right solution for those who don't want to have cartoons in their explainer videos.

Balancing the animations does demand a good level of understanding, and so might be a tedious task.

Expensive option for business that are either new or have just entered into the world of video marketing.

Explainer Video Templates:

Since the needs of every project or business is not the same, Powtoon has made it a point to cater different styles of templates, allowing you to choose the one that meets your requirements.

Additional Capabilities

Photoshop CC Extension (export visual art boards directly to the software) and PowerPoint import are some of the incredible capabilities of Powtoon.

Who is it for?

Powtoon is undoubtedly an amazing choice for die-hard creators or businesses that consider explainer video Powtoon to be an integral part of their marketing strategy.


• Pro priced at $19 per month

• Pro+ priced at $33 per month and

• Agency priced at $99 per month

Download Link

4. Adobe Spark

Part of the Adobe Creative Cloud family, the Adobe Spark is a popular software used for creating explainer videos.


Let's you take advantage of the free licensed templates and images across the web

You can even upload or import scenes, audio and video using Google Drives, Photos and Dropbox

The editor is a straightforward platform with minimum fuss for seamless video editing.


Lacks the option to animate your template or texts, so you only get animation from transition of scenes.

Has particular limitations of what should be placed where, as the AI has pre-fixed locations for images and texts.

No stock of videos are available, and it can be added only by uploading it onto the software.

Explainer Video Templates:

Unlike other video maker software, Adobe Spark offers outline, also known as story templates, which can be selected for making the explainer videos.

Additional Capabilities

The wonders of Adobe Spark is not just limited to videos.

Who is it for?

Based on the functionality, Adobe Spark is meant for short or slide-show videos that don't have any complex element. This makes the software the right pick for small business and students.


• Standard plan priced 100% free with limited functionalities

• Individual plan priced at $9.99 per month and

• Team plan priced at $19.99 per month

Download Link
Adobe Spark

5. Moovly

Moovly is a premium software that offers high-quality features at the best value. It allows users to effortlessly make videos out of any concept online!


• Quick editing option, allowing you to have the explainer video of your choice in minutes.

• Advanced suite of editing tools that helps in making a professional video without proper domain expertise.

• Elements and scenes can be switched on the timeline, offering ample freedom of how you want the video to be.


Getting used to the editing tools does take time and practice.

Paid subscription is essential if you want to download a video.

You also have to pay for the stock based footage in order to download them.

Explainer Video Templates:

You also have to pay for the stock based footage in order to download them

Additional Capabilities

Different graphics that can be incorporated into the video, option to add translations, sub-titles are some of the additional abilities of Moovly.

Who is it for?

A top pick for entrepreneurs or professionals who want to create picture-perfect explainer videos.


• Free (Available with limited functionality)

• Pro priced at $24.92 per month

• Max priced at $49.92 per month and

• Enterprise comes with custom pricing

Download Link

6. Renderforest

Renderforest is designed for breathing life into animated visuals and explainers in no time. It's a safe selection for those who are relatively new to creation of explainer videos.


Several styles are available, ensuring you find the one according to the demands of the project.

After adding content to the styles, the AI automatically provides scenes that would suit the video.

Complete all-in-one platform for shaping every component of your brand.


Making videos on Renderforest does take time, as compared to other options on the list.

Style pack cannot be deselected after you have made the initial selection. You only get to change the content.

Without proper understanding of what you want, you might find yourself lost while designing the video.

Explainer Video Templates:

Templates that you discover on Renderforest are truly different from the rest.

Additional Capabilities

From creating mockups, logo to website, the video maker software is one fine platform with endless possibilities.

Who is it for?

The software is for you, if you are looking for a versatile and highly robust solution whose potential is not restricted to videos, rather it expands to graphic content and animated visuals.


• Lite priced at $9.99 per month

• Amateur priced at $9.99 per month

• Pro priced at $19.99 per month

• Agency priced at $49.99 per month

Download Link

7. Vyond

Earlier named as GoAnimate, Vyond is a modern video maker software whose features are similar to that of Powtoon.


High scope for customization, where you can change facial expressions, outfits, skin color and the movement of the character too.

Aids in richer visual experience, as you can add cameras with unique movement to the scenes.

Meant for creating animated explainers, with easy to animate characters, props and backgrounds.


Most of the Vyond explainer videos seem to be same, and so creating something different out of every project is not easy.

Customization does have its own set of limitations for certain human-based characters.

Creating something different does take a lot of time.

Explainer Video Templates:

Vyond has a decent stock of templates that can be used for not only explainer videos, but even for making promotional, educational and entertaining videos too.

Additional Capabilities

Voice Over, along with Sound Effects and a Music Library are some of the additional capabilities of Vyond.

Who is it for?

Vyond is for emerging businesses or startups that want to create successful product or service explainer videos.


• Essential plan priced at $299 per annum

• Premium plan priced at $649 per annum

• Professional plan priced at $999 per annum and

• Enterprise plan with custom pricing

Download Link

8. MySimpleShow

MySimpleShow, just as the name suggests is a simple, yet interesting video maker software that lets you have incredible explainer videos using a structured series of steps.


Supports unique format of creation, where you cannot move forward with the video without a script.

PowerPoint file bridges the gap from the storyline wizard to the video editing interface and

Navigating across every step of the video making process is as easy as it can be


You don't have an access to any kind of pre-designed template.

The illustrations have a single color across the video.

You can only customize the skin color of the animated character.

Explainer Video Templates:

As mentioned earlier, MySimpleShow does not have any pre-designed template.

Additional Capabilities

Integrated TTS (text-to-speech), Subtitle in Videos and 7 Illustrations per scene are some of the additional capabilities of MySimpleShow.

Who is it for?

MySimpleShow is for creators or companies that want crisp & clean explainer videos with minimal elements.


• Business Plan priced at $129 per month and

• Pro Plan priced at $499 per month

Download Link

9. Biteable

Biteable is a perfect software for explainer videos. It's primarily a form of desktop software that can be used online.


Practical solution for creating explainer and engaging videos in a jiffy.

Easy to customize pre-designed templates with a timeline for every scene.

Ample scope for personalization, as you can add or delete components wherever required.


Making visually balanced videos is not a simple task, especially if you are using different templates.

Branding features of the software are limited, in comparison to other options on the list.

Having a better variety of templates would indeed revamp the user experience.

Explainer Video Templates:

The templates are relatively simple with texts, animated character and flat colors.

Additional Capabilities

Biteable features soundtracks, illustrations and more that can be used for making the videos a lot better.

Who is it for?

Biteable is a good option for students, businesses or companies that need simple animated explainer videos.


• Plus plan priced at $19 per month and

• Ultimate plan priced at $49 per month

Download Link

10. RawShorts

This is a new video maker software that allows user to create videos with the power of Artificial Intelligence.


Four different ways of creating explainer videos on the story wizard of the software.

Only text can be used for creating a voice and text based videos almost instantly.

You can utilize pre-designed templates or bring necessary changes to the design .


Though RawShorts does have any animation, yet these cannot be customized.

The editing interface does lack the required video resources.

The software is more on the expensive side.

Explainer Video Templates:

You can incorporate the pre-designed templates in square, vertical or horizontal style.

Additional Capabilities

Voice over, audio tracks and unique frames are some of the additional abilities of RawShorts.

Who is it for?

The software is meant for those who already have a script and video, and want to create without too much editing.


• Essential plan offers 25 downloads and is priced at $39 per month

• Business plan offers 50 downloads and is priced at $59 per month

Download Link

Key Takeaways from This Episode

Focus on creating stunning explainer videos with a profound message, enriching visuals and the finest voice quality.

Transform your ideas into reality using the tools and services of a reliable video maker software.

Witness how simple explainer videos can shape the success and future of your brand and business!

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